Natural ways to Color Hair Black

Best Natural ways to Color Hair Black without drying and damaging

Premature graying has become a common thing in today’s lifestyle and polluted environment. Though researches say that premature graying is largely genetic, our eating habits, lifestyle and daily stress has only increased the rate of premature graying. Seeing your hair grey at an early i.e below 25 is really frustrating, isn’t it? today, ill show you some of the Natural ways to Color Hair Black that will not dry not damage your hair in the long run and are 100 times safer than those chemicals.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic in animals.

When we review the research, we can see that we don’t have enough studies yet to know how coloring our hair maybe 6-10 times a year really affects our health.

Turns out we can use a lot of natural ingredients—some of which we can find in our kitchens—to create new hair color. Keep in mind that natural color products are not the same as chemical color products. They don’t usually last as long, you won’t be able to completely change your natural color, and the color may be slightly different than you imagined.

Natural ways to Color Hair Black

Some of the best ways to color your hair naturally is by natural herbs and tea. These natural herbs will gradually color your hair black if not in the single time. These ways defiantly take time and your patience. It may seem hard and a tedious process all over but worth it as compared to those dangerous harmful toxins in conventional hair colors. So, Let’s jump onto the Natural ways to Color Hair Black quickly.

1. Henna and Indigo Leaves Powder

The first step is to apply henna and after washing your hair and letting it completely dry, you have to apply indigo leaf powder. So this 2-step process gives your hair it natural black color. Though this is just a gist of the process, I will explain you clearly step by step below.

Step-by-step guide

Comb your hair tangle free and section your hair into equal parts. Make more sections if you have more gray hair that are to be covered. Wear safety gloves to avoid stains on your hands.

I basically have gray hair on top of my head, in the middle part. So I start my taking middle part.

> Mix one cup of henna with one cup or less  freshly brewed black tea. Keep it aside for at least 6 hours before applying to hair.

color your hair black naturally


> Apply the henna all over your hair if you don’t mind a little brownish tint on your hair. Otherwise just apply to the air which is gray and need to be colored black.

>Tie your head into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. After 1 0r 2 hours, Wash your hair with just plain water without applying shampoo and do not apply conditioner too. Let your hair completely dry before you go to the next step.

> Now take one cup of indigo leaf powder and add a pinch of salt to it.

> Take a cup of hot water and by slowing pouring the water into the cup of indigo leaf powder, mix it well till there are no lumps formed. why salt? because it will help enhance the dye to give you more stronger color.

color your hair black naturally

Keep it aside for 10 minutes and apply to your hair concentrating more on your gray hair which your think should be colored black.

color your hair black naturally

> After 2 hours, wash your hair with shampoo and condition as usual.

> Let your hair air dry. You can apply any oil the next day to increase the staying more of the color on your hair.

Don’t pop your eyes seeing a toothbrush here, first of all that is an unused one and yeah i used a toothbrush to apply indigo to my hair specially as it cover every hair properly. 😀

These are the products I use. As you can see, these are certified organic powders.

color your hair black naturally

color your hair black naturally

It may seem to you this is such a long process, don’t get impatient. You can split the whole process into two and apply henna one day and indigo the other.

In case if you want buy these, you can buy them here. They have them in combos too. check them out.


There is this brand called krya, which has different types of natural hair coloring products and I have tried their midnight black natural hair color. Here is the review for you all.

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair Color REVIEW

2. Coconut oil and Lemon For Grey Hair

Using Natural ways like Home remedies and herbal hair masks, once can reverse grey hair to their natural hair color.

Coconut oil and Lemon for grey hair is one such home remedy that is been on hype in Pintrest and Youtube these days.  Read on to know how this works…

Take 1 tablespoon of Extra virgin Unrefined Coconut oil into a bowl. I am using my home made herbal hair oil which is prepared with Coconut oil and 4 other fresh herbs, hence the oil is not white here in the pictures.

Now, Mix 1 tablespoon of Fresh lemon juice into it.

Apply this Coconut oil and lemon mixture all over your hair from roots to tips.

Massage for 5 minutes until the mask is well distributed to your scalp and hair.

Tie your hair into a bun and let the mask soak for a minimum of 2 hours.

Note: As Lemon is highly concentrated citric solution, do not move out in the sun after applying this mask on your scalp. This may cause sensitiveness.

Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo after 2 hours and condition as usual.


Coconut oil and lemon for grey hair

Coconut oil and lemon for grey hair



Coconut oil and Lemon are a great combination that reverses grey hair. coconut oil contains Lauric acid and antioxidants that promotes healthy hair growth and also provides abundant proteins for your hair. On the other hand, Lemon juice contains Phosphorous, vitamin B and C which helps to rejuvenate scalp and promote hair growth by encourages the melanin production which is responsible for your natural hair color.

The combination of these two ingredients will help reverse the growth of grey hair and promotes natural healthy hair with regular use.

Use this hair mask of coconut oil and lemon for grey hair reversing twice every week.

3. Black Tea hair rinse

The three main benefits of doing Black tea hair rinse is

  1. Reduces Hair shedding. You can now see less hair in your drain.
  2. Adds color your natural hair.
  3. Adds shine and increases hair smoothness.

As black tea contains low caffeine content as compared to coffee and other tea, It increases the blood circulation on your scalp when applied and increases hair growth. Regular rinsing your hair with Black tea will reduce the hair shedding caused my hair thinning and stress.

Doing a hair rinse once a week will help improve your overall health of your hair that in turn adds shine and gives you lustrous locks.

So I like to rinse my hair with Black tea. It gives natural black tint to my henna-ned hair. Let me tell you that though the color that these teas provide you are not permanent any may only stay up-to max two weeks. But the benefits that these teas give you are everlasting. 🙂

Let me show you how I do my Tea rinse to add shine and color to my hair. 

>>I add two cups of water in a sauce pan and boil the water till it reaches its boiling point.

>>Then I add two black tea bags into the water and let it steep for 15 min.

>>See how the color changes 🙂

>>After that, I usually pour it in a big jar and rinse my hair after I shampoo and condition.

>>After rinsing with tea, let it stay for 10 min. Usually there is no need to wash your hair or rinse your hair with normal water after that, but if you feel, you can rinse with a jug of  water. Apply your regular hair serum after towel drying your hair.

>>Also, I occasionally apply the tea first and  let it stay in my hair for 20 min before taking bath. In that case, i pour the tea in a spray bottle like this, and spray all over my hair and comb it to stimulate the hair follicles. This way it increases the potency of the tea to stay a little longer in my hair.

>>You can also add few drops of essentials oils in the tea for added fragrance and benefits. I generally mix few drops of rosemary in my my tea rinse.

Black tea for hair

Black tea for hair

Black tea for hair



Which Hair Method do you like to use to color your hair naturally without damaging it?


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