10 Natural shampoos available in India | Sulphates & Paraben FREE

Shampooing your hair is an important hair care regime. Choosing a perfect mild/gentle hair cleanser is so important to keep your hair healthy and clean. So today, we are going to explore some of the new and natural shampoos available in India which are power packed with all natural herbs and ingredients that are even free from sulphates and parables.

Natural shampoos available in India


1. SoulTree Licorice Hair Repair Shampoo

  • Wheat protein is combined with extracts of Licorice, Henna and Hibiscus to rebuild and strengthen hair and revitalise the roots. Bhringraj and Shikakai are also added to a nourishing base of organic coconut oil to make your hair darker, healthier and more lustrous
  • India’s only brand certified by BDIH Germany. 100% Organic & Natural Product
  • Licorice and Henna strengthen the roots while Bhringraj and Shikakai make hair darker and healthier.
  • It does not contain harmful chemical, paraben, or SLS/SLES
  • Product is not tested on Animals. Made with pure organic ingredients

10 Natural shampoos available in India



2. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser

  •  With Pure Essential Oils of lavender and patchouli.
    A mild hair cleanser with Hibiscus extracts and Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Patchouli. Lavender soothes and calms the scalp and Patchouli has antibacterial properties. This herbal blend naturally nourishes and protects hair while cleansing.Benefits :
  • A mild cleanser
  • Soothes and calms the scalp
  • Antibacterial Properties
  • Naturally Nourishes
  • Protects while cleaning

natural shampoo in india



3. Shahnaz Husain Improved Formula Shamla Plus Hair Cleanser Normal To Dry Hair

The Sha Amla Shampoo formulation contains Amla (Embolic officinalis) which adds body to the hair and makes them stronger. A powerful scalp and hair cleanser, it also helps to remove loose dandruff flakes and gently cleanses the scalp. It also thickens the hair shaft and promotes hair luster.

  • Mild herbal shampoo with scalp cleansing properties
  • Helps get rid of dandruff, dirt and grime from hair
  • Thickens the hair shaft and promotes hair luster
  • Keeps the hair strong, healthy and lustrous

natural shampoo in india


4. Just Herbs 8 In 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo

  •  Synergistically formulated shampoo to penetrate the hair shaft, strengthen the roots and nourish the scalp, while effectively cleansing the hair without stripping off its natural oils
  • It is a great combination of eight herbs – Amla, Hibiscus, Heena, Tigonella Seed, Neem, Vetiver, Wheatgerm Oil and Soy Lecithin. Indian gooseberry (Amla), for centuries, has been known to be effective for growth of healthy black hair, while wheatgerm oil acts as an antioxidant, soy lecithin softens and repairs damaged hair thus reducing the dryness and brittleness associated with lack of nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth.
  • Hibiscus naturally darkens hair colour and prevents premature greying, while neem and methi seed extracts deeply nourish and condition the hair roots thus controlling excessive hair fall.

natural shampoos available in india


5. Aryanveda Herbal Volumizing Shampoo

  • Aryanveda Hair Volumizing Shampoo is formulated with hair Silkening agents and Herbal Actives
  • A miraculous combination of Jaborandi, Rosemary, Arnica, Harad & many other benefiting properties that not only strengthen the hair roots but also make them shiny & bouncy
  • Presence of Jaborandi & Rosemary prevents pre-mature graying, hair loss and stimulates the process of growth of new hair. Ancient herbs Arnica & Harad cleanses the hair scalp deep and swipes off impurities
  • This formula shields your hair from the effects of humid or dry weather. Conse quently, Your Hair become smooth & manageable.

natural shampoos available in india


6. Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

  • With the powder of Macadamia nut oil this shampoo is a perfect savior for dry, damaged and straitened hair. It makes your hair silky smooth and keeps the hair soft and sleek till the next wash.
  • Macadamia Natural Oil infuses two of the world’s most nourishing hair oils (Macadamia Oil & Argan Oil) into a complete professional hair care line to provide the ultimate in hair rejuvenation, straightening, color, curl revival and maintenance
  • Sulphates and Parabens free shampoo.
  • With the goodness of  Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Extract, & Sea Salt. These are some of the ingredients used in this shampoo.

natural shampoos available in india


7. TVAM Rosemary & Mint Shampoo

  • Rosemary & Mint Shampoo is specially formulated with the unique blends of oils to soften hair that has become coarse and is perfect for normal and oily hair.
  • Rosemary Oil improves itchy flaky scalp and dandruff and prevents hair loss and graying.
  • Aloevera, amla, shikakai is found to be an ideal moisturizer and conditioner which is derived from a natural plant and also promotes healthy scalp and hair.
  • This shampoo has a clean & fresh herbal scent.
  • Ingredients

    Gooseberry (Amla), Fenugreek (Methi), Aloe Vera (Ghrit Kumari), Shikakai, Thisles or Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj), Holy Basil (Tulsi), Rosemary (Rusmari), Mint (Pudina), Purified water, Shampoo Base, Color, Preservatives [Dmdm hydantoin, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone]

natural shampoos available in india


8. Just Herbs Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo

  • Get the silky hair you have desired with Just Herbs Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo
  • It is infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and wheat germ. It helps to retain the natural hair oil and nourishes the scalp
  • Aloe Vera helps to moisturise the scalp and Wheat Germ provide extra nourishment to the scalp.
  • It makes the hair look healthier and shiny.
  • It makes the hair look healthier and shiny.
  • It makes the hair look healthier and shiny.


