Effective Scrub to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally at Home

Effective Scrub to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally at Home | “Tried & Tested”

Once in a while, a gentle exfoliation to Lips is really necessary to remove the dead skin around it and even out the skin tone near your mouth which gives you the exact soft, pink kissable Lips you ever wanted. The reason most of the people’s Lips are dark because they take least care of them. Like when is the time you actually spent time to specially exfoliate and remove the dead skin buildup on your Lips? Not even once a month, right? Taking good care of your Lips frequently as you do for your face and any other part of the body that is exposed to sunlight, is absolutely necessary. Today, I will talk about once simple and effective Lip scrub that I use so frequently to Lighten dark Lips naturally at home and also keeps them soft and moisturized all day long.

Effective Scrub to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally at Home

This simple scrub requires just 3 ingredients which are already lying in your kitchen.


1. Fresh Mint Leaves

2. Almond Flour

3. Lemon Juice

How to use the scrub to Lighten Dark Lips naturally at home

Take 10 fresh mint leaves in a mortar and add a teaspoon of almond flour in it. Now add 1/4 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice into it and grind all the ingredients using a pestle to form a fine paste.

Before you apply this to your Lips, Cleanse them well and while your lips are still wet.. take a clean tooth brush and exfoliate your Lips gently in circular motions.

Now, apply this paste on to your Lips and gently scrub your lips in circular motion for 2 minutes.

Leave the mask as such for another 5-10 minutes and wash off with just cold water.

Last step, Moisture your Lips with a Natural Lip balm that is free of any harmful chemicals to keep your Lips healthy, soft and pink forever.

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TIP: Wipe your Lips with Rose Water daily every time you cleanse your face.


How this works:

Lemon and mint leaves are rich with some amazing bleaching agents that remove the black shades or patches from the lips.

Follow this routine once every week if your Lips are very dark and want to Lighten them as soon as possible. Don’t over do it, because it may cause dryness and increases sensitives to sunlight which in-turn darkens your lips more.


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