Best Castor Oils in India

Best Castor Oils in India that are Pure, unrefined, Hexane Free & Cold Pressed

Castor oil is well known to many of us. It is been used for centuries in India for not just Hair growth but also for face to improve skin suppleness, reduce acne and fade dark spots. Yes, You heard that right.! Castor oil can also be used for your skin. It is a great skin cleanser and its antibacterial properties helps to keep your skin away from problem causing bacteria. Ever since I loved using castor oil for my face and hair, I though of sharing the top Best Castor Oils in India with you all. Finally, here it is.

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I have already wrote a detailed post on how to use castor oil for face in Oil cleansing method. You can read the post here on How to use Castor oil for Oil cleansing for different skin types.

The main reason people love to use castor oil is for its versatility in hair growth. It can be used for scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows to increase the thickness and growth.

Many Studies have shown that castor oil worked for hair growth as the presence of ricinoleic acid in it is probably the biggest reason for the oil’s effectiveness in reversing hair loss and baldness. The acid helps boost the production of the compound Prostaglandin (PGE2), which promotes hair growth from dormant follicles.

To know How to use Castor oil for hair growth you can read this detailed post on How castor oil helps in hair re-growth and how to use to achieve better results.

When one ingredient can be used in multiple ways for the benefit of your skin and hair, why not choose the best among the available castor oils in the already crowded market.

Before you even start picking up, be sure to know that the best castor oil is the one that is Pure, unrefined, Cold pressed and Hexane free. Here I have hunted 9 such best Castor oils available in India. These are in no particular order. You can choose any one based on the availability (online/offline) and the budget.

What is Hexane ?

Hexane is a isomeric, volatile liquid alkane found in petroleum. It consists parts of gasoline. Hexanes are used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products, and roofing.

It is verifiable that hexane in great quantities can be very dangerous. When inhaled it is can cause sleepiness, nausea, and headaches. Chronic hexane inhalation may result in cramping and muscle weakness. Muscles may also deteriorate

The min reason to use Hexane in oil extraction methods like cold pressed, expeller pressed methods is that it increases the amount of the oil extracted compared with the amount of oil when Hexane is not used.

So, I am unsure of you… I prefer my oils to be Hexane fee and I really do lot of research to find one that is truly Hexane free and unrefined.


Best Castor Oils in India (Pure. Hexane-Free, Cold pressed, Virgin)

1. Rey Naturals Cold-Pressed, 100% Pure Castor Oil

Rey Naturals Castor oil is 100% pure, high grade castor oil. They keep the purity high by extracting the oil from the finest quality Castor seeds. The oil is rich in its vitamin E and minerals, additives and Hexane free.

It has a nice and fresh aroma of pure castor oil. Rey Naturals Castor oil can be safely used for both hair and skin. In fact, you can use it for eyelash and eyebrow growth.

See How to grow your eyelashes overnight with these three simple tricks

How to re-grow you eyebrows after Threading gone wrong- Castor oil method


Best Castor Oils in India


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2. Finn Naturals Organic Castor Oil For Hair Growth

The Finn Naturals Castor oil is 100% pure Cold pressed,  Hexane free, Fragrance free, preservative free and paraben free.

Some of the benefits as claimed by them are

Gives Healthy, shin hair
Prevents Hair fall
Natural cure for styes
Treats wrinkles
soothes Dry skin
Remedy for constipation
Soothes joint pains
Relies Muscle soreness
Promotes Hair growth
Enhances Hair color

What I love about this Finn Naturals Castor oil is the Packaging. The castor oil from this brand comes in a black plastic bottle with a study pump dispenser packaging. It is mess proof, leak proof and classic.


Finn Naturals Organic Castor Oil For Hair Growth

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3. Wishcare Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil For Hair & Skin 

Wishcare Castor oil is extracted from the  Castor Seeds the are Picked from the Botanical Actives To Retain Highest Quality. It has a fip top cap like many other castor oil packaging.

Unrefined And Cold-Pressed, It Is Not Only Packed With Antioxidants, But Also Retains All Its Vitamins And Nutrients In The Process.

