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Eat these for ACNE Free Clear Skin Naturally..!

Acne is primarily caused by inflammation in the body. This in turn leads to the over production of sebum on your skin. This sebum is a power house for many bacteria. These bacteria grows and clogs your pores causing oiliness and acne. Some of the these anti inflammatory foods for skin are beneficial in fighting the bacteria and controls the sebum production on your skin. Ready to have these for an acne free clear skin naturally ?

Though you change your products or how well your taking care of your skin, acne can still erupt if you neglect your diet. Cystic acne that is mostly affected in teenagers or even adults nowadays are mostly due to harmful imbalances

Diet plays an important role for your overall health, skin and hair. Taking proper diet and avoiding refined or processed sugar, grains and dairy products will help your skin to breathe and radiate natural glow.

Some of these veggies are so helpful in controlling the inflammation in your body and thus reducing the acne naturally by balancing and controlling the hormones in your body.

Although everybody’s body and functional systems are different, please give your tummy at least one month time to adjust for this new diet. If the acne is still persistent, please see a dermatologist for further treatments.

ACNE Free Clear Skin Naturally with these Fruits and Veggies

Green leafy vegetables

Green Leafy vegetables are one such readily available anti inflammatory foods that fight inflammatory molecules in our body. In addition to abundant Vitamin E in green leafy vegetables, they have many nutrients and minerals that are helpful in reducing the Cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar.

Some of the Green Leafy vegetables to incorporate in your daily diet to fight inflammation are Kale, Spinach, Broccoli and Brussel sprouts. These Green Leafy vegetables are packed with dozens of anti inflammatory nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients like flavonoids and carotenoids.


A cup of fresh green leafy vegetables daily is a must for a healthy gut and thus to get clear skin. A green smoothie and Vegan salad are the two best options to include a daily dosage of fresh green leafy veggies in your diet.

  • Make a green smoothie using one cup of either spinach/kale, half cucumber, and one full ripe banana. You can also add a cup of coconut water or coconut milk, if the smoothie is too thick to consume. Having a smoothies in the early morning after your workout gives you the right amount of calories to start your day.
  • A salad using a some veggies and fruits is a perfect vegan lunch you can ever have. Chop few apples, kale, spinach, carrots and beets. Mix them well and drizzle few teaspoons of olive oil and add pinch of pepper and salt for taste. You can also squeeze half a lemon into the salad for an added citric taste.


Beets constituents, most notably the betalain pigments, display potent antioxidant, antiinflammatory and chemo-preventive activity in vitro and in vivo.

Beet benefits your body in so many ways such as reducing inflammation, supporting your heart, and protecting your digestive, brain, and eye health. Beets can be eaten raw in salads and juices, or cooked and added to a variety of recipes spanning from breakfast to dinner, that’s the best part of Beets.


  • Make a juice of 2 fresh Beetroots and have it in the early morning to supply a daily dosage of anti inflammatory molecules to your body. You can also add it in your smoothies for extra sweetness and color.
  • Add few thinly sliced fresh beets in your salads and have it in your dinner


Anthocyanins is one such compound that is found to grapes which is an excellent inhibitor of inflammation in human bodies.

Grapes are also one of the best sources of resveratrol, another compound that has many health benefits


  • Snack with grapes to stop unhealthy sugar and carb cravings.



Papaya’s biggest nutritional benefit is that it is high in vitamin C, providing 237 grams or almost 400% of the recommended daily value of 60 grams per day.

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Papain has also been shown to help reduce inflammation in people with disease such as asthma or arthritis and can help reduce inflammation in the prostate.


  • Eat one cup of fresh ripe papaya daily in the morning to get the daily dose of right nutrients and vitamins to your body.



There are dozens of varieties of berries like blue berries, black berries, raspberries and strawberries. Not only berries are so tasty to eat but also contains some of the rare anti inflammatory molecules to fight inflammation in our body.

These small fruits are packed with loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential to our body.

Berries contains anti-oxidants that also reduce the risk of cancer.


  • Berries added an excellent flour to smoothies. Add few berries in your daily smoothies to combat inflammation in your b0dy.
  • Snack dried berries and nuts in your snack time to reduce unhealthy cravings.



Avocados are true super foods. They contains arotenoids and tocopherols which are linked to reduced cancer risk. They are power packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber and provide healthy mono saturated fats to the body.

If your acne has increased due to unexplained reasons, then high inflammation is one of them. Avocados are directly linked to treat anti inflammation that causes acne.


  • Add few slices of avocados in your sandwich to combat the acne causing inflammation.


Sweet Potatoes

Regular potatoes are full of carbs and sugar. But sweet potatoes are jam packed with various phytonutriets and micronutrietns that are responsible f reducing inflammation in the body.

Beta carotenes which are present in sweet potatoes are precursors to vitamin A which acts as a powerful antioxidant helping to protect cells from sun damage and to prevent the appearance of aging.

One cup of raw sweet potato contains about 114 calories,  27 grams carbohydrate, 6 grams sugar, 2 grams protein and 0 grams fat.


  • Enjoy your evening snack with a cup of green tea and sweet potatoes. Boil a cup of fresh sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker for one whistle. Remove the peel and mash them well in a bowl. Add honey for extra sweetness.


These are whole natural anti inflammatory foods that cleanses your tummy to balance the hormones and give you a clear and radiant skin from with in. Try different recipes with these foods to make your meal time more interesting and not so boring.

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Have a healthy and happy lifestyle. Until then, have any questions? Comments box is free for you all the time… 🙂


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