natural shampoos in india

9. WOW Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo Free Paraben Sulphate

  • WOW Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo is a natural and totally safe formulation containing pure and certified organic Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils
  • Let your hair discover luxurious shine, bounce and strength alongwith the loving care it needs to glow with vibrant good health day after day.
  • Benefits are:
    • Stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall
    • Keeps hair and scalp nourished
    • Strengthens hair from the roots
    • It is ideal for daily use
    • Paraben and sulphate free.

natural shampoos in india


10. Arganic by Aryanveda 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

  • An aromatic blend of preservative free ECOCERT mild surfactants like Oramix NS 10, Oramix L-30 and Lauryl Glucoside derived from natural sources. The combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential oils visibly add volume to normal or dull hair to fine hair. Surfactants has excellent foaming properties and are gentle on hair during the application
  • Their natural goodness leaves a smooth and silky texture and adds volume to hair.

Benefits include :

    • It’s a natural high performance daily cleanser.
    • It’s Sulphate free.
    • Abundant and stable foam.
    • Tames frizzy hair.
    • Mild to the scalp.
    • Helps to remove dandruff naturally.
    •  Strengthens the hair.


natural shampoos in india

10 Best & New Natural Hair oils for Hair growth available in India now

   Today I’m gonna list some of the best natural hair oils for hair growth that are new & available in India. These are made with all natural ingredients and are best for Indian hair. Some of these oils are SLS/paraben free and are also free from any harmful mineral oils that are usually found in other high end drug store products. Have a look at the products and their ingredients list and decide the one that is suitable for your hair type and problems.

Natural Hair oils for Hair growth

Here is a list of 10 best natural hair oils available for hair growth.

     1. SoulTree Nourishing Hair Oil


Natural hair oils for hair growth


  • India’s only brand certified by BDIH Germany. 100% Organic & Natural Product
  • It has Methika (fenugreek), Bala, Aamla, Brahmi and Bhringraj combined with virgin oils of Coconut, Almond and Grapeseed
  • It does not contain harmful chemical, paraben, or SLS/SLES
  • Product is not tested on Animals. Made with pure organic ingredients
  • Regular hair massage with oil strengthens roots, reduces hair fall and makes hair darker, healthy and bouncy

Availability: On amazon.in


    2. Iraya Cold Pressed Neelbhringadi Ayurvedic Taila


Natural hair oils for hair growth


  • Treats premature greying of hair
  • Bhringraj improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps revitalize the hair follicles and promotes growth of hair, helps in reducing hair fall and accelerating hair growth
  • Gunja works marvellous for rejuvenation of morbid hair follicles, it has some hair growing qualities
  • Amla known to be effective for hair loss treatment, it strengthens roots thereby preventing shedding and promoting strong and healthy hair growth

Availability: On amazon.in


    3. Forest Essentials Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj

Natural hair oils for hair growth


This multi functional hair vitalizer is enriched with Ayurvedic herbal extracts which deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits and strengthen hair follicles.

  • Bhring raj – Known as the ‘Food for Hair’. Excellent for hair growth. Strengthens the hair. Nourishes and prevents dandruff
  • Hibiscus– Promotes hair growth. Conditions and strengthens the hair
  • Amla Extracts– Excellent source of Vitamin C which reduces pigmentation effectively. Prevents hair loss. Nourishes the hair and stimulates hair growth.
  • Arnica– It rejuvenates the scalp, strengthens and stimulates the hair follicles promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. It reduces split ends and premature greying of hair.
  • Aloe Vera– Aloe vera has strong soothing and moisture retaining properties. Stimulates skin regeneration.
  • Green tea– Green tea is cooling, refreshing & hydrating. It balances the oil production and thus works as an excellent remedy for acne.It also promotes hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles


Availability: On amazon.in

      4. Khadi 18 Herbs Hair Oil

Natural hair oils for hair growth


  • A 18 Herbs hair oil that keeps your hair lustrous and strong.
  • Helps cool down scalp and gets rid of dandruff.
  • Makes hair smooth and manageable.
  • Paraben and SLS free, no mineral oils added.
  • Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Bhringraj, Mint, Kapur, Tulsi, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary & Amla.

Availability: On amazon.in


     5. Shahnaz Husain Shalocks Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Natural hair oils for hair growth


  • Ayurvedic hair oil that promotes hair growth
  • Helps get rid of dandruff and cleanses scalp
  • Has herbal oils and natural extracts
  • Makes hair healthy, shiny and lustrous
  • Ingredients:
    Brahmi Ext. 4.0%, Amla Ext.3.0%, Shikakai Ext.2.0%, Mehndi Ext.2.0%, Jaitun Oil 1.0%, Badam Oil 0.50% Mungphali Oil 50.0% Base q.s to make it 100%

Availability: On amazon.in


    6. Arganic by Aryanveda 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

natural hair oils in india


  • Arganic Hair Oil is ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. It is light and almost weightless so there is less probability of build-up. It is ideal for chemically treated rough lifeless hair, regular use adds luster and volume. No wonder people won?t escape the black magic spelled by your hair
  • Restoring shine & softness to hair, repair damage hair follicles, detangle the hair, non sticky, mild to the scalp, helps to prevent hair loss, prevents the occurrence of split ends
  • It keeps the skin cell live and repairs as well as prevents the occurrence of split ends. Having unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, it penetrates the hair shafts easily and repairs damaged hair follicles
  • Some of its promises are
    Prevents dryness of scalp,Tames frizzy hair,Strengthens the hair,Provide luster and volume to hair,Enhance the beauty of hair,Treats frizzy and brittle hair,Nourishes the hair.