You can also use this castor oil for

Your Hair
For your Eyelashes and eyebrows
For Face
For your Lips

Best Castor Oils in India



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4. Hathmic Virgin Cold Pressed Castor Oil

 This 100% pure Cold pressed, virgin Castor oil from Hathmic is a must try. This is my favorite brand for Coconut and castor oil. Hathmic gives you the purest and virgin carrier oils that you can ever expect.

These are the Best selling points of Hathmic castor oil..

Cold Pressed
Pure Virgin
Chemical free
Hexane free
Unrefined, Unfltered
Non BPA Container

If you would ask me one castor oil that I would recommend you to try is Hathmic Pure Virgin cold pressed Castor oil. I have tried many castor oil brands in India, but my hair was loving this one more than any other one. This is one brand which prepares high quality carrier oils and true to its words.

Hathmic Coconut oil is also listed in the Top Virgin Coconut oil brands in India, Which I wrote in a post recently.

The one thing that I do not like about this Hathimc Virgin Castor oil is their packaging. The oil is stored in a glass container and a lid. This is not at all travel friendly. Difficult to use without a spoon. The oil may even spill and leak at the sides after you take a small amount of product out using just your hands.


Best Castor Oils in India

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5. Bliss Of Earth Organic Cold Pressed & Hexane Free Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Bliss of earth castor oil is expeller pressed from the seeds of castor which are directly sourced from the organic farms. This oil is rich in unsaturated  fatty acids and vitamin E. This is Hexane free and has no chemicals or preservatives in the extraction process of this oil.

The packaging is done in normal plastic bottle with a flip open cap and a small nob. It is in deed a travel friendly one and can also be used for your skin and hair.

What the product brands promises..

“Every bottle of Bliss of Earth contains ONLY premium cold pressed castor oil that’s organic so you know it’s of the highest quality. Our oil is rich in fatty acids that absorb readily into skin and hair. It’s a powerful nourisher and moisturizer. – Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes, scars & uneven skin tone – Softens and hydrates dry skin – Improves the look of dark under-eye circles – Lessens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles – Helps improve skin’s elasticity – Improves hair’s texture & moisturizes a dry, flaky scalp – Tames frizz & unruliness – Adds shine to hair”

Best Castor Oils in India

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6. The Balance Mantra Premium Cold Pressed Pure Unrefined Hexane-Free Castor Oil

This Hexane free castor oil is pure, unrefined and has no chemicals added in the process of extraction of this oil. It has a nice thick viscosity, fresh fragrance, and a light yellow tint.

The Product packaging is travel friendly and spill proof

  • Excellent Skin Care : Get Ready To Fall In Love With Your New Blemish Free And Healthy Looking Supple Skin With Our Cold Pressed Castor Oil. For Your Face – Remove Dirt, Grime, Make-Up, And Dry Skin Leaving Your Face Deep Cleansed. Helps To Fight Acne, Reduce Acne Scars, Body Moisturizer, No More Terribly Flaky Dry Legs, Smooth Skin, Even Skin Tone, Reduces Pigmentation, Minimizes Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Reduces Dark Circles & Eye Bags, Fades Stretch Marks, And Helps Minor Skin Infections.
  • Perfect Hair Care : Enjoy Having Young Healthy Gorgeous Thicker Hair Once Again. With Tbm’S Cold Pressed Castor Oil Your Curly Hair Will Feel Softer Than It Has Ever Been. No More Breakage When Detangled Or Manipulated. Say Goodbye To Your Hair Falling Out, Shedding Terribly, Tangling, Ends Dry And Brittle Hair, Thinning, Dry Scalp And Dandruff. No More Clumps Of Hair On Your Brush.

Best Castor Oils in India



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Which Castor oil did you choose? Comment below your choices to get more insights about the castor oil you choose …!


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  1. I have read that castor oil is good for dry eyes too.. But it has to be hexane free, organic pure and in a glass bottle as it is to be used in the eyes. Can you suggest which one will be best among the brands.mentioned above.

    1. I recommended Hathmic Cold Pressed, Hexane free castor oil. It is one of the purest castor oils that I have used till now. But I haven’t tried putting the oil in my eyes any time. Dry eyes can be caused due to many reasons, it is better to find out the reason first before depending on natural remedies. Hope this helps you Chitra..!

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