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How I cleared my Acne, Blemishes & dark spots in my mid 20s | Adult Acne

Recently I dealt a lot with adult acne. It has been 6 years where I enjoyed my no acne (OK..! occasionally period acne) clear skin days since my teenage acne. When I recently noticed that my face is being filled with not just one or two occasional period pimples but a lot more during the whole month. The first month I convinced that it was just because of some work related stress and it’s gonna be alright after few days. It was even more horrible in the later 2 months. That’s when I realized that this is not any ordinary period acne any more.

I have been hit hard by adult acne even before I realized it. I know you might be asking me, is that even a thing? Acne isn’t just for hormonal teens: Adult acne is real. Trust me. The acne which you experience in your mid 20s and 30s is what you call “Adult Acne“. It can also hit people who haven’t even experienced teenage hormonal acne too.

Our hormones are just crazy. Admit it. They have worst mood swings than we have. They behave really weird sometimes and our body don’t understand what’s happening. That’s when inflammation triggers and many suffer more than just acne.

Causes of Adult Acne

The main causes of acne is skin oil, acne-causing bacteria on the skin, sticky skin cells blocking your pores, and inflammation. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, and diet all likely play a roll as well. When you’re a teenager your hormones are naturally fluctuating and you can’t control it, But when you’re an adult your hormones are fluctuating because of things like inflammation and stress.


How I Cured my Adult acne naturally

I go to work at different places sometimes. Meeting people with acne over my face in my mid 20s was very embarrassing. I needed a desperate quick fix to clear my face as soon as possible. I even asked couple of my friends for their suggestions as they have already taken some prescriptions from a dermatologist to cure their’s.

I know those are some crappy drugs that forcefully control your hormones and take a troll on your health in the long run.

I researched a lot about adult acne and how to deal with it. There were these two main reasons which I found almost everywhere. Inflammation and stress are the two main causes of adult acne.

I agree that I was dealt with a lot of stress in my life in those days. There was Constant overwhelm and anxiety issues I faced even in completing smallest of tasks you can think of.

That’s when I realized that, its not just my skin that needs to be cleared but by entire system internally and mentally. It was really a tough decision for me to make a choice to cure my adult acne in a natural way.


How I started…

The first thing that I wanted to control was my stress levels and feeling of overwhelm before starting and completing any task. I know it is easier said than done. I took a pen and paper and wrote all the things that stresses me out.  Some are avoidable and some aren’t. In cases where I felt I am stressing a lot, I would take either a quick nap at my work place or just go for a walk outdoors to talk to my mom or my closet friends. The first and foremost thing to do to control stress is to give your mind a little peace of time to think and act positively. In my case, I observed that my mind and body felt completely relaxed and fresh after I take a quick nap of 20-30 minutes.

I am still figuring out different ways that I can de-stress my self in my free time, or may be to create free time for me in the first place. I planing to write all those things in a different blog post in the “wellness” category of this blog. If you are interested, Do subscribe to get notified when ever I post that.

Second, You are what you eat. This is always been true to me in the days while I was trying to heal my adult acne. There should definitely be some inflammation triggering foods that I am consuming which are causing hormonal imbalances in my body, I thought.

I did a quick research and figured out what are inflammatory foods and what are anti inflammatory foods. I heard that people stopped taking dairy products and meat to control their acne. It is because the hormones in the dairy products imbalances the hormones in your body if you consume them. While this may or may not work for some, I still wanted to try and figure out if it was milk which might be causing any inflammation in my body.

I completely avoided milk, and all dairy based products for a month. I have also cut out gluten foods from my diet. And after a month, Cutting out dairy foods did not help to get rid of my acne. It was very disappointing. I could not cut each food in my diet every month and wait for a year to treat my acne any more.

Instead, I tried including more and more anti inflammatory foods in my daily diet and saw a gradual change in my skin. There were fewer breakouts each month and after 6 months my skin is now back to normal. I occasionally get 1 or 2 pimples in that time of the month and thats it.

To know more on what are the different types of anti inflammatory foods that I included in my diet, you can check this out. The Ultimate Guide for Anti Inflammatory Foods for ACNE CURE

If you think this is my happy ending and end of story. No it isn’t.

Even though I managed to deal with my adult acne, the after effects were more challenging to deal with. The ugly blemishes and dark spots left behind by the hard core pimples were even more harder to get rid of.

Though i did not have the urge to touch and pick my pimple, they were relatively big and left more blemish kinda spots on my face after drying out.

Skin care Routine I followed…

Controlling Stress and changing my diet has helped a lot to clear my acne. While these two things helped to clear the acne from the inside, the skin care that I followed during these days healed my skin from the outside.

My skin care was very simple. If you are expecting me to list out some expensive creams, face washes and stuff, sorry that I am disappointing you now. I use not more than three products. One is Apple cider vinegar, next is self made DIY Facial Cleanser and the last home made Shea butter cream.

In the first month, I washed my face with just water. Yes..! Only water.

I know this is really weird to some of you. It was for me to, when I started. But once you start washing your face only with water, you will notice that your skin is not oily any more. I talked it more in this post on how just washing your face can control oily skin and reduce acne too.

I use Apple cider vinegar toner after I wash my face. It removes all the left over dirt from my face.

If my skin feels oily, I just dust my face with Arrowroot flour.

And twice every month I exfoliate my skin with my Facial Cleanser to remove any dead skin.

I moisturize my skin with home made Shea butter cream that I myself made with Shea butter, Tamanu oil and few of Acne clearing essential oils. Shea butter is a non Comedogenic oil and wont clog your pores. Tamanu oil treats acne and blemishes naturally. Only a tiny bit of this cream is enough to cover my entire face and next. After 3 months of this routine my skin is now normal and I use Neem, Tulasi and Licorice face mask once every week to lighten the dark spots on my face.

That is all. This was my skin care when I was treating my adult acne naturally.

We think we need so many products to maintain keep our skin fresh and clean. Many beauty “gurus” or bloggers about skin care, say that you need to moisturize your skin- the most important part of the skin care routine. True, by not with those creams and gels that you slather on your face daily which contains lots of alcohols, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, synthetic colors, preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances.

These may seem are doing good but are actually hazardous to your skin and to your entire health as some of them also contain carcinogenic (Cancer causing) ingredients.

Your skin produces natural oil that is highly necessary and beneficial to your skin. It produces oil for a reason. More and more you wash your face with soaps or cleansers, it produces more and more oil to balance. That in turn clogs your pores with harmful bacteria, and causes acne. This is why you acne routine never gonna yield fruitful results.

Everyone’s skin is different and what they eat and how their body functions differently. So, don’t compare your skin with anyone else’s.

This is my way of clearing acne. I am not suggesting or recommending you to do the same, unless you are interested.

What is your acne story?


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