Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream REVIEW

“BEST & SAFE Face Cream Ever” – Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream REVIEW

Who doesn’t know about this cream? or in that case the brand as a whole? We have grown up seeing these Vicco turmeric ads in our TVs now and then. And here I am to remind the worth of this and also will show you that its much more better than all the commercial creams that are lying in your cupboard now.


Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream REVIEW

This Review will be in a little different style compared to my all of my other reviews. Because I will just pour my thoughts out here randomly, about how this face cream has become my best bet for my skin just like BON Organics Aloe Vera shampoo for my hair.

When it all started?

The first time ever I used Vicco Turmeric for my skin was when I was in around 16 or 17. I really didn’t care much about my skin care back then. I used to simply apply something that’s front of me in the dressing area and matte my face with Ponds Sandalwood Talc and then put bindi. That is all I used to do at that time. And just to say you,  Vicco Turmeric was there near my dressing area, because my mom uses it.

My Skin was flawless at that time. No spot of any kind, nor acne. Even the food played a lot of role of course..!

What Happened later was…

I had to move to a different city for my studies after my 10th and my food habits got changed, so as my skin care habits too. I tried every fancy skin cream ever just like that, even though there is no need of it for me.

And the effect? It was clearly showing on my skin. Started with uneven skin tone and ended up with cystic acne. Even though my skin tone was light, I tried many skin lightening creams and face pack just out of curiosity.

Those Skin lightening creams made my skin lighter only in some only in my cheek areas and the skin over there has become very sensitive to sunlight. I would easily get redness on my cheeks, after spending 10 minutes under the sun.

It took almost 3 full years to repair the damage on my skin, through just natural products. I use only Aloe Vera gel as my day and night cream in these years and some talc powder to matify my oily face in the morning. Nothing else.

There are many people who use to ask about my redness on my cheeks, neither I didn’t care to answer them nor felt the urge to use makeup to cover my flaws.

Slowly, as and when I was gaining knowledge more about natural skin care, my love to organic and home made skin care increased. I have found many interesting brands who came up with made in India Initiative, and created wonderful skin and hair care products out of natural ingredients.

It sometimes feels so ignorant of us, that we just tend to ignore those things which are easily available to us. It is applicable to us here too. We run of foreign brands whose products are nothing but made of sh*t load of chemicals and on the other hand ignore our mother land which is the land of Ayurveda and many medicinal herbs invented way back 1000 years ago.

Spoiler Alert: I will be coming up with a post about “some of our native ingredients in self care, that have gained popularity in the world” post soon. Let me know if you are excited..? So that I will try to post that soon. 🙂

In search of a decent Day cream…

Though I was complacent with using Aloe Vera gel in the day, It was not that easy to let it dry/absorb on my face that quickly. So I wanted something that serves my day cream necessities and at the same is natural and free of any unwanted chemicals.

I tried many but none were suitable for my skin type. Some were too greasy due to the amount of oils in it and even though some OK, they were very  expensive.

While I was just at the verge of losing my hope to find the right day cream for my face, I caught sight of this Vicco Turmeric skin cream while I was wandering in some local grocery store.

It was that nostalgic moment that I couldn’t hold on the urge to bring one of this cute little tube to my home.

I know it always suits my skin and so didn’t hesitate to try.

I came back to my 16s day time skin care routine, except that I now matify my face using these Talc powders that are much safer than perfumed Talc available in the market.

My skin started showing results from the 3rd week of using this Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream. It faded away most of the dark spots caused my acne and the scars are much less visible.

The cream is easily blendable on the skin, My face feels a little brighter as soon as I apply this cream. And as many people complain, the aroma of this cream is a little overpowering and gross..smells like turmeric and all. I completely have no issue with how this cream smells. It has a nice sandalwood-mixed-turmeric smell that doesn’t linger on the skin for long. So why the worries?

One tip that you can follow if you are planning to buy this is.. mattify your face with some Talc to avoid any greasy feel and also to suppress the Turmeric smell if you hate that much.

To sum up few Pros and Cons…

Pros and Benefits of Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream…

1. All natural Ingredients.

2. Goodness of sandalwood and Turmeric which treats skin conditions like uneven skin tone, dark spots, acne scars and acne.

3. Cheaper than most of the fancy day creams

4. Pocket friendly/ Travel friendly sizes.

5. Lightens up face after application.



The only con that I felt was mild sweating after applying this cream, only for first few minutes though. But that’s still OK for me as there are no Aluminium based compounds that avoids the same.


One Last Line…

Let’s put all the benefits aside and talk about this. How many of your daily care products, ranging from toothpaste to foot creams are made by Indian companies?

Yes.. Vicco Turmeric is an Indian Brand.. which has maintained its quality since years and has remained as one of the classic brand which creates products that are truly beneficial to their customers.



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