Can You Turn your White Hair into Black Permanently? - Q&A

Can You Turn your White Hair into Black Permanently? – Q&A

In other terms, Can I grow back Black hair where it is White once can also be your doubt. Which means not changing your already grown white hair to black by some means of coloring but actually changing the root of that hair strand color from white to black.

Yes. It’s possible. At least to me, it did.

The below remedies work on you on only one condition, if you are suffering from premature graying. Only then, you can reverse the process of graying your hair. This is because, the melanin content which is responsible for growing out black hair is active in your teenage years and starts to become dormant once you are in your mid 30’s.

Premature graying can be due to number of reasons, some of which are Vitamin deficiencies and external factors like pollution and modern lifestyle changes which induces stress and anxiousness.

The foods that you need to take to reverse graying is a whole new topic that I would like to share with you on a completely different post some other day, all you need to know for today is…YES.! You can turn White Hair into Black Permanently with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

The main vitamins and minerals that causes premature graying are Copper, folic acid, vitamin B-12 and Iron. Some of the foods to include in your diet right away are:

Curry Leaves

At any cost say no to smoking, refined sugar and getting attached to more materialistic things which only induces unnecessary stress. 🙂

In addition to the above mentioned tips, do not avoid to spend some time in sunlight. This helps your body to attain sufficient vitamin D which is natural and the only source from which you can get vitamin D is just sunlight. There are no vegetables or fruits or even pills that can even compensate the amount of vitamin D that you can receive from sunlight.

Remember, that just by not spending at least 15 minutes in natural sunlight can make your body susceptible to many diseases and your immune system weak.


Hope this information helps you to understand why and what actually causes premature graying in a brief way. Do let me know if you want a detailed post on what and what not to eat to reverse graying.

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