Black tea for hair

Best remedy for grey hair & Hair shedding | Black tea for hair & its benefits

If there is one easy step that you can add to your hair care routine to improve its shine and health, that would be hair rinse. Ā Girl, let me tell that you we are all lazy. Yet we still desire to have that celebrity kinda gorgeous hair. Isn’t that true? šŸ˜€

Let me tell you that you are not alone. I often, if not always feel so lazy to give my body that self care it needs. But I wont let this bad guy(Laziness) ruin my day, instead I follow some lazy hacks as simple as this hair rinse is.

You know, we often think that doing some cumbersomeĀ DIY hair packs or buying those high ends branded shampoos, conditioners or hair packs only will give you that incredible shine or softness to your mane.

But the truth is, all those benefits that you are looking for are also hidden in some nature gifted tea leaves which we often neglect to notice. But its OK..! You are here, and so i am to throw some light on hair rinses and its benefits. šŸ™‚

Before that, let me give a quick description about what is a hair rinse is , for all those who have no idea of what i am talking about.

What is a hair rinse?

Hair rinse is nothing but a final rinse that is usually done to theĀ hairĀ immediately after shampooing and conditioning, but before styling. Hair rinses are a foolproof way to take care of your hair. Using the right herbs or ingredients to make your hair rinse solution will help to clean away the chemical buildup on your scalp. It kind of serves as a scalp and hair detoxification method.

black tea for hair


Some of the popular hair rinses

Though there are number of hair rinses that you can opt for, but choosing the right hair rinse that is suitable for your scalp type or your scalp condition is really important to make that hair rinse work for you.

Some of the best hair rinses for oily scalp are

  1. Apple cider vinegar rinse
  2. Green tea Ā and lemon hair rinse
  3. Rosemary hair rinse

These are also good to treat dandruff the are caused by flakiness and itchiness especially during winters when your scalp is easy effected by dirt, germs and dryness. There is already a different post on how to do these hair rinses. Check them out here

  1. ACV & Rosemary hair rinses for oily scalp
  2. Best Hair rinse recipe for itch and dandruff scalp

Hair rinse for Dry hair

  1. Aloe Vera hair rinse
  2. Ā Hibiscus tea hair rinse

Hair rinses for hair fallingĀ that also adds shine and gorgeous color to your hair

  1. Black tea hair rinse
  2. Chamomile tea hair rinse


Black tea hair rinse is so good, that you’ll love to start doing this hair rinse from today.

The three main benefits of doing Black tea hair rinse is

  1. Reduces Hair shedding. You can now see less hair in your drain.
  2. Adds color your natural hair.
  3. Adds shine and increases hair smoothness.

As black tea contains low caffeine content as compared to coffee and other tea, It increases the blood circulation on your scalp when applied and increases hair growth. Regular rinsing your hair with Black tea will reduce the hair shedding caused my hair thinning and stress.

Doing a hair rinse once a week will help improve your overall health of your hair that in turn adds shine and gives you lustrous locks.


How I do my Black tea hair rinse to give gorgeous Hair Highlights

I have premature grey hair here and there. If I am in a hurry, I’ll get a root touch-up from a parlor if not I sometimes go for henna-ing( no-idea of this word, excuse me for this :P) my hair. And this leaves a hint of brownish color on my hair.Though i am not a big fan of reddish-brown hair, i kinda like black hair. Because it suits me.

Unless it is dead-urgent, I don’t feel it is always right to color my hair with those nasty chemicals. Instead I prefer natural methods. Coloring your hair with natural herbal teas is good choice in doing so. While chamomile gives a lighter shade forĀ darker color hair, Black tea gives a blackish color to the natural hair.

So I like to rinse my hair with Black tea. It gives natural black tint to my henna-ned hair. Let me tell you that though the color that these teas provide you are not permanent any may only stay up-to max two weeks. But the benefits that these teas give you are everlasting. šŸ™‚

Let me show you how I do my Tea rinse to add shine and color to my hair.Ā 

>>I add two cups of water in a sauce pan and boil the water till it reaches its boiling point.

>>Then I add two black tea bags into the water and let it steep for 15 min.

>>See how the color changes šŸ™‚

>>After that, I usually pour it in a big jar and rinse my hair after I shampoo and condition.

>>After rinsing with tea, let it stay for 10 min. Usually there is no need to wash your hair or rinse your hair with normal water after that, but if you feel, you can rinse with a jug of Ā water. Apply your regular hair serum after towel drying your hair.

>>Also, I occasionally apply the tea first and Ā let it stay in my hair for 20 min before taking bath. In that case, i pour the tea in a spray bottle like this, and spray all over my hair and comb it to stimulate the hair follicles. This way it increases the potency of the tea to stay a little longer in my hair.

>>You can also add few drops of essentials oils in the tea for added fragrance and benefits. I generally mix few drops of rosemary in my my tea rinse.

Black tea for hair

Black tea for hair

Black tea for hair







Don’t you think this rinse to so easy to try? If so, Try this weekend and let me know how did you like it. Also, if there is anyone who has already did it, Please tell me which all hair rinses you ave tried and which are your favoiute ones. I would like to try them too. Comment them girls… šŸ™‚ I am waiting.

If you would like to buy, these are some of the suggestion I would like to give you for hair rinses.

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