How Many Times should you wash your hair in a week ? Hair type matters

A question that we not only ask ourselves but also search for the solution everywhere possible, how many times should you wash your hair in a week. Isn’t it? Well, We have different answers for your question. Mainly because it solely depends on your hair type and lifestyle.

To understand this in more detail, Let’s get to the basics.

Your scalp’s surface is more or the same like your face’s. So, the sebaceous glands beside the hair follicle produces oil to keep your scalp moisturized that contributes to the overall health of your hair.

Getting rid of the natural oils from the scalp more often than required will only cause your hair follicles to produce more oil (for oily scalp) and causes more dandruff (for dry scalp).


How many times should you wash your hair in a week


How Many Times should you wash your hair in a week ?

But before this do you know what is your hair type?

Understanding your hair type and following the right routine to take care and nourish your locks is equally important than just knowing how many times you should wash your hair in a week.

If you are unsure of your hair type, it is always better to visit a trichologist to know the same instead of contemplating and assuming one.

And if you are already sure of your hair type, then you are one step ahead of the process. Let’s dive into the real answer depending on your hair type.

For Oily Hair: 

I guess 70% of the people who end up searching an answer for “How many times should you wash your hair in a week” are the ones who have oily scalp. You are the one who end up over washing your hair than required. Though you get a squeaky clean feeling each time you wash your hair with shampoos that contains sulphates and silicones, your scalp feels dehydrated and asks  sebaceous glands for help. The sebaceous glands will produce more natural oils than required to protect the hair follicle from drying out and falling out.

So this decodes, the more you wash your hair the more oily it gets. This is the reason why your scalp becomes more Oily even though its second day of your hair.

Solution: If you are using a chemical based shampoo, change it immediately to a mild and organic shampoo. Change your washing cycles slowly to get adapted to the new routine slowly. For example, if you are washing your hair daily, then cut it to washing once every two days and finally once every three days. You can use natural dry shampoos in between if you feel the process is more difficult to do in the initial days.


For Dry Hair:

The difference in Oily Scalp and dry scalp is the amount of oil that the sebaceous glands produce. As how the oily scalp produces more oil on its surface, the dry scalp is in lack of natural oils as the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles do not produce enough oils to keep the hair hydrated.

In this case, washing your hair more often will strip away the essential natural oils that are already less, and makes it more dry and frizzy.

SolutionUse a natural hydrating shampoo that is rich in natural plant oils like grapeseed oil, argan oil or jojoba oil. Do not over oil your hair before shampooing. This will only let you use more shampoo to wash your hair which in turn makes your hair more dry. Let the shampoo on your scalp rinse away the ends on your hair while washing, instead of applying more shampoo which will only lead to cause extra dryness. 


For Normal Hair:

Normal hair people have a freedom of letting their hair even on 3rd or even 4th day of their hair. The only thing you need to do is to maintain the good health of your hair as it. By not taking proper care will lead this hair type to become either more oily or dry. Some people tend to wash their hair more often than required. This will cause the hair to weigh down and look dull and lifeless.

“The more you wash your hair, the more will wash your hair eventually “

The right time to wash your hair is when it is really required to get washed. This hair type girls can also try “Co-washing” their hair instead of shampooing it more often.

“Co wash” is nothing but skipping your shampooing and rinsing your hair normally with just water or by using any other hair rinses and then conditioning as usual.

To know more about Just Water Cleansing, see How I Washed my face with just water to get rid of Acne and oily skin

Workouts & Sweating

Apart from the hair types, there is one more factor that may also cause to wash your hair more often. That is, workouts and sweating.

The sweat after a workout is so relieving and refreshing of your hard work? Isn’t it? But if neglected to clean it after you are done with your gym sessions, your body will stink and so your hair too.

Washing your hair once every two days should be OK when you are working out.


Did I miss any other Hair types to include here? Let me know in the comments below. We can have a more detailed discussion.

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