How to Add Essential oils to your Shampoo & Conditioner

Essentials oils are known to flourish your hair for good.  These powerful extracts of plants and herbs come with hundreds of benefits packed with them. One of the easiest ways to take care of your hair is by adding few drops of essential oils in your hair care routine. Today, I am gonna show you how to add essential oils to your shampoo while  cleansing your hair.

Why add essential oils to shampoo?

What’s so special with these amazingly smelling essentials oils are their therapeutic properties. To name a few of these  therapeutic properties for hair, they are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-itch and many more.

Adding few drops of essential oils to pamper your hair is the best way to get most out of these therapeutic properties. Some of the benefits of adding essential oils in your hair care routine include..

♥ Increases Hair growth
♥ Rejuvenates Scalp to promote healthy hair growth
♥ Adds shine to the hair
♥ Reduces  premature hair growth
♥ Controls sebum production for oily scalp
♥ Fights fungal infection on the scalp
♥ Eliminates dandruff and itchiness
♥ Moisturizes dry and brittle hair
♥ Controls Scalp acne

Which Essential oils are the best for my hair?

Some of the best essential oils for hair are

Rosemary essential oil– For Hair growth
Tea Tree Essential oil– For Dandruff and itchy scalp
Lemon essential oil– For Oily scalp
Lavender essential oil– For dry scalp
Geranium essential oil– For Normal scalp to add beautiful scent 🙂
Peppermint essential oil– For cooling the scalp


How to Add Essential oils to your Shampoo

Adding few drops of essential oils to your shampoo while washing your hair is one the best ways to get the most out of the therapeutic benefits of essential  oils.

But, there is a rule of thumb to follow while using essential oils either in skin care or hair care.

As essential oils are highly concentrated oils of plants and herbs, there oils should and must be diluted before using.

So, here while using in your shampoo and conditioner, use only the said (that I am gonna mention now) amount and never more than that.

♥Follow these steps while you are in shower and your hair is wet and ready to be washed♥


-Take one tablespoon full of which ever shampoo you are using into your palm, but it is best to use herbal, mild or organic shampoo with minimal ingredients. Avoid using harmful chemicals as much as your can.

– Now add not more than 2 drops of essential oils (as per your scalp’s/hair’s type/problem) that I mentioned above.

-Mix them both using both of your palms and apply to your hair and massage gently for 3-4 minutes.

-Cleanse your hair well and wash off with normal water. 

-Follow up with a conditioner.


How to add essential oils to shampoo

How to add essential oils to shampoo



You can add few drops of any essential oils of your choice to the conditioner as well. But I prefer to use them with only shampoos, as I can work up the essential oils on to my scalp for maximum benefits.

So, which essential oils are you gonna use in your shampoos to cleanse your hair the next time? Comment and let me know, I use peppermint and Lavender essential oils more often. 🙂

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