Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you

5 Awesome Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you..! Ready for a Makeover?

That one Hair cut which suits your face and sits on your head very well is what defines your beauty at the first place. At the same time, a bad hair cut spoils your mood not on just that one single day on which you have got your hair cut done but also the other consecutive days. Later, You just desperately hope your hair to grow fast to get an another worthy hair cut that suits you. Did you ? I have done it. I know how it feels to bare a bad hair cut on one’s head. Such a pain..! It would have been great if there is some one who had guided me about hair cuts which suits ME, before I get one done. Bad luck, I didn’t find any..nor the hair stylists too were proficient in deciding one for me. But never mind, you need not go through that pain any more. Because, I have complied some of the awesome hair cuts for Long hair without compromising with the length.

So, Ready ..?

5 Awesome Hair cuts for Long Hair

1. Long Feathers ..!

This Hair cuts suits well for Oval Face shapes. It adds a frame to your face and makes you look more elegant. Ask your hair stylist to ut your hair i long layers if you are worried about losing the volume.



Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you


2. Voluminous Face framing Cut..!

This is my favorite. As my face is round, I generally look for hair cuts that frame my face and at the same time adds volume to my mid length hair. This is the Look which I opt for most of the times. This hair cuts adds a few fringes around your face and defines your face shape. You can style the fringer as you wish, side ways of middle part. I like mine to be side ways.  The rest of the hair can be left untouched or a single middle layer will also suit well.


Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you


3. Step-cut

This is the first ever hair cut that I got it done for my hair. One of the effortless look and adds great volume for Wavy hair silky hair like this one below. So not go for this hair cut if you already have thin hair.


Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you


4. Bangs with a single Layer

This Hair cut is best suited for broad fore heads. If you are not so lazy and OK with a little extra maintenance for your bangs, this is for you. Yeah..! Bangs maintenance.  This Hair cuts looks so sexy and with a single Layer at the shoulder level. It adds an extra bounce and volume to your hair.


Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you



5. Straight cut with front V cut

This hair cut is for you, if you are one of those who doesn’t what others to notice that you had a hair cut. 😀 May be your MOM.! 😉
This is a simple straight cut at the ends and a V framing cut for the hair near the crown area.  This is the most simplest hair cut you can get for your long hair. The advantage of this hair is that you can still braid and style you hair as usual, unlike with other hair cuts. You can also get your ends a balayage hair color with with an ombre look at the ends of your hair. But still, its your personal preference.


Hair cuts for Long Hair that suits you


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So, Which Hair cut you like the most? Do you feel maintaining long hair is a tedious task?

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