The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review & Ingredients

Today i am gonna present  ” The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review “.

This is the best hair serum i have ever used.You could have tried many hair serums and tired of expecting the results that are pictured on the TV commercials. Well, same here. But i did not give up so easily and so instead believing on the false promises, i went hunting for the best hair serum to pamper my mane. And I finally halted my search when i first tried ” The body shop Grapeseed  glossing serum”. Read on know what made me to like this hair serum the utmost. 🙂

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Online price : – 995 INR

My Hair type
: Straight,waist-length, Natural Black. Six months back, my hair was chemically damaged and colored which ultimately made my healthy hair lifeless, dry and unmanageable. My hair strands were burnt literally. 

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The “body shop” products although they are priced high, I feel that they will reach up to what they claimed. These products are also famous for their “No Silicones, No colourants, No Parabens” formula, which makes suitable for any hair type to use. One of such product is “The body shop Grapeseed  glossing serum”.

Grapeseed  for hair benefits: As Grapeseed  contains Vitamin A, it is a great choice for your hair care. The linoleic acid it contains promotes hair growth and helps the hair look healthy and shinny.

Packaging:  It comes in a cute little light green shade bottle with a knob to dispense the serum. One single press on the knob dispenses exactly one drop of serum. It may last for more than 2 years(depending on the use and length of the hair).Travel-friendly,the bottle will not even be more than the height of your palm. 😛

How to Use: After your shower, Just take a drop or a two according to your length of your hair  on your palm (I usually take three drops for my hair length) and just warm up the serum by just rubbing your both hands with the serum. Now apply the serum to your damp hair(or towel dried hair) evenly, concentrate more on the ends and the dry strands to tame the frizz. Serum is colorless as you can see in the picture given below.


The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review

The body shop Grapeseed  glossing hair serum review: As my hair was already chemically damaged, I decided not to use any silicones and parabens stuff to my hair as it would ruin more. Unlike other hair serums which contains sulfates and parabens coats your hair with silicones doing more harm than good, the body shop Grapeseed  glossing hair serum is filled with the the goodness of Grapeseed  oil,which moisturizes your hair without being oily/dry. I love how the product smells , it is so good, a light citrusy aroma that lingers on your hair for not so long time.

As part of the performance of this serum,Since i started using this serum My fair is so shiny and silky that it no longer looks dull and dry. It also helped in giving volume to my hair. I have been using it for more than 5 months, and i can say that it has help my damaged hair look better and lifelike to some extent.It moisturizes my hair so well that, my hair doesn’t feel dry until the next wash.

Below is the picture of my hair after i washed it and applied this Serum. I just skipped the conditioner, to check the effectiveness of the serum. And here is the result. B-)

FYI: I neither edited nor increased the brightness of the picture. 

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum price

Does the product provides justice to what it claims? … Yes, Of course..!!!!

The final verdict on this product is, an all-in-one hair serum which moisturizes and helps your hair look shiny and healthy.

I don’t think I will change this serum until i get bored of it. Just give it a try, you will definitely feel that your hair has thanked you for your choice Kindly share your view on my The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review and do let me know, how this serum has worked for you in the comments section below. 🙂

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  1. Hi, thanks for your review. This product is currently on my wish list.
    So, I want to ask, is this product could apply on the scalp? Cause you write on the benefits section that this product is “promotes hair growth”. Or you just use this product from the middle of your hair to the ends of hair (I mean like use hair serum in commons)? Let me know.. Thank you so much

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