Sandalwood cooling pack for darkspots and acne

How to use sandalwood mask to clear Pigmentation, blemishes, acne spots

I suffered with severe acne in my teenage and that left ugly scars  behind. 🙁 I guess this is problem for almost all the girls who have crossed puberty and experienced severe acne where they were teenagers. Of course I used a lot of cosmetics products which claimed to reduce my blemishes and scars, but none helped. Instead I reached for some natural and herbal Indian remedies that will work and came out with this simple sandalwood face mask. So today I’ll show a simple DIY face mask that helps you to know how to clear blemishes and acne scars.

So this is my own homemade natural remedy to get a even skin tone. So lets get into the process to know ho to clear blemishes and acne spots. This will also help in pigmentation marks and aging spots too.

Note: As this is natural way to cure the scars which are left behind since ages, this remedy will certainly take time to recover and so please have some patience my loves. 🙂

How to: use sandalwood mask to clear pigmentation, blemishes, acne spots and scars

This face mask when applied two times a week will give you a glowing skin treating the uneven skin tone and other skin problems.
Make sure you add all the ingredients shown here in  right quantity .
Note: Do not store the mixed face packs for any later use purposes. It only dries away and helps to grow bacterial form open air.

So let us see how to make this easy face pack with just few ingredients which are available at your kitchen right now.

You’ll need:

  1. Pure sandalwood powder
  2. A fresh lemon
  3. Vitamin E capsule
  4. Home made Fresh rose water
  5. A bowl to mix

how to clear blemishes and acne scars


how to clear blemishes and acne scars


  • Step 1: 2 Tablespoons of Sandalwood powder in a bowl. (I use Etheric Sandalwood powder, the smell and the quality is so good)
  • Step 2: Add 10 drops of Lemon juice
  • Step-3: Add 2 capsules of Vitamin E
  • Sep 4: Add fresh home made rose water and mix it well, till it forms a thick paste
  • step 5: Apply this face pack evenly all over your face for 20 minutes or till it completely dries.
  • Step 6: After it dries, Wet the face with cold water and lightly massage all over your face for one minute and then wash it off.

how to clear blemishes and acne scars

how to clear blemishes and acne scars

how to clear blemishes and acne scars

how to clear blemishes and acne scars

It will looks something like this when the pack is completely dried off and then you can wash off with cold water.


 Apply  moisturizer:  Apply any natural moisturizer of your choice , preferably Aloe Vera gel for best results.

What sandalwood powder does??

  • Helps to lighten the skin tone
  • Removes tan
  • Lightens age spots and delays aging of skin.

What Lemon does??

  • It is a rich source of vitamin C and as it contains citric acid it helps to remove the dead skin on the top layers of the skin.

What Vitamin E oil does??

  • Reduces brown spots which are caused by aging
  • Helps in soothing burns as it has antioxidants that neutralize the effects of free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • The oil penetrates deep into the skin and heals the skin. Thus decreases the appearance of scars and blemishes.


What Fresh Rose water does??

  • Rose water helps to maintain skin’s pH balance
  • Controls excessive oil production, best for oily skin.
  • Due to its inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce redness and irritation on skin.


So all these individual benefits combines to from an excellent healing face pack which gives instant cooling effect due to sandalwood powder and thus provides you clear and glowing skin without spots and scars.

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