Best Recipe of MICELLAR WATER to prepare at home | DIY MICELLAR WATER

I know there is no one out there who is new to this ever hyped beauty product- Micellar Water. Ever Since Garnier has released this product, ever one’s hands are on this. from Alia Bhatt to Instagram Influences and Youtube Beauty gurus. This hype has dragged me to such an extent that I use to hum the song of Garnier Micellar ‘Pour-Press-and Swipe’ song and I even started dreaming of Micellar Water (OK..this is just made up, I agree. :P).  Crazy right? But I didn’t want to try that because of the ingredients in it and instead did my research to know what and how exactly this micellar water works for our skin. And Hence made my own DIY Micellar Water and sharing the same recipe with your all today.

After looking for ingredients of micellar water from different brand, I understood that Micellar water is basically is a mixture of Water and oil Molecules (known as Micelles) that has the power of attracting dirt, oil and sebum on face.

So here, in this DIY Micellar Water Recipe I will show you how you can prepare your own Micellar water at home with all natural ingredients that and are safe too.

The Key we are looking for is a mixture of water, a humectant and and astringent that will attract and suck up dirt, oil and make-up and other residue on face without excess stripping and drying out natural sebum present on the skin.

How to Make All Natural DIY MICELLAR Water at home

I am Preparing this Micellar water in small quantity so that it can be used within a week or 2 (if kept in refrigerator) and as there are no preservatives used here it may go rancid due to the presence of water.

So, use the ingredients in the required quantities mentioned  to get the prefect Micellar Water.

All you need is..

1. 3 Tablespoon Rose Water/Hydrosol

2. 2 Tablespoon Witch Hazel (I use this BONSOUL Pure and Natural No Alcohol Witch Hazel Distillate Toner and Astringent, 100ml)

3. 1 Tablspoon Vegetable glycerin

4. 5 Drops of Rosehip Oil/Jojoba Oil/Hemp seed oil



1. Add each ingredient to a 50ml bottle and shake well (Cap Closed)

2. Always shake well before use


How to use DIY Micellar Water

This micellar water can be used as a makeup remover (Light makeup) or as a cleansing toner after cleansing face (in case of heavy makeup).

Depending upon your makeup routines, you can use this micellar water to remove the dirt and grim left on face.

To use, shake the Micellar water and take a clean cotton and pour 5 drops of this water on it.

Now Swipe off the excess dirt or oil left on face.

Later, Cleanse with normal water if required.


This DIY Micellar Water is a blessing for Oily and acne prone skin that attracts dirt easily. You can carry this in your Handbag along with some cotton pads to freshen up anywhere instantly.


So, How did you all like this recipe? Did you try any brand’s Micellar water till now or just waited for a safer alternative like me?  Do try this recipe at your home and let me know how well it worked for you…

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