Availability: On amazon.in


       7. Bipha Ayurveda Neelibhringadi Thailam


Natural hair oils for hair growth

  • Improves quality of hair and treats split ends and hair fall by pampering it with the purest ayurvedic extracts.
  • Nourishes and tones for healthy and beautiful tresses.
  • Prevents premature ageing of hair adn hair fall.
  • Is free from harmful preservatives like parabens, silicons, SLS, and artificial fragrance.

Availability: On nykaa.com


     8. Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail

Natural hair oils for hair growth


Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail delays the process of hair greying and reduces the visibility of dandruff giving a clean scalp. It helps reduce hair fall, deep conditions the scalp and nourishes the roots making it stronger and healthy.

  • It promotes hair growth.
  • It reduces the visibility of dandruff.
  • Helps to nourish the scalp making the roots healthier.
  • It delays the process of greying hair, making the hair naturally black.
  • Makes the hair shiny and lustrous.

Availability: On amazon.in



      9. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil


Natural hair oils for hair growth

  •  This product is meant to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. It is also a natural conditioner for lush hair growth. In addition, it cools the head. Intensive Hair Treatment, the secret of Indians’ lush, glossy hair, is a blend of herbs processed in pure sesame oil and milk.
  • The herbal formula includes indigo (neeli), Eclipta Alba and gooseberry to promote hair growth; liquorices which acts as an anti-fungal agent; and balloon vine which prevents scalp infection
  • Benefits :100% natural, Cooling agent, Anti-fungal, Promotes hair growth, Natural conditioner, Prevents dandruff, Prevent hair loss, Prevents scalp infection.

Availability: On amazon.in


       10. W2 Noveu Hair Therapy – For Women


Natural hair oils for hair growth

  • A combination of natural vitamins and minerals is the easiest route to great hair and W2 Noveau Hair is just that.
  • The mineral-rich sesame oil strengthens roots, vitamin B in wheat germ oil promotes hair growth, olive oil fights dandruff and hair loss, while almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids that provide strength and lustre
  • Combined with the deeply penetrative Sapindus Mukorossi oil, this oil will ensure your scalp absorbs the vitamins and minerals in the various oils.
  • 100% Ayurvedic Hair Preparation
  • Fights Dandruff, Greys, Hair Fall and Regenerates Hair
  • NFor Overnight Application

Availability: On nykaa.com

Recommended: W2 Seaweed Paraben free Sunscreen Review


        11. Omved Pushtikar Hair Oil


natural hair oils for hair growth in india

  • Nourishes and strengthens hair roots,
  • Prevents and heals scalp disorders, and
  • Cools the head and eyes.
  • Ayurvedic oils are authentic, powerful blends, made strictly according to classical Ayurvedic texts and without compromise from organic, premium quality, wholesome herbs, not herbal extracts (cheaper and shorter manufacturing time). The base oils and herbs are simmered in large copper cauldrons repeatedly for several days (in some cases as many as 101 times).
  • Ingredients:

    A proprietary Ayurvedic oil formulation using the classical oils of Chemparuthyadi and Kayyanyadi as a base. Some of the main herbs are: Kustha (Costus speciosus), Japa/Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Amla/Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Kayyonni (Eclipta Alba), Guduchi (Tinispora cordifolia), Torch tree (Ixora pavetta), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan) infused in a base of Narikela (Cocos nucifera), Buffalos milk (Bubalus Bubalis) and Cow’s milk (Bos indicus). No artificial fragrance added. 100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging


Aroma Essentials “Orange Vanilla” body butter Review – All Natural

Recently I encountered this beautiful aromatic Body butter from “Aroma Essentials” on Facebook. Their all natural skin and body care products is what makes almost everyone like their products. I have ordered a body butter floured in orange vanilla  and a Mint mask from Aroma essentials sometime back. The body butter is almost finished, and its time for a review 😉 The first thing that when I opened this body butter was its beautiful vanilla citrusy aroma. You don’t believe me, but 90% of the times I open the product just to smell it.

But I don’t fall only for the aroma of the product, but also for the effectiveness of the product. After-all, we all buy products with that being the main reason. So read on the review and know by yourself about the effectiveness of the product.


Let’s start with the packaging…

Packaging was kinda done in a normal plastic tub which is white in color. A small cute one which is perfect to carry it in your handbag. Definitely travel friendly for working women who travel a lot as a part of their work schedule.

Aroma essentials body butter review



I was really happy to see the ingredients which where used to make this body butter..They are..

  1. Cocoa
  2. Soya Butter
  3. Kokum butter
  4. Mango butter
  5. Shea butter

Aroma essentials body butter review

What written on the product??

Suitable for type of skin:    All skin types

Functions:    Smoothens damaged skin cells, Restores moisture and nourishes the                                                                                                           skin.

Directions for use: Wash face with cleanser, Apply liberally all over Face & Massage                                                                                                                Gently, can be left overnight.

Usage Frequency:  Any time

Aroma essentials body butter review


Which Flavor?


Aroma essentials body butter review

Quantity & the price??

INR 350 for 50gms

Aroma essentials body butter review

Aroma Essentials body butter review

These are my views on this aroma essentials body butter

What’s my option?

