My Hair Smoothening

My Hair Smoothening Gone Wrong

This is gonna be a really really long post about how I got to know about smoothening, about my experience when I first did my smoothening and what had happened to my hair When I did It again after an year. So, grab a coffee and some snacks. Relax and just read.

It was Saturday evening and as an usual monthly beauty routine I went to my nearest OK-Kinda-of-Parlor where I usually get my eyebrows, waxing and clean up done.

My Hair Smoothening Experience Part 1-

I don’t really trust those random parlors on any streets( not being rude but..), It was only when one of my friend suggested me to try their services once. As I am new to the place then, I have no clue about which parlor to choose and the truth is I was really fed up with those biased reviews on the internet that were no use to me to help me choose a parlor in this new place.

I was really in tying-something-new mood on that day. So I asked for some really cool hair spas that he could offer me with good prices.

I can remember seeing some random types of hair spa names on their menu like hydrating hair spa, Intense smooth and silky  hair spa, and some other fantasizing hair spas which are kinda luring and intimidating for me. 😛

The prices were around 1000-2000 rupees, that too per one sitting? seriously.? I kinda made my mind to rethink the decision of whether go for it or not.

In the mean while, the parlor guy ( Let’s name him ‘PG’ for easy recognition) has started showing his marketing skills. He explained how good is each spa type, how shiny and glossy my hair becomes after one spa treatment, and some random stuff about the brands he’s gonna use.

Finally, I felt like I was trapped and I choose to go for a hair spa that costs me 1500 rupees now. I asked him for how many days will this so called “shiny and glossy effect-on my hair” will last. He said, it may last for one week If I don’t wash my hair for more than once in the mean while.

1500 and not even a week?? Shi*t..!!

I asked him, if he could give me a discount that would be better as I visit the parlor more often. He obviously denied with a sarcastic smile, and came up with an excellent alternative after thinking for 30 seconds.

He offered me to go for a hair smoothening treatment that will last for more than 3 months. Honestly, I have no idea what that mean and what he’s gonna do with my hair.

I gave a question mark face, and then he quickly briefed me about the process and how long will this smoothening effect will last.

And what’s the price for this? – He then analysed my hair type, my hair volume, and length. Came up with 4000 rupees. I was a little skeptical here.. I asked him if the effect is same in both the cases, why there is price difference.

He explained me that in the first case( the 1500 one) is for those who don’t want a permanent effect on their hair and that doesn’t even make your hair that smooth or silky ( OK..!! Now he’s being realistic :/ ) but this hair treatment ( the 4000 one) will give you super sleek  natural look and  will last for more than 3 months with proper care.

For this proper care, I need to use the shampoo, conditioner & Hair serum that he recommends- which costs be around 900. Pheww..!! Want My mom gonna do to me.? Though I was giving my hard earned money, it’s really hard to explain mom about spending 5000 rupees to your hair. Isn’t it?

I made a quick math, permutations & combinations, 1500- one week & 4000- 3 months+ and said OK.!! Let me do this.

I finally said Yes to him to go on to smoothen my hair.

The Hair Smoothening process went something like this


  • Pre-Washed my hair and conditioned it.
  • Blow dried completely
  • Applied some thick consistency cream all over my hair from roots to tips.
  • Washed off after 1 hour may be.
  • Blow dried and straightened my hair.
  • Applied the same cream all over again.
  • Shampooed And conditioned after 40 minutes.
  • Applied serum all over the hair and blow dried.

And that it. This whole process took around 5 hours and my head was hurting like hell. It felt like some had hit me with a rock. The continuous pulling of hair while straightening was the reason of my headache that day which lasted for the rest of the night. Horrible, it was.

I must say you my hair was incredibly shiny, gorgeous, sleek and straight. I was literally in love with my hair. No tangles, No hair fall too. I cannot stop the urge to touch my hair. It was that beautiful. At last I felt it was worth the money. Here is the pic of my hair, of the same day which I have done my smoothening.

Some of the myths he busted about taking care of my smoothened hair were…

  • DO NOT OIL your hair. I freaked out here. Literally.
  • DO NOT LET WATER TOUCH YOUR HAIR for at least 3 continuous days from now.
  • SLEEP AS SUCH SO THAT YOUR HAIR DOESN’T BEND OR CURL UP for this day. Oh seriously? Is this some kinda joke?


These are some of the things he said me while I was leaving the parlor. Can you just imagine not oiling your hair for three months straight? I was like.. Why?

And coming to Henna.. I have a little grey hair and I need to use henna to cover up those because I do not like to color or dye my hair.

Can you even control your sleeping position when you are in sleep? How can I even sleep in such a position that my hair doesn’t toss and twirl. ugh..!!

Finally I got used to these rules after a month. I loved the way my hair was. I wash my hair, condition it, and apply serum. And ta-da..! Beautiful gorgeous mane. I would not even comb for the rest of the day. It wasn’t needed actually. No-tangles, no frizzy hair problems. Those were the best hair days that I ever had.

After 2 months or so.. The smoothening was still intact. I could notice that they were more number of grey hairs than normal. Freaked out..! I went to the same parlor and said the guy about this issue. He some how convinced me that the growth of my grey hair was normal, neither increased nor decreased, it was only my misconception. As if he knows much about my hair :/

As I cannot henna my hair now, I asked him, how shall i cover up my grey hair then? He asked me to go for coloring my hair. As I am left with no option I opted to color my hair black.

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Everything till now Was Quite OK, until I decided to go for Smoothening my hair again after an year.  This is where my hair went from silky shiny strands to dried and fried grass.

I will talk about this more in the second continuation part…

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      1. Really very same experience i had .This is my 2nd month after treatment…Hairs are greying ..🤣🤣what to.big question

  1. Hey Smart Girl,

    I am looking to read part 2, I exactly faced the same issue and I am clueless of what to do.
    I am in desperate need of help hence landed at your blog.

      1. Thanks so much finally relieved to see that someone could have a probable solution to my problem

        My original hair was little silky and wavy, my fetish for straight manageable hair and awesome results from earlier smoothening process is what made me go for smoothening again and land up with the results I have now

        1. I dont know if this is some kinda co-incidence, but my hair type is exactly same as you described yours. And me too, was completely drawn away by the results of first time smoothening and hence got it done for the second time. But trust me, to bring back life to your damaged hair takes years. 🙁

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