face mask to tighten pores

HOW TO: FRENCH GREEN CLAY face mask to TIGHTEN PORES & remove dead skin

I am always excited to try new things, especially nature gifted  to pamper my skin to get most of the different benefits that different things contain. Skin care for me will be more exciting and interesting if I try and test new ways to keep it healthy and glowy all the time. One such interested thing that I recently found was this amazing french green clay also called as sea clay that is super enriched with minerals and negative charge, that can draw the impurities just like a magnet. Interested to know what are the benefits of this french green clay ? Hold on tight, as I am not only sharing the benefits but also my secret face mask to tighten pores. Ready?

What does this French Green clay does to your skin ?

Ever wondered how crazy it is to have a skin magnet that can just pull all the sh*t out of your face and give a clear skin you ever wanted? Well, Cosmetic Clays are know to have natural cleansing properties and some special Clays like french green clay just does more than that.

  • French green clay or the sea clay is a green colored clay as the name says, contains dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This unique combination of different minerals detoxifies your skin to remove the impurities and cleanses the pores from within and tightens them.
  • One of the amazing benefit of this green clay is high absorbency that has an ability to draw out the impurities twice its mass. The negative charge in this green clay attracts the impurities from our face that are mostly positively charged.
  • As we know that most of the clays have an cleansing effect as it draws out the excess oil and gives you a nice cleansed effect, but unlike other clays French green clay has an excellent ability to exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells, black heads and even white heads off your skin.
  • This mask is best recommend for oily and acne prone skin. As the green clay removes the problem causing bacteria from your face you have a less chance to effect with break outs again. **yay**
  • French green clay for face is best when used with mineral water or any floral water like rose water or cucumber water. Do remember to use either glass or ceramic bowls to mix the french green clay with water as metal bowls may disrupt the ionic charge in the clay.

French Green Clay face mask to tighten pores *My secret recipe*


Like any other face mask, the preparation of this french green clay face mask to tighten pores is very simple and you only need 3 ingredients.

Ingredients for French Green Clay face mask to tighten pores

face mask to tighten pores


face mask to tighten pores


Prerequisite: Cleanse your face with a natural cleanser and steam your face for 2 minutes to open up the pores. This will the best method to do before applying any face mask as the penetrates the cleanses the pores more easily and exfoliates the skin too.

You can see this DIY Cleanup at home to know how to do steam your face at home without any steamer.

Take a non-metallic bowl and put one tablespoon of French green clay into it. Add a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder in it and mix these dry ingredients well, first.

Now take rose water (I use my DIY rose water) and by slowly adding the water, mix the ingredients into a paste like consistency without any lumps formed.

Apply the mask to your face evenly, you can use a clean face mask applying brush to if you need so. I don’t use it because I am too lazy to clean them afterwards. 😛

This is how the mask looks after all the ingredients are mixed.

face mask to tighten pores

After the mask is naturally dried, or may be after 20-30 minutes, you can wet you face or spray some rose water all over your face and gently massage your face to give a mild exfoliating effect. This removes all the dead skin cells, blackheads if any and rejuvenates the skin to look more fresh and radiant.

Do this once or Twice every month for a happy and healthy looking skin. You need not use this mask, or in fact any other clay mask more often than this or else you may end up harming your skin and making it drier more by stripping away the natural oil and moisture out of your skin.


Hope these tips and face mask recipe helps you to keeps your skin more gorgeous inside-out and cure all your skin issues. If you have any more further queries and any other skin issues for which you are looking for any natural home made recipes to treat them, feel free to comment them below.. I would love to help you all.


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