Safe & BEST Natural Makeup Brands available in India | Organic Makeup Products

BEST Natural Makeup Brands available in India | Safe Organic Makeup Products

For many, after switching to natural and safe skin care skin care one of the most challenging things they face is to find some of the best Natural Makeup Brands available in India as safer alternatives to chemical ones.

Although its completely one’s personal choice to use makeup, I specially prefer not to use any (for me). Because applying it and removing it off is a process and takes time.

I am so lazy in doing all these things daily and if at all i had this amount of  free time, I would prefer to spend this time in some natural pampering sessions.

So, a small disclaimer here. I didn’t use any of these below natural makeup products. Just for you all, I have complied some of the safer options of makeup so that It can help in your natural skin care transitions.

Till now I haven’t found a brand that manufactures the complete range of makeup products from foundations, concealers to kajal and lipsticks.

Some of the brands I discuss here have only minimal range and some have only specific range. Depending upon what makeup products you use, you can choose those from these multiple brands.

Best Natural Makeup Brands available in India

As some of these brands have only few range of makeup products, I will mention all the variants for each brand so that it will be easier for you to choose one that is required.

Bon Organics

Ahh..! you all know how much I love their products. From their soaps to shampoos and body lotions, they are amazing. Thankfully, they have their own makeup range as well.

I have tried their Eye line cum kajal and its amazing. Its not waterproof but definitely was long lasting. One of the most safest kajal I have ever tried till date. The ingredients in it as amazing. Its prepared just like the way our grandmas used to prepare in good olden days.

Apart from kajal, there are other products that are suitable to create a simple no-makeup or dewy look. I would love to try their Rose Lip stain next.

Bon Organic natural makeup brand

Their makeup range:  

Rose Lip stain (can also be used a cheek stain)
Strawberry Lip stain (can also be used a cheek stain)
Eye liner and Kajal
Face Loose Powder(Fair/Medium/dark)

BON Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo REVIEW after finishing 6 bottles

Brava Skin Therapie

This Brand’s makeup products are prepared with one main ingredient in almost all their products and that is Ghee. Yes..! Ghee is such a wonderful ingredient gifted by our ancestors, that it is not just great for our body but for our skin and hair too.

*Spoiler alert* You will soon find a post on the blog on the benefits and how to use ghee for skin and hair. Wait for it.

Natural Makeup Brands in India

Their makeup range:  

Some of the makeup products that this brand creates are:

Cream Foundation/concealer with SPF 20
Kajal/Eyeliner stick
BB Cream/ Primer

They promise that, all the products offered by them contain natural or naturally-derived ingredients and are free from chemicals like Parabens, DEA, Silicones, TEA, Propylene glycol, Formaldehyde, Mineral oil, Phthalates, SLS/SLES and PEG.



Ilana brands has some of the most special type of products that one would instantly fall in love with. They claim to have high performance ingredients from Ecocert and trade safe certified farms around the country.

They are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that pack a punch in its effects.

One of their most famous makeup product is their beet tint. This is a deep red pigmented liquid that can be used as cheek and lip tint. You can increase and decrease the intensity of the color by the amount of product that you apply. But when used a pea amount of it to create that blush effect on your cheeks, it gives you that ‘mountain girls’ deep flushed cheeks’ look.

Natural Makeup Brands available in India

Their makeup range:  

The most famous – Beet tint – Lip and cheek Tint
Soft Blur – Cream concealer and foundation


Just Herbs

I know, this brand needs no introductions. From creating some of the best facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers to hair oils and conditioner, they are just awesome. Not so recently, they have launched their own natural makeup range. Many are loving it.

Their herb enriched skin tint  has 5 shades and lipstick range have almost more than 15 shades to cater different skin colors and choices.

The best part is, they have sampler kits for their makeup range, so that you can try it out and find your prefect tint for your skin.

Natural Makeup Brands available in India

Their makeup range:  

Herb enriched skin tint
Herb Enriched Ayurvedic Lipstick



Till now, there are only some bunch of natural every day makeup products that I might mentioned. I know what you are waiting for, some party kinda makeup. Isn’t it?

Thankfully there is one brand that I found which has only two products in their makeup range and they are highlighters. Excited? These highlighters from Gulnare are a must have if you are party freak and cant go without a highlighter in your cheek bones. For some regular meetups and parties try their moonshine illuminator which gives a light pinkish glow on your cheek bones and jawline. For weedings and all, use their Gold dust highlighter.

Natural Makeup Brands in India

Their makeup range:  

Moonshine illuminator
Gold Dust highlighter


Friendly note:

Although these brands are considered a safer alternative and far far better to those available in crowded chemical based makeup products, these ‘may contain’ colorants and other ingredients like mica or iron oxide in products like concealers and foundations.

These are used give sheer and better coverage to your face. These are not at all the considered safe when used daily and may even irritate sensitive skin. So please do read the labels of the products available in the respective brand website and then take a decision to purchase.

If you ask me, the only brand that I would go for will be BON organics (if at all I invest in any makeup products in the future). The reason? You will know if you read their ingredients Vs other brands’.

So the final verdict is.. Avoid using makeup products if you can in the first place and if you cannot Choose your makeup products wisely.

There is no offense here, I know some of the professions like air hostess, front desk operators and sales processionals’ jobs demand them to wear makeup every day to their work.. even though some of us hate it.

In those mandate cases, choose safer alternatives like I listed above and for those if its neither compulsory nor a beauty enhancer (blessed with clear skin), avoid makeup altogether.

If feels good. Trust me. Your skin will breathe happily and you will save lot of time and money at the end of the year.

That’s said, I hope this post will help those you are searching for some Best Natural Makeup Brands available in India and for others’.. to ditch makeup altogether if its not that important to them. 🙂 

I will add more brands as I come across in the future. So Keep watching this space for more.

Happy skin care to you all 🙂

See you all in the next post. Follow my Instagram feed for some interesting facts and meaningful skin care routines.

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