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How to apply castor oil for Hair growth and thickness – 1 Week Results

Castor oil for hair growth is used as an age old remedy. Often, this oil is been used wrongly, due to which many are unable to reap the benefits out of it. Castor oil is of the most used oil for hair growth in Indian Homes. It is very thick with high viscosity than any other oils you apply to your hair. Castor oil promotes stronger, thicker and longer hair with regular use.

Here is how you can use Castor oil for Hair growth and Thickness. Without further due, Let’s get started.


How to apply castor oil for Hair growth and thickness – Step by step


Gather your supplies. Get ready with all the supplies you require. Some of the essentials are listed below. Even though you don’t have few of these things at your home right now, it is fine. World is full of options. Just comment below because of what supplies you are unable to proceed further and I will give the best alternative to that as soon as possible.

Things you need are

  1. 100% Pure, hexane free Cold pressed Castor oil
  2. Any other mixing oil, such as  Almond (Badam) oil or Olive oil
  3. A pot of Hot water
  4. A wooden comb
  5. Some hair ties or Claw clips
  6. A small bowl



Mix up your oils. As Castor oil is so thick and a high viscous liquid, applying it directly to your hair is not at all a good idea. As it is very hard to wash it off your hair there after, you will loose more hair and the hair becomes so sticky and dirty.

The right way to apply castor oil is my mixing it with other carrier oils proportionally. Some of the best carrier oils that can be mixed with Castor oil are Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, some parts of Neem oil if you have dandruff or scalp infections or Argan oil and jojoba oil if you have very thin hair. There is a detail post on how to use each oil and the right mix of some of the best hair oils to get gorgeous locks you ever dreamt of. Check it out here.


I will be using Almond oil or jojoba oil most of the times. You can use what ever oil you are comfortable with. Just remember to follow the right ratio while mixing your oils.

Take a bowl and add one teaspoon of Castor oil and 2 teaspoon of Almond oil and 1 teaspoon of Jojoba oil. That makes a ratio of 1 part of castor oil to 3 parts of your mixing carrier oil. Mix up the oils well. If you think the oil mixture is still thick, then you can one more teaspoon of any other oil to dilute it more.



Warm your oils up. Applying warm oils to scalp increases the hair growth rate by 2 times. For this u need not boil or directly burn your oils in a pan. All you need is t keep them a little warm before applying to the scalp. For this, you have two methods to perform this step.

I. Warm your oils in a microwave for 6 to 10 seconds.

II. Warm your oils in a double boiler or place/float the bowl containing oils on hot water and hold it for 5 minutes till it warms the oil enough.



Section your Hair. Using a wide tooth comb first detangle your hair slowly working from downwards. After you comb thoroughly, section your hair into 4 parts- 2 in the crown section and 2 below the crown section. Clip away the hair to separate each section.



Apply the oils to the SCALP. Using your fingers take the oil and apply to the roots of your hair. Gently, using your fingers in circular motions, massage your scalp each time you apply to the section of your scalp.

Castor oil has the property of enhancing the hair growth quickly and promotes thicker and stronger hair within. As it is only beneficial to your scalp, apply this treatment twice in a week to the scalp but not to your mid length or ends of your hair.

Using your fingers, massage the oil in pressure points slowly and smoothly. Do not be harsh. Do not scrub your head or scratch your scalp with nails.




Your face needs steam to absorb all the goodness in a face mask. It is always performed as one of the important step in parlous for clean ups or facials and so for your scalp after applying an hair mask. Isn’t it?

Steam will help the oil penetrate into the hair follicles much easier. This way you give a deep conditioning treatment to your scalp. Though this is always not an important step to perform, at least do it once a month for better results.

Boil a cup of hot water in a pot and keep it aside. Flip your hair forward and bring your scalp near to the hot steam. After 5 minutes relieve back to your normal position.



Distribute the oils. After a perfect steam, this is the right time to comb your hair to distribute the oils all over scalp.

Take a wide tooth wooden comb. Bend a little, and flip your hair forward. Now comb your hair downwards. This is called the inversion technique. It allows the increased blood flow to your scalp and increases your hair growth by 5 times faster. This is most popularly used by many to increase their hair growth by one inch within a week.



Do these hot oil treatments once or twice in a week to reduce hair fall, increase hair growth and promote new hair growth even in few new bald spots to give thicker and stronger hair.

Do remember to use 100% pure Hexane free, cold pressed Castor oil that is free of any harmful pesticides.

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  1. Will applying oil to the mid length or tip will be harmful? because sometimes while applying oil on scalp I end up applying it on mid length too.

    1. It’s not harmful. It’s just not required. Specially oils like castor oil, which is meant for scalp is not required to apply it to your mid length hair. As it is a very thick oil, it becomes a tedious job to wash it off your hair, in which case you will be using more shampoo than required which eventually makes your hair dry and frizzy.
      If at all you want to nourish your mid length hair, you can apply light, non-greasy oils like Grapeseed oil once a week. Again, do not over apply it. Just 10 drops of oils to cover the medium length hair is enough.

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