best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india

Best Wooden Hair Brushes for Hair Growth in India | Cheap and affordable

Wooden Hair brushes are a must for a Healthy hair growth routine. If you haven’t have one, then this list of best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in India is an ultimate guide for you to choose the perfect wooden hair brush for you today.

Why Wooden brushes are best for your hair ?

While choosing a wooden brush, one should look for quality wooden bristles in a comb because those are the bristles that touch your scalp and helps to stimulate hair growth and reduces hair fall.

Wooden hair bristle brushes will cause no static unlike plastic tooth combs, so in turn reduces hair breakage and hair loss .

Brush at least twice every day for good blood circulation in the scalp. This will also eliminate any scalp acne if any. Don’t hurt your scalp by brushing too hard or harsh. Keep it slow and smooth. This way you avoid split ends too.

Choosing the best wooden hair brush to include in your hair care routine is a must to promote healthy hair growth. Choose “Wooden bristle brush” not “Wooden paddle brush”, because the later is of no use.


Wooden hair brush is a one time investment for your hair, so choose the one which is best and adds to your healthy hair growth journey

To make your job more easier, I have complied 8 Best trending wooden Hair brushes with higher rating in amazon. You can buy them directly from here. So, enjoy being lazy.. 😀

My favorite is 7th  🙂


1. Delight PLB 004 Wooden Styling Brush


best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india


The design of this wooden bristle hair brush is so classy and clean. The wide tooth paddle brush gives a good grip to your hair and detangles  them easily. The air cushion helps to glide the bristles easily on your hair without much pressure. Ideal for thin hair and also promotes healthy hair growth.




2. Vega Wooden Bristle Paddle Brush

best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india


  • Vega medium bamboo wooden paddle brush with round tipped wooden bristles easily penetrate the hair & stimulate, massage the scalp
  • It’s wooden bristles massage & distribute precious oils from the root of the hair to
  • It’s ends for the maintenance of the healthy & beautiful hair




3. Roots Hair Brushes 

best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india


This anit-bacterial compact wooden hair brush from roots is so comapct and travel friendly too as it is light weight. The soft round bristles of this wooden brush is one big selling point of this brush. This is air Cushioned base, so it doesn’t hurt your scalp too. 


4. Zureni Massage Comb Hair Brush 


best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india

These are some of the best benefits of choosing this wooden hair brush. I like the color and the design specifically and so cheap too, look at the price.


UNIQUE WIDE TEETH DESIGN: Unique wide teeth design to easily detangle knotted hair without pain. Make your children enjoy the combing with pleasure and comfort.TOUCHABLE AIR CUSHION: Touchable air cushion to decrease the pressure of brushing and touch your scalps softly. Don’t worry about hurting your hair anymore because of the power.MASSAGES SCALP THOROUGHLY: The extended wide teeth nylon pinballs are great to replace your fingertips. Apply your preferable hair oil and move the brush on your scalp evenly



5. Fusine Handmade Wooden Hair Brush 


best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india

  • This handcrafted beautiful wooden brush is with Beech wood handle and pins: Strong and durable. Can stimulate scalp gently, reduce static, remove tangled hair. The Cushion pad is Food grade silicon, better natural, better buffer, more healthy than rubber pad. It’s not easily broken even if after long-time using
  • Best for Everyday using which helps to Improve blood action, reduce hair loss, protect and stimulate scalp from hurts, bring comfortable massage





6. Rrimin  Bamboo Wooden Comb for Curly Hair

best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india

This is a simple and plain wooden bristle brush. NO extra cushion thought. Length: 22cm,Wide: 6.5cm,Thickness of handle: 1.1cm. This is best for trying the wooden brush for the first time.



7. Generic Wooden 179-Pin Hair Brush Head Care 

Imported Wooden 179-Pin Human Massage Hair Brush Comb Head Care / Pet Hair Grooming

This is my favorite of all time. This wooden brush, unlike others, gives a nice and clean comb with a lot of grip. If you have long and thick hair like me, then this is the perfect one for you. This has Removable Long Curved Handle convenient to use and easy for washing



8. Bare Essentials Hair Brush

best wooden hair brushes for hair growth in india

This cute little brush is ideal to carry in your hand bag.

  • An ideal brush to de-tangle curly hair
  • Wooden bristles with rounded tips which are softer on scalp
  • Preferably use when hair is medium wet
  • Length- 15.5cm



So which Wooden brush are you gonna get today? Comment you likes and dislike below.. 🙂

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