An natural chemical free, Paraben free and preservative free body butter with a luxurious aroma, what all to expect 😀 Although the aroma doesn’t linger all day long it keeps my skin highly moisturized in winters. The consistency is thick & It feels a little greasy when you apply but gets easily absorbed as if you skin as drunk all that goodness of the body butter. Although they have mentioned that we can use on our face as well, but I don’t recommend it for oily skin beauties to use this body butter on your face, as the skin cells on the face are different from that of the body and you may fell more greasy and oily if you apply it on your face, specially in summers.

For dry skin- I feel Its an excellent moisturizer for your face in winters.

An Overall feast for your skin. You’re gonna love it for sure.

Aroma essentials body butter review


Aroma essentials body butter review

Aroma essentials body butter review

I am 🙂 for

  • Luxurious Vanilla-orange aroma
  • All natural ingredients- Handmade. No preservatives, parabens or other nasty stuff.
  • Easily gets absorbed into the skin
  • Keeps skin well hydrated and moisturized in winters
  • An Excellent moisturizer for dry skin
  • Travel Friendly


I am 🙁 for

  • Pricey. For such a small quantity, such a big number sometimes make me think twice to buy.
  • Availability. Online available on their Facebook page, if I am not wrong. By the way, Their offline store in near to the place where I live :D. So availability is generally not a problem at least for me.


A last line..

If you want to give your skin a break from all those chemicals and parabens, just grab this. A perfect product for all those who love all natural ingredient products. It’s wroth a try.

12 Best Patanjali Mustard oil “Sarson Ka Tel” Beauty Uses for skin,hair & lips

Mustard oil also called as ‘Sarson Ka Tel’ is the most common oil found in almost every Indian Kitchen. Apart from being a fabulous oil for cooking, it can give you numerous benefits for your skin, hair and lips too. So you must be wondering why mustard oil can give such amazing benefits to your skin or hair. The reason is simple mustard seeds from where the oil is derived has some of the antibacterial and anti fungal properties that treat the problem area from the roots by combating the growth of harmful bacteria and thus helps to promote healthier skin and hair.

As there are many adulterated mustard oils available in the market, it is so important that you choose the one that is pure and high in its nutrient values. It is better to get from a trusted brand, the one which you are already using its other products.


As you all know, Patanjali is the most trusted brand in India that gives you the best quality products for your skin, hair , health and other household products you can go and give it a try. This oil is mostly used for cooking purposes, but I asked the Ayurvedic doctor who was available in Patanjali store whether they can be used for external purposes or not. He answered- As it is pure enough to use as a cooking oil then it is also pure enough to use an external oil for your skin and hair. So I immediately grabbed it & explored some of these beauty uses.

Here they are are..

Mustard oil Beauty uses

1. To  fade away dark spots.

As mustard seed oil has anti fungal properties, it removes the dead skin and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Massaging a little amount of mustard oil on your face can help you lighten the dark spots and acne scars.

  • A simple way to use it as a spot corrector is- Dip a Q-tip in mustard oil and apply it over your dark spots in the night before going to bed.

Mustard oil beauty uses

This way the oil can take enough time to show its curing properties on your problem areas. Wash your face with a mild cleanser in the morning and moisturize as usual. Repeat for 3-4 times a week till you see desired results.



2.As a Natural Sunscreen and to remove tan

Mustard oil is rich in vitamin E that makes it ideal oil to use as a natural sunscreen. This vegetable oil helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays and prevents the skin form tan and sun burns.

  • So the next time if you forget to bring your  sunscreen while enjoying taking a sunbath in your favorite beach, do not worry- just take a little amount of oil on your palm and massage it all over the exposed ares of your skin to prevent from tanning.


Make sure the oil is massaged well.  Do not coat your skin with excess oil as it may attract the dust and make your skin look dirty.

3. To treat Rashes and bumps

As mustard oil has antibacterial properties it treats minor rashes, bumps, insect bites and other skin infections effectively.

  • Massaging this oil all over your body improves blood circulation & avoids dryness of skin specially in winters and also heals minor cuts that are caused by razors while shaving.


It is beneficial for both men and women to keep their body free from harmful bacteria and to promote healthier skin.

4. Lightens the completion of your skin

Mustard oil effectively removes all the accumulated dirt in the pores on your facial skin when used as an oil cleansing method mixed with other oils suitable to your skin. This method improves the texture of your skin by healing the damaged skin. It can also be used in face masks for a more nourished and brightener completion.

  • Take one or two tablespoon of gram flour, rose water and half a teaspoon of mustard oil. Mix well and apply all over your cleansed face. Wash off after 2o minutes.

You can feel your face is so clear and brightened. This is because the mustard oil deep cleanses the pores and brightens it from within.

5. Prevents Premature greying of hair

Premature greying is a big concern to many girls and even boys nowadays. The food habits in today’s lifestyle, pollution and other such factors stops producing melanin, a hair pigment that is responsible for giving your hair its natural black color. Mustard oil is an excellent natural remedy to treat premature grey hair.

Mustard oil beauty uses

>> Click here to know How to prepare Amla oil

  • You can use mustard oil in two different ways here. 1> Prepare Amla oil using mustard oil and massage your scalp with your scalp with this oil in the night and wash off your hair with a herbal shampoo and condition as usual. 2> Make a hair mask using amla paste and add 2 tablespoon of mustard oil. Mix them well and apply on to your scalp concentrating on the areas where the grey hair growth is maximum. After 30-40 minutes wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and condition as usual.

