At home face clean up

How to do Simple & Cheap at home face Clean up

Parlors are really not for me, especially for clean ups. The way they handle my skin, Using the already used water once again to clean the same face. This kinda stuff just cringes me. I think there is no point of calling it a clean up, if you are not using some really clean stuff on my face. And upon that I am not even sure whether their hands are clean or not. Trusting completely and allowing some one else to put their hands on my face is showing audaciousness. Instead I though why cant I do my own clean up a the comfort of my home. I was really shocked to know how much money I have just saved doing so.

I’ll show you how easily I¬†do my clean up at your home without spending a bomb. And If I can do it, You can even too. ūüôā

Regardless of what your skin type is, you can care freely¬†try this at home face clean up. Because this is done with all natural ingredients that are available at your home. Isn’t that super cool. ¬†And you’ll definitely love the feel of your skin after this clean up.

If you have ever did face clean up at any parlor, you could have noticed that these are the basic steps they follow.

  1. Cleanse

  2. Exfoliate

  3. Tone

  4. Steam and removing blackheads/whiteheads ( Don’t worry, I”l just show you the best alternative to remove them without puncturing your face with that needle kinda thing)

  5. Apply a face mask.

  6. Cleanse again and moisturize the face.

These are the basic steps they follow for a face clean up at any parlor.

So now, we are recreating these steps in our own way with all natural ingredients available with us.

All you need is..

  1. Fresh Milk
  2. Organic Honey
  3. Baking soda/sugar/coffee
  4. lemon/Olive oil/coconut oil
  5. Apple cider Vinegar
  6. Fullers earth (Or any clay of your choice)
  7. Rose water
  8. 1 Green tea bag
  9. Hot water
  10. Activated Charcoal & non toxic glue/ Unflavored Gelatin

Let’s get started…

At home face clean up


Here I’ll show you a step by step guide to follow for an at home face clean up. Keep all the ingredients ready to get started. Be sure to Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face. This is really necessary to avoid transferring the bacteria or germs that from your hands to your face.

1. Cleansing 

Cleansing is the first and foremost thing in any beauty regime. It is really necessary to clean your face the right way with the right  ingredients. Make sure to remove all the makeup and clean your pores very well to get the most best parlor like clean up effect at your home. You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup first and then go for cleansing.

You are going to use two best ingredients to prepare your own cleanser for this clean up.

Organic Honey
Fresh Milk

At home face clean up

Honey lover? Try these simple Honey Face masks

How to prepare your own Cleanser with natural ingredients

  • Mix a tablespoon of Organic Honey (Raw honey is the best if you have) and a tablespoon of Fresh Milk.
  • Mix them well, till you get a thick cream kinda consistency.
  • Apply this mixture all over your face and massage gently in upward direction. Give a nice 2 minute massage to your face.
  • Now take a cotton pad and wipe your face with clean warm water.


2. Exfoliate  

Exfoliating is the second important step in cleansing routine for a beautiful clean and softer skin that is free of dead skin. I have included 3 different type of exfoliating scrubs that your can choose to use according to your skin problems or skin type.

1. Baking Soda &  Lemon Exfoliater to lighten the skin

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. You can add few drops of rosewater if the scrub is too dry to apply on your face.


2. Brown sugar & Olive oil Exfoilater for dry skin

  • Mix a tablespoon of Brown sugar and a full teaspoon of Extra virgin cold pressed Olive oil. Give a nice stir till the oil is mixed well with the sugar. Add few drops of rose water for a little fragrance.


3. Coffee & Coconut oil Exfoilater for mature/aging skin

  • Mix a tablespoon of ground coffee and a tablespoon of ¬†pure coconut oil. Mix them well till it forms a fine paste. I have actually included 3 different coffee scrubs that you can use to remove stretch marks and cellulite. You can use any of those coffee scrubs to exfoliate your face as well. The caffeine in the coffee helps to tighten the skin and thus delays aging.

