Coconut oil for dry hair

This is How Best you can Use Coconut Oil for Dry Hair

After Aloe Vera , one of the best ingredient that I love to use in my skincare is “Coconut oil”.  What better you can ask for if you already have coconut oil that can solve all your hair woes.? hair care need not be tedious task. Simple workable home remedies can solve most of your hair problems at the comfort of your home. I have collected 4 different ways one can use coconut oil for dry hair. And these are proven to do wonders for your hair in the long run.


1. Hydrating Mask with Coconut oil for dry hair    

This is one of those common hair masks that most of Us might have already heard or read somewhere. Or you probably got bored of this mask again here? Egg has many nutritious benefits that  keep your hair shiny, nourished as well as helps to grow your hair faster.  An yeah..! This stuff will stink. So be careful. 😛

Take two fresh eggs, or depending upon your length of your hair. Break them and add it in a bowl.
>> Stir it well. Add 2 tablespoon of pure coconut oil to the mixture. Mix them well.
>>Work in sections and apply all over hair from roots to tips.
>> Massage gently for 2 minutes and use a wide tooth comb to comb and to spread it evenly all over the scalp.
>> Wait for 45 minutes and shampoo with a mild shampoo and condition as usual.


Tip: Use few drops of Essential oils in shampoo or else few tablespoons of rose water in the water with which you wash your hair to avoid the smell of egg in your hair.




2. Aloe Vera + Coconut oil = Dry Hair Solution    


This is an age old hair growth recipe from our grandmothers. It is suitable for all hair types. This is a one time preparation and can be stored for later use. And yes, we are making Aloe Vera Hair oil using Pure Coconut oil and Aloe Vera leaves – One of my favorite hair oil.

The ingredients you gonna need

  1. Aloe Vera leaves.
  2. Coconut oil or any carrier oil of your choice like mustard seed oil, castor oil, olive or almond oil.

Here goes the process

  •  Take fresh Aloe Vera Leaves wash them under running water to remove any dirt.
  • Slice out the corners to remove the thorns. With a sharp knife, from top slice out the leaf in to two as shown
  • .Now take a bowl volume of 250ml and extract the gel out of the leaf with a spoon and put it into a bowl. Fill the bowl with the gel.
  • Take another bowl of same volume and fill it with 100% pure coconut oil.
  • Now pour the oil into a  sauce pan and place it on a cooktop/stove . Put the stove on a low flame.
  • Let it simmer and occasionally keep on stirring  the mixture well.
  • At some point of time, you can hardly see any gel left and the oil turns into brown.You can now off the stove/cook-top and extract you oil into glass jar.


How to prepare Aloe Vera hair oil at home

You can also add 3-4 capsules of Vitamin E oil as it acts as a natural preservative. This is completely option, though you can store and  use this oil till six months.

Vitamin E oil uses


3. Pre-Shampoo Deep conditioning Treatment    

This Aloe Vera hair mask for dandruff that I am going to show you now is really effective if you use it in regular basis i.e, for at least one every week.

Aloe Vera has some of the most beneficial antiviral and antibacterial properties that makes it prominent to treat many scalp infections including flaky dandruff and itchy scalp.

Aloe vera has a chemical make up similar to that of keratin and it rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage. It  exfoliates the scalp to remove dead skin cells and radiate healthy looking hair naturally.

A mask of both Fresh Aloe Vera leaf and Extra virgin coconut oil to the hair is best to treat not just dandruff but also hair loss and hair thinning problems.

Aloe Vera hair mask for dandruff

Aloe Vera hair mask for dandruff


How To: 

After you collect your fresh Aloe vera juice in a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of Home made Hair oil or just virgin coconut oil in to the juice and mix it thoroughly.

now add 10 drops of Tea tree essential oil into the mixture and mix it well.


Section your hair int equal parts and start applying this Aloe vera hair mask for dandruff that you have just prepared all by yourself 🙂

You need to work on each section very keenly. Take help of some one if you can.

Or one simple tip is, if you are so lazy to apply to each and every strand of your hair like me, then you can just apply to the whole scalp as normally as you apply your oil and gently comb your hair all over using a fine tooth comb to distribute the mask all over. This way the mask gets in to all over scalp and soothes it to feel less itchy and irritated.

Wash off with a mild shampoo or follow this simple tip on how to use Rosemary essential oil in your Shampoo while washing your hair to get more effective results.


4. Overnight Soothing treatment      

A combination of many different hair problems is dry hair. Split ends, color damaged, Heat damaged, Sun damage (UV not only harms your skin but also leads to many different hair problems like dryness and hair loss too) and many more.

In my Intense Hot oil treatment method, I suggested three different methods that address three different categories of dry and damaged hair.

1. For severely burnt, dry and frizzy hair 

2. For rough, uneven ends – Completely unmanageable 

3. For always tangled hair and that even causes hair fall

You can see the full post here wherein which I have also talked about how my hair smoothing had gone wrong and what it had done to my hair – Intense Hot oil treatment to tame frizz and dry hair

In that post, I have also mentioned the right portion of oils that you can use according to your hair type. Taking the base as Coconut oil and mixing it with 5 different hair nourishing oils will give a salon like hair spa treatment at home.

Mix them well and then warm them for few seconds before applying it to your scalp. Warm oil will penetrate into the hair shaft more quickly and will nourish the hair shaft to make it more smooth and manageable after shampooing your hair.

The right way to heat up your oil

Using micro-oven to heat up your oil, is not recommended. It will heat the oil beyond its heating point and the oils may lose its natural properties thereafter.  Instead try heating up your oil mildly using double boiling method.

This is How you can do it:

  • Take a large bowl of hot water. Now half immerse the bowl in which you have put your oils mixture.Wait for 5 min.

  • Now stir the oil well and apply all over your hair.


Intense hot oil treatment for dry hair

Do this hot oil treatment twice a week for better results. And most importantly learn to be patient while using natural treatments to your hair, as these may take different time to different types of hair depending upon the damage.


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