6. For chapped Lips

Winters are just a curse for our delicate soft lips. They dry out so quickly and that leads to chapped lips and the worst case to bleeding your lips.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Mix equal amounts  of olive a oil and mustard seed oil. Apply on your lips before going to bed. Clean them the next morning and moisturize with a herbal lip balm. Do this daily in the night until your lips are smooth and are no more chapped.

7. For Hair growth

Mustard seed oil is an excellent hair vitalizer and thus promotes healthy strong hair. It provides blood circulation and increases the hair growth rate.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Massage your scalp with equal amounts of mustard seed oil and coconut oil. Wash your hair with a herbal shampoo and condition as usual.

8.Prevents hair fall and dandruff

If the hair lacks enough nutrients, it becomes weak and brittle thus leads to breakage and hair loss.This vegetable oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids & alpha-linolenic acid. This provides enough nutrients to your hair internally & externally and is beneficial to those who are suffering with serious hair fall issue.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Massage equal amounts of mustard oil and neem oil twice a week on to your scalp. This will eliminate dandruff and other scalp problems, thus promotes healthy hair growth and gives long life to your hair strands avoiding breakage and hair fall.

9.To whiten teeth naturally

Oil pulling is an excellent ayurvedic practice to whiten your teeth naturally. Coconut oil, sesame seed oil and sunflower seed oil are some of the common oils that are used for this method.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • You can also mix few drops of mustard oil in these oils to oil pull or can also use mustard oil alone. This will help to whiten your teeth naturally, making it stronger from inside and shiner from outside.

10. To avoid drying of ends of the hair

Split ends and dry brittle ends are because you are probably not taking proper care of your tresses. Rubbing and combing the hair roughly when it is wet leads to split ends and dry hair.

  • Apply a small amount of mustard oil to your ends daily to  avoid dryness and split ends. If your are feared going out with greasy ends the next morning, you can skip this & opt for some natural leave on conditioners that has mustard oil in it. After washing your hair, apply this leave on conditioner. If you cant find any product that is rich in mustard oil, you can still follow to use the mustard oil to your ends once or twice a week may be on weekends when you don’t have any plans to go out.

Buy Patanjali mustard oil here..

How to make Aloe Vera Hair oil at home for thicker,longer and silky hair

Homemade Hair oil #2

Hello beauties..!! This is the second post of our Home made hair oil series. you can also see that here.Click the link below.

How to make Amla and curry leaves hair oil at your home within 10min  

for shiny and black hair. It is helpful in delaying premature graying of hair. You can apply this twice weekly for visible results.

It is needless to say how beneficial is Aloe Vera for both Skin and hair.It has its own added benefits when consumed internally too. I know it may be difficult for some of you to get those fresh Aloe Vera leaves straight from the plant. But trust me, just make a little effort to get those leaves for this time from your nearest local store or just buy a plant and put it into your balcony. This is the right time.

Actually it’s funny to say you guys, but I Bought mine from my neighbor. I pleaded her to just give me two leaves from the Aloe Vera Plant. And No guys, I’m not being Frugal or economical her, I’m just lazy AF to go out and get the Plant/ Leaves LOL 😛 . But next time  I’ll get the plant for sure, I’m not gonna beg my neighbor. :/

7 Amazing uses of Patanjali Aloe Vera juice for skin, Hair and Health

So let’s quickly get into the process.

This is an age old hair growth recipe from our grandmothers. It is suitable for all hair types, but sensitive skin beauties please do a patch test before you proceed.

The ingredients you gonna need

  1. Aloe Vera leaves.
  2. Coconut oil or any carrier oil of your choice like mustard seed oil, castor oil, olive or almond oil.

Here goes the process

  •  Take fresh Aloe Vera Leaves wash them under running water to remove any dirt.
  • Slice out the corners to remove the thorns. With a sharp knife, from top slice out the leaf in to two as shown
  • .Now take a bowl volume of 250ml and extract the gel out of the leaf with a spoon and put it into a bowl. Fill the bowl with the gel.
  • Take another bowl of same volume and fill it with 100% pure coconut oil.
  • Now pour the oil into a  sauce pan and place it on a cooktop/stove . Put the stove on a low flame.
  • Let it simmer and occasionally keep on stirring  the mixture well.
  • At some point of time, you can hardly see any gel left and the oil turns into brown.You can now off the stove/cook-top and extract you oil into glass jar.

Aloe vera gel simple way


aloe vera gel extraction

You can also add 3-4 capsules of Vitamin E oil as it acts as a natural preservative. This is completely option, though you can store and  use this oil till one month.

Vitamin E oil uses

Miraculous benefits of Aloe Vera hair oil

I’ll Call this not as a hair oil but  a powerful hair tonic. Aloe Vera contains many nutritious values and various vitamins like C, A, B1, B2 etc.

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Increases hair growth
  • perfect cure for dry and itchy scalp
  • Makes hair thick and helps to regrow hair
  • Hair feels so smooth, soft and silky after every wash after doing a hot oil massage with this oil

Herbal or natural remedies take time to show results and it may also vary on person to person on how fast it works. But unlike your store bought hair oils filled with chemicals  are so harmful if used in the long run. Just take your time and have patience to seen noticeable results.

I suggest to use this hair oil twice weekly and do a nice hot oil massage and just relax. Leave it on for 5-6 hrs or overnight and wash off with a herbal shampoo and condition as usual.

Do let me know if you have any doubts and also which hair oil recipes you wanna see more on Smartgirls?

