Sea Salt Texturising Spray

DIY Sea Salt Texturising Spray For That Perfect Beachy Waves Hair

My hair texture is wavy, not very much but on a scale of 1-10, it is 4. So my hair looks “straight-mixed-wavy” (if at all there is a word like that) soon after cleansing my hair and letting it air dry naturally. The problem here is, as my hair is neither too straight nor too wavy.. I have no particular hair style to follow with. But I like soft waves in my hair more. Although, Sometimes I keep my hair straight by using a flat iron (i use this for less than 7 minutes to just flatten my waves) once in a while during my work days but the other times I use my Alba botanica leave in conditioner to define my curls the night before and wear it in a bun to get ready with beautiful soft waves in my hair the next morning.

I wanted a more quick fix solution for this so that I cant wait for the whole night.

Lately, I was reading a random post where it mentions Sea salt has a property of voluminising and texturising our hair.  And may be this is the reason why we have a lot of Sea Salt Texturising Sprays in the market these days.

I was eager to try one and so started my hunt for a natural Sea salt spray for my no-so-wavy hair.

And to my surprise, not one in the market..which claims to be a natural one is actually natural. The ingredients says a complete different story and the label on the product another. (Did you too face such situations anytime?)

I then decided to try out a simple Sea Salt Texturising Spray with little of my research. And finally after few trial and error methods, here I am with you to share my simple Sea Salt Spray for hair to get those soft beachy waves in your mane in no time.

Before I start the recipe, Remember… We are preparing this sea salt spray with a Rock Salt or Sea Salt but not the normal table salt. Table salt is of no use for this recipe.

How to make your own Sea Salt Texturising Spray

This is the simplest spray that your can try at your home with just 3 ingredients. So, Ready?

Ingredients required:

1. Sea Salt (Can also use Epsom Salt)

2. Aloe Vera Gel – Choose one from this list of 99% Pure and Best Aloe Vera Gels in India – Affordable and easy to find

3. Leave in Conditioner – I use this Alba Botanica Leave in Conditioner 

3. Water

Sea Salt Texturising Spray


1. Take one and a half teaspoon of Sea Salt and one each teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and Chemical Free, Natural leave on conditioner.

2. Put them all into a spray bottle and pour 60ml of water into it. (You can also mix all these in a separate container and then transfer them into a spray bottle later. I was just being lazy here. )

Sea Salt Texturising Spray

3. Mix all the ingredients well my shaking the spray bottle.

And Yeah..! That’s done..! Your Sea Salt Texturising Spray is ready to use for your hair to get those hot beachy waves in no time. 😉

To use, Flip your hair down and spray this Sea Salt Texturising Spray on to your hair twice, Once each side. Now scrunch your hair gently with your hands and flip over your hair. Repeat once again if your hair is thick. Remember to scrunch your hair really well to lock your mane with waves.


So how did you like this simple DIY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to get beachy waves in no time? Do try it and let me know how it worked for you..


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