Can you repair split ends without cutting your hair

Can You Repair Split ends without cutting your hair? – Q&A

No..! You Cannot Repair Split ends without Cutting your hair. And here’s Why..

Split ends are damaged life less hair. Though the ends of the hair are technically connected to your hair shaft, they doesn’t get the right moisturization nor hydration as the hair roots gets. Once a strand of the hair crosses mid way of your hair’s length it hardly receives any hydration from the scalp. You can almost consider the ends of your hair being lifeless.

What are Split ends?

The strand of hair that is split into two, three or multiple layers is called a split end. Split ends are of many types, double split, feather split, y split, white spots etc.


Also, they are weakest part of the hair. Any kind of friction will make them fragile and eventually break after few days which causes a split end.

A split is formed when a strand of the hair is split into two. That is broke, teared and abused. This is the last stage of hair damage. This can never be repaired using any shampoos, conditioners, or even through natural hair masks and remedies.

It is impossible to combine a split hair into one which has no life in it. If that makes any sense?

If left like that, the split end tearing can also reach high which ultimately causes your hair to fall out.

The best solution to get rid of them is by trimming them off.

You can get your hair trimmed once every 3 months, instead once every month. This will allow your hair to grow long and you will not be left with short hair(if you are not a fan of short hair cuts) after few hair trimming sessions.

What to know more about this split ends game? Read this article for more to know what causes split ends and how to prevent them.

I hope this answer has cleared your doubts on whether to cut your hair or hope on repairing your dead hair with some miracle masks and shampoos just like the way those celebs claim on commercial ads. πŸ˜€

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