Do comment them below… 🙂 🙂


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To all the ones who have doubts on how, when and at till what time the oil should be boiled, It depends upon the amount of Aloe Vera gel you are using and also the amount of oil. Here is a picture showing how the gel becomes dry when all the water content in it is evaporated. At this point you can off the stove and stain the oil into a glass jar after the oil cools down at room temperature.

How to prepare Aloe Vera hair oil at home

15 hacks you can do with VASELINE this winter for beautiful skin,hair & body

You know, Vaseline is a miracle product which can give you fabulous benefits when used correctly. Here I provide you some of the hacks with Vaseline for your body, hair and skin that will help you to stay beautiful even in winters. 🙂

For your beautiful lips


1.To avoid staining your teeth from Lip color

Eeeww..! Did you feel disgusting seeing the lip-color stains on your teeth anytime? This is almost every girl’s concern and complaint. This ruins your entire look and gives you a creepy look. Isn’t it? But yeah..!! there is always a solution for every problem. And this time this simple Vaseline hack will help you prevent  those stains on your lips from your lip-color next time . Before you put lip-color on your lips..Apply a bit of Vaseline on your teeth in the front, where your lips may touch them. A thin layer can do the work easily, don’t apply too much and end up swallowing it. And that’s it, you can now happily smile and laugh, without having the fear of showing your lip color stained teeth.


Vaseline hacks

2.For plump and fuller lips

Your lips are the most sensitive organ. It tends to dry most frequently if proper care is not taken . Including Regular exfoliating and mild scrubbing in your daily beauty regime before going to bed, will remove all the dead skin build up on your lips and keeps them well moisturized and healthy. Thus reveling its natural color .

Take a fresh toothbrush with soft bristles. Put a pea amount of Vaseline on it and lightly exfoliate your lips for 1 min, This removes all those dead skin and keeps your lips fresh and pink.

Vaseline hacks



3.Lip scrub for rosy lips

Lips scrubs are the most praised and the most effective diy that you can do by yourself. This simple scrub will exfoliate your lips and keep them well moisturized especially in winters.

All you need is a bit of 100% pure petroleum jelly or Vaseline and sugar- you can either use normal table sugar or brown sugar. Mix them well in a small bowl until it forms a scrub kinda consistency. Now, apply it on your lips and  scrub them gently in circular motions for a good 1-2 minutes, Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Apply any of your favorite lip balm and ta-da you are good to go with those rosy plump lips.


Vaseline hacks



4.As a lip-gloss on a Matte lipstick

Bored with your Matte lipstick. And do know, the matte lipsticks make your lips look even more dry in winters. But that’s not a problem, if you want to just give a try to this simple hack on how to get a glossy look with your matte lipstick.

All you need is Vaseline and your favorite matte lipstick.Apply matte lipstick as how you usually apply it. Dab a little bit of Vaseline on your lower lip and then plump it all over you lips slightly. Doesn’t it give you a glossy finish ? And congratulations you have just saved those huge bucks that you may spend on another lip gloss.

Vaseline hacks


5.For chapped lips

I guess this is the most common and well known use of a Vaseline till date and almost all are aware of it. And do you remember your mom saying you ” Apply Vaseline to your lips” by seeing your chapped lips in winters? . Good. My mom does too. Haha.

Works well when applied overnight: Clean your lips. Remove all the makeup and lip-color if any. Pat dry and apply Vaseline on your lips and gently spread it all over your lips with your finger. Apply before going to bed and leave it overnight. And done- You’ll wake up with super soft moisturized lips in the morning.


Vaseline hacks



For your eyelashes and eye-makeup


6. For growing your eyelashes overnight*

Longer eyelashes are just a dream of every singe girl. So as mine. 🙂 I have tried many eyelash growth serums and even tried some natural ways to grow them too. But none were giving me results as I wanted and I am fed up waiting since a long time, that one day may be I’ll see my longer lashes. It is then I tried this Vaseline hack for eyelashes.

Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes with either your finger tips or any old mascara brush- properly wash and clean before using. Leave it overnight, You can really observe some growth in your eyelashes. This depends on person to person, but just give it a try whether it is really working for you or not.

Vaseline hacks


7. To remove stubborn eye make-up (waterproof makeup)

Waterproof makeup is just a life savior in rainy seasons, and waterproof mascara for all those cry babies. 😉 But when it comes to removing your waterproof makeup, its just a task I say. So stubborn. While most of the makeup removers makes your skin dry and clogs your pores, Vaseline can help you right to remove all those waterproof makeup in single swipe.

Just take a little amount of Vaseline and spread on cotton pad. Place on eye or face and massage in circular motion 2-3 times and swipe off the makeup.

Vaseline hacks



8. As a eyebrow gel

Groom your eyebrows, keeps them in well shape and even want to  grow them at the same time? A single product- Vaseline can you do all those for you. Yeah.!! true. Take an old mascara brush wash and clean it properly. Take a small amount of Vaseline on your palm and then using the mascara brush take the product all over it . Groom your eyebrow with this, to keep them in well shape and to grow them back fuller and thicker.

Vaseline hacks


9. Under-eye motorization and to prevent dark circles

Neglecting proper skin care and avoiding proper moisturizer may lead to dark circles. Just take a small amount of Vaseline on a cotton ball and spread all over it. Make a thin film of that cotton ball and place under you eyes for a couple of minutes and wash off. This will provide proper moisturization to your under eye area and keep them soft and supple. This will eliminate dark circles.

Vaseline hacks


For beautiful Hands


10. To smooth and soften the rough elbow skin

Elbow skin is so rough and dark. It is because, it is often neglected from proper care. Although you may use different remedies for lightening your elbow skin, but the only one quick, easy and effective way to soften the skin over there is to apply Vaseline daily before going to bed.

