Everyday Soap Free Mild Cleanser

Everyday Soap Free Mild Cleanser That Does All 3 Jobs | Powder Cleanser

If your are an avid reader of my blog, you know how much I swear by cleansing grains and washing my face with powdered cleansers. There are many soap free mild cleansers that have tried and even made one all my myself too. But this Soap Free Mild Cleanser is something that I cant wait to share with you all..!

Ever since I ditched using normal facial cleansers and soaps that contains surfocants, my skin felt better and also released that my skin is not oily any more.

Its just a fad to believe that you need foaming cleansers or soaps to was your face. Nah..! Not at all..!

Unlike your commercial foaming facial cleansers, this DIY facial cleanser DO NOT FOAM. This gives a gentle exfoliation to your skin, removes dead skin cells and at the same time brightens your skin with every use. If you are used to those chemical foaming cleanser routines, it really takes time and patience to understand and adapt this new DIY facial cleanser routine.

This cleanser is made with just 3 ingredients and this can also be used as a scrub and face pack too.

The ingredients goes are

1. Black Rice Powder:

Rice, is one of the age old skin secret of Korean beauties. It has an excellent cleansing properties. It exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin and rejuvenates for the growth of new skin cells. You can use any type of rice here, white, brown, black.

I prefer Black rice, because it is the least polished rice and has the highest amount of antioxidants.

2. Dried Rose Petal Powder:

Rose are one of the most beautifully scented flower  in the world. Apart from their use in perfumery, these sweet-smelling flowers have therapeutic benefits and have been used in ancient skincare folk remedies. Using fresh roses in daily beauty routine will enhance skin’s health and keep you look young.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and many skin moisturizing benefits. It is an effective cleanser and lightens skin tone with regular use. Using roses in daily skin care routine will also calm your senses and makes you feel relaxed.

3. French Green Clay:

French green clay or the sea clay is a green colored clay as the name says, contains dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This unique combination of different minerals detoxifies your skin to remove the impurities and cleanses the pores from within and tightens them.

One of the amazing benefit of this green clay is high absorbency that has an ability to draw out the impurities twice its mass. The negative charge in this green clay attracts the impurities from our face that are mostly positively charged.


How to make your own Soap Free Mild Cleanser for face

Pre-requisite: Blend Black Rice and Rose Petal Powder into fine powder and store them in a air tight glass container.

Supplies required:

1. One Medium sized Clean bowl for mixing ingredients

2. Measuring cups and spoons

3. Whisk

4. Small container to store the Soap Free Mild Cleanser


1. Measure 25 grams of Black Rice powder and put it into the bowl

2. Now measure 15 grams of Rose Petal powder and put it into the same bowl

3. Add 10 grams of French Green Clay (You can also add Bentonite clay or Fuller’s Earth, i you do not have French Green Clay)

4.  Mix all the ingredients using a whisk

5. Store the powder into an air tight glass container.

Storage and usage Instructions: Do not store this near your bath area or under direct sunlight. Take the product out using a spoon, do not put wet hands into the container. Do not let moisture in. Use this within 3 months from the day you prepared it.

TIP: For a more soft powdery texture, use a mesh strainer to filter out the hard grains in the cleanser. But if you like your cleanser to be more like a scrub kinda consistency, you may skip this step.

How to use?

To wash your face:

Take a teaspoon of this amazing DIY Soap Free Mild cleanser powder that you have just made, into a clean small bowl or plate. Pour  few drops of rose water to form a paste.

Apply it all over your face and gently…gently scrub your face in circular motions and in upward direction. After two minutes, wash off with cold water.

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As a Face Mask:

Mix one tablespoon of this powder with one teaspoon of raw honey in a small bowl. Add rose water to form a paste like consistency. Cleanse your face well and apply this face mask all over your face and neck.

Wash off after 20 minutes and apply a light moisturizer like Aloe Vera gel

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As a Scrub:

Mix one tablespoon of this Mild Powder cleanser with rose water to form a thick paste. Apply all over face and scrub gently in upward direction starting from your chin. Scrub for 5-6 minutes and wash off with cold water.

You can also steam our face for 2 minutes prior scrubbing, to open up the pores for better effectiveness.

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Did you ever try any Soap Free Facial Cleanser any time? If so, What is that? If No, Which one wold you like to try from today..?

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    1. once would be fine. If you would like to wash your face twice with powder cleanser, then just use the rose petal powder to wash your face.

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