to remove tan from feet in one day

What Causes Tan on Feet & How to get rid of Tan from Feet quickly

Disgusted to see those tanned feet? Especially when the tan leaves those sandal marks on your feet. Right? Tan can be removed effectively when you can try treating it on that same day itself. But sometimes we are so lazy or we don’t have enough time to do so. I follow a simple Feet care routine to get rid of Tan from Feet quickly at my home. This routine is not only helpful to remove tan but also will maintain your feet to look soft and smooth. But before that, what actually causes your Feet to get tan so quickly?


What Causes Tan On Feet and How to avoid it

Our Face, hands and Feet are the the most exposed body parts. These tend to tan more quickly and may even take a long time to get rid of it easily. More than just tan, we are exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays that may even cause skin cancer.

Some of the Causes of tan on feet are

1. Not applying sunscreen to your feet prior to moving out in the sun. We do apply sunscreen to our face and may be to our hands too (if you are not too lazy or may be not in a hurry) but often neglect legs. This will not only cause tan but will also age your Legs more quickly than your face.

If you do not want to apply sunscreen to your Legs, wear shoes while going out. Shoes will cover your Legs and help avoid harmful sun rays to fall on to your Legs.

If you are wearing any Ethnic Outfit and choose to wear Flats/Scandals, apply sunscreen well that as UVA and UVB protection before going out in the sun. After coming back home, cleanse your feet and do an Anti tan Face pack or Scrub like this one with Oats and Turmeric 


How to Get rid of Tan from Feet Quickly at home with Natural Remedies

Acting immediately on the same day to get rid of tan from feet quickly will help to remove tan effectively in no time. The longer you wait and neglect, it will be more harder for you to get rid of tan from feet quickly.

he simple remedy to remove tan from feet is to use any natural brightening mask or scrub that contains lactic acid content or vitamin C sources. When it comes to removing tan from feet, tomatoes and lemon are life savers. I am now going to show you a powerful home remedy to remove tan from feet. Remember that this is most effective as soon as you come home from that sunny day. Use on the same day to reduce any dark patches that are formed on your feet.

Three Steps to Remove tan from feet quickly at home

1. Cleanse to remove dirt and grim

2. Scrub to remove tan from your feet

3. Feet Pack to lighten Dull skin

Follow this routine at least once a week to keep your feet tan free and healthy. This requires simple home based ingredients that are already lying in your kitchen right now So, no excuses. 😉

Step-1:  Cleanse to remove dirt and grim

Soak your Feet in a tub of Warm water. Add few drops of essentials oils and epsom salts to relive the stress and induce calmness within you. After 5 minutes, using a Natural Foot Cleanser or any handmade soap, cleanse your feet properly. You can even use pumice stone to properly remove the dead skin near your toes and heals.

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One of the simplest way to remove tan from feet is through a tomato scrub, which is your next step in this routine.

Step 2: Scrub to remove tan from your feet

Scrub have a lot of benefiting properties. It not only removes tan, but also dead skin, impurities and the buildup on the face which was left over after washing the face.

A good scrub after thoroughly cleansing your face will ensure that your skin is impurities free. It makes your skin clear and radiant, thus achieves even skin tone.

To make a Tomato scrub, All you need is..


Fresh tomato pulp
Rice flour

How to remove tan using Tomato Scrub

Peel the skin and Make a fine paste of one fresh tomato. Take one full tablespoon of tomato pulp and add one tablespoon of fine Rice flour in it Mix them well and add 1 teaspoon of Curd or yogurt in it. Mix all the ingredients well till they form a nice creamy consistency scrub.

Apply the scrub all over your well cleansed face and scrub your face in upward direction from chin to forehead. Don’t be harsh while scrubbing. Use gentle stokes in circular motions and scrub for not more than 3 minutes. Wait for 2 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Over scrubbing will only cause your skin to becomes more sensitive. It will also strip away natural oils from the face and make it dry.

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Step 3: Feet Mask to Lighten Dull skin

One of the best skin lightening treatment in summers is with Oats. Skin lightening with oats has been tried and tested my many. This simple home remedy has not just one benefit, it can treat sun damage, tan, dark spots, blemishes acne and many more skin issues.

Oats have natural anti oxidant and moisturizing abilities that only help lighten your skin but also improves skin tone and removes tan.

All you need..

Oatmeal powder
Organic Turmeric Powder
Rose Water


How to use Oats as a Face Mask for skin lightening

How to Use Oats for face


>Take a clean bowl and add one full tablespoon of Oatmeal powder.

>Next, add a pinch of Organic (no artificial color or pesticides used) Turmeric powder to the Oats.

>Now by adding few drops of Rose water, mix the mixture well till it forms a nice paste as shown below.

Substitute: If you do not have rose water, You can use lemon water (for oily skin) and fresh Milk (for dry skin).

>Now, apply the paste all over your Feet.

>Let it air dry for 20 minutes. Next, Wet your Feet with cold water and slightly scrub your Feet in upward direction  towards your Legs. This will remove the tan, if any.

>Clean your Feet thoroughly with just cold water. Do not use soap or face wash.


Do not forget to moisture your feet before going to bed. This is the most important step in this whole Feet care routine. Invest in a good Foot care cream or make your own like this one. Make you own Crack Heel Cream Foot Balm at home

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