How Often should you Oil your Hair if your have Oily scalp

How Often should you Oil your Hair if you have Oily scalp ?

Oiling your hair is one of the crucial step to be followed in your hair care routine to not only improve your hair’s health but also to increase blood circulation that in turn also increases the hair growth. But how many of you know how to oil your hair the right way?

Everyone knows this fact. But are your doing it in the right way? Are you using the right Hair oil for your hair type? Are you over oiling your hair?  Does your hair shed more when your are oiling your hair?

If yes, then its high time you should know the hows and whys of oiling your hair in the right way according to your hair type.

But before that, What is your hair type? Is it Oily, dry, normal or sensitive?

You should be very sure of your hair type before even proceeding further. It is very common that people with oily skin will have oily scalp as well, which leads to oily hair. Oily scalp have overactive oil glands which secrets oil more than required. Same is the case with dry hair, but the oil glands here are ineffective and thus does not produce enough natural oils to the scalp to hydrate your hair.

Oily Hair needs Oil too..

It is a common misconception that Oily hair beauties should not oil their hair. Oiling your hair will not make your hair or your oil glands to secrete more. Over washing your hair, your food habits and hormones are the ones which have huge impact on your scalp and thus to your hair.

Choosing the right type of Hair oils, carrier oils and essential oils for your hair type is the first and foremost thing to do in your hair care routine.

The right oils will not only help balance the oil secretion on your scalp but also reduces the excess oil secretion.

Light hair oils like Jojoba oil and Argan oil are well suited for this hair type. These Oils will provide right moisturization and hydration to your scalp without weighing down your hair.

Use not more than 1 tablespoon of hair oil to oil your hair (for medium length hair). The Oil should be distributed on your scalp, mid length hair and ends. Least on your scalp, Minimum on your mid length hair and generous on your ends of your hair.

Oil your hair prior to 3-4 hours of washing your hair.

This is How often you should wash your hair in a week

How Often should you Oil your Hair if your have Oily scalp ?

Ideally, Oiling your hair once per week should be enough for Oily scalp. But, If you are doing it in the right way as I said above, You can in fact go ahead and oil your hair two times per week too. Despite of having Oily scalp, I like to oil my hair. Why you ask? Its because of the benefits of natural plant and nut oils which will enhance your hair’s texture to give naturally shinny looking gorgeous hair.

So, If you are like me, Who loves oiling your hair more often but have oily scalp then follow the right way of oiling your hair and at the same time enjoy the benefits out of it.

I guess this small explanation solved your dilemma of oiling your already oily scalp. Any unanswered question or doubts are always welcomed in the comments section. I will be happy to answer them.

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