SOAP NUT Hair Wash Recipe

This is the Best SOAP NUT Hair Wash Recipe You Will Ever Try.. | Reetha Hair wash

Its been a couple of days since I have posted an article “5 Reasons to wash your hair with soap Nuts” and  since then I was procrastinating on writing this post for you all. As promised, this post on how to prepare the perfect soap nut hair wash recipe is for you Priyanka, as you requested me in the comment section of the above post. I will surely come up with Shikakai and Amla uses for hair too in couple of days.

Washing our hair with Soap Nuts a.k.a Indian Reetha is not new for us. We have been seeing this fruit since our childhood and many even hate using it. 😀 Its probably you do not know the right recipe and my the right recipe i mean making the Soap nut shampoo with the right proportions of Soap nuts, water and the time to soak and boil.

Many of you, who have already tried washing your hair with Soap nuts might have experienced one of these two problems while washing your hair with soap nuts water.

1. Your hair went super dry and frizzy. That’s because you soap nut water is way too concentrated.

2. Your hair is still oily and greasy. This is because, you diluted way more than required.


Like all other recipes that we try in our hair care routines, mastering the correct recipe of Soap nut hair wash is not that tough either. You need to be aware of  the right proportions, and you are done.

Today, I will show you how to make the perfect Soap Nuts hair hair wash solution, that smells amazing too. So, Ready?

To prepare this Soap Nuts Hair wash solution, you may need

1. 6-8 Soap nuts

2. 600ml filtered water

3. Handful of Dried Rose Petals or Fresh Rose Petals

4. Lavender Essential oil

Note: This recipe is for Shoulder length hair. If you want correct proportions for your hair length, comment below at the end of this article. I will answer with the correct proportions that you may require to prepare this soap but hair wash solution for your hair.

How to prepare the perfect SOAP NUT hair wash Solution

Step 1: Crack open around 7 Soap Nuts using a hard stone (be careful, do not hit your fingers) and remove the seed in it.


Step 2: Put these Soap Nuts into a cooking vessel and pour 600ml of filtered water into it.


Step 3: Put this mixture to boil for about 12-15 minutes or until you see a foam formed like this. [Let the flame be in medium for the first 5 minutes, and later put the flame in low to simmer the solution slowly]


Step 4: Put off the flame and add a handful of Dried rose Petals (or Fresh, whichever is available) into this liquid and close the vessel with a lid.


Step 5: After 10 minutes, take off the lid and using a masher, mash the soap nuts for 5 more minutes. Be careful, the vessel will be hot.


Step 6: Strain the Soap Nut Hair wash solution into a clean jar and add 6 drops of Lavender essential oil into it. Stir the solution well.


And that’s it. A perfect cup of Soap nut hair wash solution that also smells great is ready to be used for your hair.


How to wash your hair with this Soap Nut Hair wash solution

Wet your hair. Section your hair into two parts and slowly massage your hair as if you are washing your hair by adding this solution. Repeat the same for the other section of your hair too.

If there is any solution left over after covering all the sections of your hair, add more water into it and dump the solution onto you head and massage gently. Wait for 2 minutes, and wash off with normal water.

Caution: Do not dare to keep your eyes open even for a sec, while you are washing your hair with Soap Nut Hair wash Solution. This will sting your eye. Wash your eyes with Cold water, if it gets into eyes.


Points to remember:

1. Washing your hair with this Soap Nut Hair wash Solution requires your time and patience. Especially, if you are habituated using those SLES and SLS shampoos which generate lather on your hair within 2 minutes, this is gonna be a tough job.

2. Do not drench you hair in oil in the name of oiling your hair. It is tough to wash you hair with this Soap Nut Hair wash Solution, if your hair is very very greasy.

3. Use Light Oils like Grapeseed, Argan or Almond oils, if you want to oil your hair prior washing your hair with Solution. Again Do not coat your entire hair with oil.

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4. It is absolutely not necessary to wash your hair every time only with Soap nuts. I personally don’t. Once every three weeks, or even once every month is fine to detox your scalp and clean the buildup of dirt and products.

5. You can use a conditioner after washing your hair with Soap Nut hair wash Solution, if you really require. Just skip the conditioner once and observe how your hair behaves. If your hair is over bouncy, then you can prefer to condition your hair. Otherwise, its absolutely not necessary.


I hope you will Try and Love this Soap nut Hair wash Solution. Soap Nuts does incredible things to your hair, only the ones who use it will notice. 🙂



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