How to get slimmer calves

How to get slimmer calves in the easier way

Do you always dream to wear those knee length dresses to the parties? But never dare to..because your calves are not toned? Do not worry,go grab your dress as we present you some of the quick exercises on how to get slimmer calves in the easier way at the comfort of your home. Follow these 5-6 times a week for 3 weeks to see any noticeable results. And you are set to party.


How to get slimmer calves at your home in 3 weeks

These are some of the exercises that you can follow to achieve those beautifully toned calves within no time. Please keep in mind that, if you not used to doing exercises or any workouts in you routines, it may seem a little difficult to perform these in the begging, but with consistent practice you will start to feel good. So get ready and start doing..

Calf raises and pulses

  • Stand your feet apart. Raise your feet up and come down touching the ground. It just like heal raises. Repeat to keep your body straight while performing this excessive, do not bend. Repeat it 10 times.


How to get slimmer calves


Seated Calf raise W/ weight

  • Sit on the edge of a sofa so that your thighs are parrllel to the ground. Now put any 3 pound weight of each on end of your thigh. you can support them with your hands on it. Now raise your heels up and then touch the ground. This will create a resistance power and is kinda a more intense workout for your calves than the first one above. Repeat it 10 times.


How to get slimmer calves



  • Standing at one place, jump back and forth on your toes. Hopping back and froth is what you gonna basically doing. Do continuously for 30 seconds. Rest for a minute and repeat the again for 30 seconds more.


How to get slimmer calves



Skater Hops

  • Stand with your weight on your right foot and your right knee bent. Lift your left leg off the floor behind you.Now bound to your left by pushing off with your right leg. Land on your left foot, lifting your right leg off the floor behind you.

Continue hopping back and forth. If needed, touch your back foot on the floor behind you for balance

How to get slimmer calves


Squat to Calf raise


How to get slimmer calves


  • Stand with your feet about three to four feet apart, toes turned out. Bring your hands together in front of your chest, and squat down so your thighs are parallel with the floor, knees over the ankles.
  • Raise your left heel off the floor, and begin to pulse the hips up and down, isolating the left calf.
  • Continue pulsing for 30 seconds, and then switch sides to complete this exercise


Stretch calves

Bring the heel down to the floor and go ahead and press your hand against your foot, hold it for 10 seconds and repeat the other toe as well.

Perform these calf stretches between your workouts for a quick warm-up.

How to get slimmer calves


Show us the results after a few weeks, we would love to see them how they have worked for you. Comment if you have any doubts or if you want some more exercises like these to tone specific parts of your body

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