How to Calm Threading Redness Around Eyebrows Quickly

How to Calm Threading Redness Around Eyebrows Quickly..!

One of the most common side effects of Waxing or threading on sensitive areas of your face is redness or little bumps. Are they common you ask? Yes, they are completely normal. The pulling and tugging of the hair out of the follicles causes irritation and thus forms waxing or treading redness around eyebrows or around any area that was put under stress by waxing or threading. Though it generally subsides by itself over the course of the day, it can also be calmed quickly using some readily available ingredients at our home.

So let’s know how you can easily calm threading redness around eyebrows quickly.

How to Calm threading Redness around eyebrows naturally.!

There are many natural ingredients that give instant cooling and calming effect to inflamed skin due to waxing or threading. Few of them are:

Cold Rose water
Aloe Vera gel

Immediately after Threading or Waxing your eyebrows, gently clean the area with cold rose water using a cotton pad.

Now, take few fresh mint leaves and two slices of cucumber. Place these mint leaves all around your eyebrows and lie down on a sofa  in a reclining position. Place one cucumber slice over each eye and relax while the cucumber’s natural acids soak into your skin. If one side of the cucumber becomes warm against your face, flip it over and enjoy the cooling sensation all over again.

After 10 minutes, remove the mint leaves and cucumber and splash your eyes with cold water few times. Gently pat dry with a cotton towel and then apply Pure and preservative free Aloe Vera gel around your eyebrows.

That’s it, you will notice that the threading redness around eyebrows had subsided drastically by the Cooling effect of mint and cucumber and also the anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera gel has calmed the inflammation around your eyebrows very quickly.

You can repeat the process for 2 more times with 2-3 hour gap between each repetition, if the redness and the inflammation around your eyebrows haven’t yet subsided.

Was your Threading or Waxing section safe and Correct?

Prevention is better than cure, and so getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded correctly and safely makes a whole lot of difference on how your skin around your eyebrows feels later. And may be that is the reason you wont feel so painful or your skin doesn’t seems so inflated every time, but only few times when there is something wrong with the process.

So, it is really important for you to get your eyebrows done only by a professional. While waxing, Wax that is too hot can burn skin, and wax that is too cool can cause irritation. Overheating can happen when there isn’t that much wax left in a can and it gets overly hot or it’s microwaved too long.

While threading, Be sure you’re holding the skin tight while the hair around your eyebrows are been threaded. This will avoid any minor cuts on the skin that can be caused during threading.

As the skin around your eyebrows is sensitive, it is important to take safety measures by you and also the professional whosoever is preforming it on to you.

If the skin is extremely painful for days, bleeds, is torn off or scabs, then something may not be right. Waxing isn’t for everyone or every body or facial zone. See your doctor if your skin isn’t healing on its own.

I hope these natural tips can soothe your skin from the threading redness around eyebrows and thus reduce the inflammation quickly. The next time you get your eyebrows done, try this method and I’m sure you wont be disappointed. 

Do you also face the problem of waxing bumps along with redness? If so, let me know in the comments below. I will answer on how to cure them using some natural techniques easily. 


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