Castile Soap Bar Vs Liquid Castile Soap

Castile Soap Bar Vs Liquid Castile Soap | Which is Better?

After I recently reviewed VEDI Castile soap bar on the blog, there were lot of questions asked through DM in the instagram (@smartgirlsblog), I understood that you got really confused in deciding which castile soap form to opt for. So this post if for you. I’ll take one point at a time and tell you who won the match for that game and it is you who should decide the winner at the end of this post. Ready for the game?

Castile Soap Bar Vs Liquid Castile Soap

Disclaimer: I used the Castile soaps only from VEDI and the verdict here on comparison of both is completely dependent on this brand of soap forms that I used. If you have any other suggestions or recommendations on which brand to try and check it out, you can always DM me on Instagram or comment here at the end o the blog post too.


1. Moisturization and hydration.

One of the most important concern with any type of soap that we use for our skin will be this, moistrurization and hydration. Of course, it should be. The branded conventional bar soaps that you find in the market are of no use to us. They already make our skin dry and strip away the natural oils on our face which in turn make an oily face more oily and a dry face even more dry. That is the reason many have quit using bar soaps o their face and this had become a marketing gimmick to many businesses to create something for face, something for body, something for hair and something for P***y.  Just imagine the amount of different types of chemicals that we put into our body with all these products?

I believe and many who adapt natural lifestyle believe that a castile soap is a one stop product that you can use for all the cleansing jobs for your face, body and hair irrespective of its form(Liquid or bar). But I felt the liquid castile soap was more friendly to my skin. My skin was hydrated and there was defiantly no moisture loss. Each time I use Liquid castile soap, my skin felt smooth and soft. It foams well and does it job (cleasnsing) very well without much of squeaky-clean feel unlike Castile soap bar.

Every time I wash my face with Castile soap bar, I felt my skin is squeaky clean, the feeling which I absolutely hate. Squeaky clean is an indication of striping away the natural oils and over cleansing your skin which in turn makes your skin dry and dull.

Winner: Liquid Castile Soap

2. Fragrance

It least to say that I am obsessed with fragrance free products for my skin and hair lately. The only two products that were fragrance fee and I could try were, Alba Botanica Leave in conditioner and VEDI Unscented Liquid castile soap.

The first and fore most ingredeint you should watch out these days is ‘fragrance’. It can contain even more chemicals that the product contains.

“Fragrance”. Lack of stringent laws allows manufacturers to add synthetic fragrance along with cancer causing toxins in the name of “trade secrets”.

Sensitive skin and nose beauties just cannot bare the scent in their products. It causes headaches in many and skin rashes too.  I know how hard it is for you to find a product that you can use without any side effects. But, you can consider yourself as lucky here because Castile soap comes in unscented, fragrance free form too. Whether it is a Bar soap or liquid soap.

Winner: Tie

3. Ease of Use

Once a bar soap is a bar, it is always a bar. 😛 I meant to say you cannot mix and match and try different recipes with a bar soap unlike Liquid castile soap. As I buy unscented Liquid castile soap, I am free to experiment and add different essential oils while using the soap for different purposes. For eg., if I want to wash my face, I will mix few drops of lavender essential oil in a teaspoon of castile soap and use it and if I want to wash my hair then I would add peppermint essential to the Liquid soap and use it t cleanse my hair. So, the ease of use and your DIY exploration is more when it is a Liquid castile soap.

Winner: Liquid Castle Soap

4. Cost & How long each one lasts

Liquid Castile soaps comes in a plastic bottle packaging, and a bar soap packed in a sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable paper or cardboard.  As the extra plastic bottle obviously costs your more, the cost of Liquid Castile soap is higher compared to Castile soap bar. (one point for bar soap)

When it comes to how long each soap form lasts while you are using it,  we tend to spill more of the liquid soap when in hurry in case of Liquid castile soap. But the bar soap too has it own Cons in terms of left over water in the soap dish or the placement of the soap where the water may spill on it more often while taking shower and thus tend to reduce in quantity. (Tie)

Winner: Castile Soap Bar

5. Travel friendly

A bulky Liquid castile soap plastic jar is obviously not so travel friendly as compared to a compact size soap bar that can fit any corner in your bag easily. You can still carry Liquid castile soap while traveling, provided if you have a tiny bottle that can store the liquid soap in which you can use it for 2-5 days of your travel time. This is just for your information and still don’t count this as a con.

Winner: Castile Soap Bar


6. Eco-friendly

Liquid Castile soaps comes in a plastic bottle packaging, and a bar soap packed in a sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable paper or cardboard. i hope this definitely answers this point here. No more discussion. End of story. 😀

“Do you part to the earth by reducing your daily waste”

Winner: Castile Soap Bar

7. Hygiene

A bar soap if not closed with a soap dish on top of it, there is a possibility of any insect crawling on it. And also if you are sharing the soap with others, you share the bacteria too. On the other hand,  Liquid castile soaps are untouched and you only use that you put on your palm. Hold on..! If you are using a loofah to wash your body then the loofahs can also be a breeding ground of bacteria. As I dint usually use Loofah, I still believe that a Liquid castile soap has better hygiene properties or capabilities or whatever.

Winner: Liquid Castile Soap



So, who is the winner??

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