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These are the causes of oily skin | Remedies to get rid of oily skin

  • Causes of oil Skin and How to prevent oilyness. Remedies and tips to reduce excess oil production

Do you have problems of oily skin? Oily skin always spoils the make-up and is responsible for clogged pores. Girls having oily skin remain self conscious for their looks as it makes their skin looks thick, shiny and dull and is responsible for pimples on face. Let us see what are the common causes of oily skin.

Have you ever thought for a moment, why skin gets oily? It’s  high time to know the factors that are responsible for causing the oily skin to fight and get rid of this problem.

When the oil secreting glands become overactive, they secrets excess oil. Generally, it happens at the age of puberty but due to some external factors too, the girls may face problems of oily skin.

There are some environment factors along with other factors too.

  1. Genetics: Sometimes, it is genetic too as any of the parent is dealing with the problem of oily skin, then there are great chances of getting oil skin as they will have the large sebaceous glands.
  2. Medication: Medications are also responsible for secretion of excess of oil on face.
  3. Hormonal changes: when the body is going through any kind of hormonal changes, then it kicks the activity of sebaceous glands and produces more.
  4. Overuse of skin care products: applying too much skin care products on face may cause secretion of excess oil.
  5. Stress: Stress also leads to over activation of sebaceous gland which results in excess oil on face.
  6. Environment: When the moisture in air increases, the skin becomes sweaty and oily.
  7. Diet: eating food which has high glycemic (excess amounts of sugar and fat) content will results in excess production of sebum.


Prevention is always better than cure


Now, are you searching for prevention of oily skin and some home remedies to deal with this skin issue? Shining of skin because of excess oil is never a good indication for health. In fact, your genes are responsible for your skin problem,  but still you can control secretion of oil to some extent. Following these remedies will help you in having flawless and fresh skin.


Wash your face at least 3 times in a day with lukewarm water will definitely help you in removing excess oil which will also result in stopping the formation of acne. You can also splash cold water on face which will close the pores of skin and as a result it will balance the pH of skin.


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But keep in mind, if cleanser is removed entirely from the face then the protective layer of face is lost. So, small amount of oil is necessary for the healthy skin. Cleansers having glycolic acid or salicyclic acid which are helpful in gentle cleaning of oily skin.


You can take help of exfoliating your oily skin along with scrub will remove the dead skin from the face and make it smooth. Using Oatmeal and honey scrub , baking soda and lemon are best for exfoliation.


This process helps in improving the blood circulation of skin. It closes the pores and refreshes the skin. You can also use home made toners for keeping your skin healthy and shiny. Therefore, apple cider vinegar spray and green tea toner will give you best results to deal with problem of excess oil on your face.


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The antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties of honey already made this product used for several skin problems. It  also acts as natural humectant, helping the skin not to lose its moisture and used in treatment of controlling excess oil production.


What is the most problematic of having Oily skin that you have ever faced in your life time. What all tips you have tried and are an absolute failures?

Do let others know too, because sharing your experiences to educate others is worth diamonds. 🙂

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