Vaseline hacks



11. For shinier nails and healthier cuticles

Why spend a bomb on cuticle cream? when you have Vaseline. Yeah.!! Vaseline works so amazing for your nails and cuticles. It add extra shine and softness. Before you do a manicure by yourself next time, start with Vaseline as a cuticle cream and see the difference.

Vaseline hacks



For your beautiful feet


12. To heal after shave burns or cuts

For sensitive skin , razor bumps and cuts may be the biggest nightmare. In that case, as an immediate action, just apply a small amount on to the affected area. Vaseline will cover up the cut area and blocks away the entry of bacteria.


Vaseline hacks


13, An excellent healer of cracked feet

I don’t know about whether other DIY creams or store bought crack healer creams work or not, But this simple hack will do wonders to your feet. All you need to do is, wash your feet properly and pat dry, and now apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your feet and massage them for a good 2 min. Let your feet absorb all those goodness of the Vaseline and wear socks before going to sleep.

In the morning, you’ll wake up with a smoother feet,definitely better than that of any other foot creams or crack heal creams. Just try it, You’ll know by yourself. 🙂

Vaseline hacks


14. A quick hack to eliminate feet odor.

Feet odor is just a big turn off that may be in your workplace or your neighbor’s house, It is mainly due to the sweat, where the perspiration has no where to evaporate which then ultimately causes bacteria formation.

Carry a small Vaseline in your pock next time, Why? because Vaseline can become a life saver to your when you can go nowhere to hide from that bad feet odor. All that you need to do is, just apply amount of Vaseline or kinda touch up your feet in between your feet fingers and at the side & back of heal. This should eliminate the feet odor effectively.


Vaseline hacks



For your beautiful Hair


15. To Tame frizz and split ends

Flyaways can be so annoying that could cause a very bad hair day. To tame those flyaways and frizz at the ends of your hair, Vaseline is a life saver to you. All you have to do is, take a mascara brush, spread a very small amount of Vaseline on to the brush and then gently comb away those flyaways and same can be done to those dry split ends too. That’s it. Inst that so simple?

Vaseline hacks

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These are some of the most useful hacks with Vaseline you can try this winter.

Do SHARE with your loved ones, whom you think may be benefited by these hacks.

Do you know or been using any hack that is not mentioned here? and think that may be helpful to others?  You’re mot welocme to mention in the comments section below. I’ll specially myself try those and if really works, I’ll update the post giving credit to you.

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Home made hair oil for shiny BLACK HAIR & get THICKER HAIR naturally

Home made hair oil #1

Recently, when i visited a Health and glow store i just picked up some hair oil of a random brand. I was literally shocked to see how many harmful ingredients were included in it. Mineral oil, Phenyl Trimethicone, Isopropyl Myristate, Avobenzone, and many Antioxidants and colorants. You know? These does serious harm  than good to your hair and scalp as well.  These hair oils may make your hair look shiny or manage frizz to make your hair smooth, but remember these are only temporary results/benefits that are used to deceive you to use the hair oils in the long run. And if used in the long run, These harmful ingredients in the oils may cause scalp allergies, bald spots and thinning of hair.

So i decided to make one for me with the goodness of all natural ingredients and thought of sharing with you guys as well.  My mom used to make this hair oil for me in my school days, when i experienced serious hair fall – i don’t know for what reason. 🙁 Ever since I was using this hair oil, my hair became dark and the roots are even stronger now.

So let’s get started with the preparation of this Home made Hair oil in a simpler yet effective way. 🙂


You need only 3 simple ingredients which are already lying in your kitchen right now.

  1. Pure coconut oil
  2. Amla ( Indian gooseberry)
  3. Curry leaves

Homemade hair oil #1

Here is the goodness of each ingredient used


Why coconut oil? 

Coconut oil is the one such oil which is used in almost everything from cooking to moisturizing skin and nourishing hair due to its wide variety of uses and benefits. The vitamins and the essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil helps to remove sebum-buildup from hair follicles and nourishes the scalp. It is an excellent antioxidant that helps to counter adverse effects of whitening of hair and ageing. Its effectiveness can be increased when used with the right ingredients that help to Fight with dandruff, dry  and itchy scalp.

Use 100% pure virgin coconut oil for better results.

Why Amla/Indian gooseberry?

Indian gooseberry also known as Amla is power packed with lot of nutrients. It is rich in polyohenols, vitamins, minerals and iron which has its own benefits as antimicrobial and antiviral.Its antioxidant nature prevents from premature graying of hair and improves the texture of hair keeping it strong from inside and shiny from out. Amla when either consumed or used externally is beneficial and treats many skin related problems like acne, blemishes and discoloration of skin. It improves the pigmentation of hair, makes it dark and gives relief from dandruff.

Eat one fresh Amla daily early in the morning for incredible health and medicinal benefits.
100mg of Amla= 445mg of vitamin C

Why Curry leaves?

Curry leaves are believed to be Ayurvedic medicine from ancient times. As it has many medicinal properties such as anti-diabetic, antioxidant,antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic. It helps to get rid of dead hair follicles which prevents hair loss and thinning of hair. Curry leaves are also rich in amino acids that helps to strengthen the hair roots and keeps your mane shiny and healthy. It is rich source of vitamin B which is one of the essential vitamin for your hair growth.

