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Best Home Made Cleanser for Dry Skin with 2 Ingredients | Cleansing Milk for Dry skin

Often  dry skin is not a sign of a skin condition or disease, but is simply caused by harsh soaps, itchy clothing, misusing moisturizer, and long, hot showers. Many a times, we use wrong skin products that eventually deteriorate your skin more than curing it from the problem. Dry skin is a sign of lack of natural producing skin oils on your face. While your skin is still struggling to produce oils and hydrate your skin, you are making its job so hard by using harsh soaps and cleansers. A DIY Cleansing Milk made with 2 natural ingredients honey and Milk will solve all your problems. Before starting of with how to make a home made cleanser for dry skin, here are few reasons why Honey and Milk are extensively used to treat skin dryness.

Honey benefits for Dry skin

Honey is naturally antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. It cleanses the pores effectively, fights with problem causing bacteria on skin and keeps it fresh, hydrated, nourished and glowing.It is ideal for all skin types. It slows down the aging process of your skin and is a great treatment for acne prone skin. For beset results, Use pure organic  raw honey.

Milk Benefits for Dry Skin

Milk is a natural moisturizer and so used in many beauty products, lotions and even shampoos. It hydrates the skin, keeps it nourished and moisturized the whole day making it an ideal ingredient for dry skin.

People with sensitive skin are advised to do a patch test to see you aren’t sensitive to any ingredient used here.


What is a Home Made Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milk is a safer alternative to harsh bar soaps and commercial face washes that strip away the natural oils from your face. A home made Cleansing Milk contains only just these 2 ingredients. Milk and Raw Honey. These two are a staple when it comes to treat Dry skin. It helps to hydrate your ski and provide nourishment even in harsh winters.

Washing your face with Soap free natural home made cleansers will not only give a break to your skin from those harsh cleansers but also rejuvenate your skin and protect it from further damage caused by sun and pollution.

I have already mentioned in my Soap-Free Cleansing Series-1, that Oats can also be used as a natural cleanser to treat dryness in winters. In the same post, I have explained why you need to wash your face with oats if you have extremely dry skin. Don’t miss to check that out.

How to Use Oats for face

Now, Let’s dive into making our own natural Home made Cleansing milk with Raw honey and Milk.

How to Make & Use Home Made Cleanser for Dry skin using Milk and Honey

-> Mix Two tablespoons of Milk and one tablespoon of Raw Honey in a small bowl. Whisk them until both the ingredients are combined well.

-> Remove your Makeup if any, prior using this Cleansing Milk to wash your face.

-> Apply this all over your face and gently massage all over your in circular motion as if you are washing your face.

-> Let it stay o your face for 2 more minutes before washing it off with cold water.


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