At home face clean up

Apply any scrub of your choice from these three and gently exfoliate the skin. Massage in upward direct. After two minutes, dab a new cotton pad & clean the face with fresh normal water. I repeat, use clean water and a new cotton pad. Not the one which you have already used in your first step. I see many parlors use the same water to clean the face after’s kinda gross.


3. Toner

A good toner will complete the cleansing process. It effectively removes all the dirt from the corners of your skin that your cleanser might have left. Using a good toner is as important as washing your face. Regardless of your skin type and season, use toner in your daily beauty regime for a healthy and beautiful skin.

At home face clean up

Apple Cider vinegar is a natural toner. Don’t ever apply apple cider vinegar without diluting it with water.


  • Take 1:5 Ratio of Apple cider vinegar( ACV ) and water in a bottle. Mix the well. Take the mixture onto a small cotton ball and swipe all over face. You can see dirt traces on the cotton ball if any, that was swiped out from your face. You can also use a piece of fresh apple if you don’t have ACV. It should work the same.


4. Steam

This is the fun part. I love it. Steaming your face before applying a face pack helps to open up the pores. It is also easy to remove blackheads and whiteheads. And to do this you don’t need any fancy equipment either. Follow the simple step.

  • Start boiling a cup of water in a sauce pan or cooking pot. After 5 or 7 min you can see the steam coming out. Now drop a green tea bag into it. Bring your face near the steam. Wait for 1-2 minutes and off the stove. Let the steam open up the pores. If you feel the steam is too hot. You can off the stove and can do the same.
  • Don’t waste the tea bag. You can dab it under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

At home face clean up

And hey..!! Dont throw the water either.. It can be used a Hair rinse to get rid of dandruff.

5. Black heads peel off 

Blackhead removing tools are so painful, it may puncture your skin’s top layer and it leaves you dark spots that will last forever. I was still left with a dark spot on my nose¬†because of those tools which were used in the parlor. Instead you can use some homemade peel off masks that gives you better effect than those tools. These peel off mask will also remove the facial hair effectively.

2 different peel off masks

Use can chose any one from these two peel off masks according to your availability and choice. Both gives has the same effect on removes the blackheads/whiteheads.

       1.Activated Charcoal peel off mask:

  • Mix a Tablespoon of Activated charcoal and a little non-toxic glue. Mix them well till a nice fine paste is formed. Apply to the areas where there are more blackheads. To your nose area, chin and forehead. Let it dry and peel the mask off gently. You need to be gentle while removing the mask as it may hurt the areas where there is more facial hair.

At home face clean up

      2. Gelatin and milk peel off mask:

  • Mix a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin powder and warm milk till a fine paste is formed. Mix continuous while adding the milk to avoid forming lumps. Apply on the blackheads areas on your face. Let it dry then peel off the mask slowly.

The best part is you can see all the black heads and nasty stuff is peeled off your face with these masks.

6. Apply Clay mask

  • Apply any clay mask of your choice. My favorite is bentonite clay and fullers earth. These two are good for oily skin. Mix them with rose water and few drops of lemon to form a nice paste. Apply all over your face and wash off with normal water after it is completely dried.. Do not use soap or cleanser.

At home face clean up

7. Moisturize

Last but not he least step is to moisture your face. You can use any moisturizer off your choice. I usually apply aloe vera gel. That is my all time favorite moisturizer.

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel all your face and next. Do not massage but just dab with your fingers all over the face so that moisturizer gets easily absorbed.

At home face clean up


That’s it..!! Isn’t that so simple and easy?

And hey, you also just saved your money.

And no worries to handle your face to someone else. You know to take care of your skin, so you’ll not be harsh on your skin unlike the beauticians in parlors.

Try this at home face clean up the next time and feel the difference how happy  your skin is.

Comment if you have any other concerns on this or you would like to learn more at home care remedies that are simple and easy. Tell me which other guides you would like to read on Smartgirls. I would like to answer all of your queries, in fact I would love to.

Share this at home face clean up guide with all your friends who often go to parlors and help them save their money too. ūüėÄ

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