I guess next time you wont throw those curry leaves form your food 😉


Preparation: Home made hair oil for shiny BLACK HAIR & get THICKER HAIR naturally

Preparation time: 7-10min

Don’t worry, the preparation of this oil is as simple as preparing a maggi, If you thick it is :p

Keep all the ingredients ready with you.

>>Take a small bowl and add 5-6 Tablespoons of 100% Pure Virgin coconut oil.

>>Take a clean sauce pan and add the measured coconut oil in it. Put it on a cook-top or stove and start heating in a low flame.

>>After the oil gets heated,add 10-15 curry leaves.

CAUTION: Add the curry leaves carefully, as the oil may spill out or you may burn your hands.Be sure not to keep your face too close to the sauce pan. Please take your elder’s help if necessary.


Home made hair oil #1

>> Let the curry leaves simmer for a good 3-4 min and now add chopped pieces of Amla.

Home made hair oil #1

>>Stir the mixture slowly till all the pieces of Amla  and currey leaves turns black.

Home made hair oil #1
Home made hair oil #1


>>Simmer the mixture until the oil turns light brown and then Off the stove /cook-top.

Home made hair oil #1


>>Strain the oil with a cheese cloth or any loosely woven cloth to separate just the oil form the mixture.

Home made hair oil #1

>>Let the oil cool at room temperature, or use the oil when it is warm. Apply all over your hair from roots to tips and gently massage for 5 min.  Leave the oil overnight or for at least 5-6 hrs and wash-off with a mild shampoo and condition as usual.

Home made hair oil #1


This oil can also be prepared more and can be stored for one month. I liked to prepare at that point when i’m using it. So i prepared little here. You can prepare for 250ml or 500ml of coconut oil and take appropriate amounts of Amla and curry leaves and prepare the oil in the same way, but remember if more oil is used with its proportionate amounts of  Amla and curry leaves the preparation time also increases. Keep a watch on the oil while preparing and always take your elder’s help if you are preparing it for the first time.

Used the oil twice weekly for better and noticeable results.


Do let me know if you facing any hair related problems, i will hopefully give you the best possible natural way to cure it.  Comments your opinions or any additional information that you think may help others.

For more Home made hair oil recipes  search in “pamper yourself at home” section in the menu.

How to reduce puffiness in eyes after crying

A Little story(Skip if u want to)

Let me tell you one thing, I am really a cry-baby. I cry readily for every little reason. That may be on a fight with my boyfriend or while watching any of my favorite deeply emotional movie. Every time i cry, i feel so embarrassed of myself and adding to the tragedy my inner voice mocks me “You are not strong”. I really hate crying because,  after i cry my eyes become so puffy that i look so ugly and if i go out with that face, people start sympathizing me as if i have written some note on my forehead that “I have just cried.Please help me.”  For your information- Asking “What happened?” to the people who are  already crying or at the verge of the state to cry, will only make them cry more. So, the next time, stop the urge to ask this until they are totally fine.

For the two good reasons- to prove that I am strong and to avoid that puffy face, I decided not to cry. And so I googled on “how not to cry”, “how to control crying when frustrated”,”how to control crying in public” and all such stuff. I tried every damn thing. From pinching myself to thinking of any funny incident of my past when I felt the urge to cry. Frankly speaking, nothing helped. 🙁
But one fine day, i found this post on a social networking site.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google



And then i decided, people who cry are actually emotionally strong but not weak. After all,we should accept what we are.Right?
This ends my first reason. The second one, which is the puffiness after crying can be reduced by following these simple tips right at your home. you might have found many things after googling it and before reaching to my post. 😛 Some of them work but, some doesn’t.  Read more to know what really worked for me and may also work for you as well.

1. Start with re-hydrating  yourself. Calm down and have a glass full of water.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


2. Refrigerate Rose water for some time. Dip cotton pads/balls Cold rose water, squeeze the excess and place the cotton pads                over your closed eyelids.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


As rose oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, cleaning your eyes with rose water reduces the redness and relaxes your eyes giving a cooling effect.

Alternate: If you have cucumber in your home right now, you can use cucumber slices to place them over your eyes instead of rose water.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


3. Take used  green tea bags and place them in ice cold water for 1 minute. Remove and put them on your closed eyelids  for 10 minutes.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


Green tea helps to firm the skin. They have anti-irritant properties that helps to reduce the swollen eyes.

4. Take a washcloth, dip it in cold water. Wring it, fold it and place it over your eyelids for 5 min.
Quick Tip: Taking a hot water bath relives stress. Calms you and you feels instantly fresh. Trying taking a hot water bath when you are really stressed and don’t forget to wash your face with only normal/cold water. That way it reduces the puffy/swollen face.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


5. (If you are not in a mood to do any of the hard work above, then this is for you 😉 ) Dab your under eye area gently with your ring finger and try to do small eye exercises, like looking up-down and right-left while your head is in a constant position.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


6. Last but not least, Never ever go for sleep after you cry.  Sleeping immediately after crying makes your eyes more puffy that you can hardly open your eyes.
Quick tip: Just lie on an elevated area and  keep yourself busy with some work, or watch your favorite show or movie that makes you laugh( i see cat funny videos on Youtube 😛 ) and relax. 

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


Sleeping after crying is a big NO.!! I have done this mistake unknowingly and OMG.! the next day I need to go for work.  If you try the above tips to reduce the puffiness of your eyes at this point of time, then it may take triple the time that might take to reduce the puffiness of eyes before sleeping. So, Never ever dare to attempt to sleep after crying the next time.