Benefits of Neelibhringadi Oil

Must Know Benefits of Neelibhringadi Oil & Where to Get one?

Ayurvedic hair care has the best solutions for many beauty problems faced by both men and women. Having healthy glowing hair is a sign of good health and active life. Neelibringadi Oil is the most famous Ayurvedic oil for hair growth, hair loss & baldness. Benefits of Neelibhringadi Oil include treating problems like premature greying, split ends, damaged hair, dry and brittle hair.

I found this oil on my trip to Kerala , wherein which I visited an Ayurveda Spa there. While just waiting for my turn to indulge in a full body massage using the authentic Kerala Ayurveda oils , I spotted this oil in a corner of a shelf. Curiously after reading the label and the ingredients, I consulted an Ayurveda doctor over there to brief me more about this oil.

I was so happy to hear all of those Benefits of Neelibhringadi Oil and how carefully the recipe is handcrafted using the most potent herbs available for hair. This oil recipe is from the Sahasrayogam – A Popular Book on Keraliya Tradition of Ayurvedic Treatment.

After using it for a couple of days now, I felt the urge to share the beneift of this oil with you all. So here they are..


Before we dive in, are you not curious to know how and where this oil was actually been originated from?

Neelibhringadi Oil is an Ayurvedic hair oil. This herbal oil is formulated using Kerala Ayurvedic Principles. This thailam is said to yield a permanent solution for all hair problems like premature graying, split ends, dandruff, damaged hair, dry, brittle and oily hair.

Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil is Kerala’s well known secret for arresting hair fall and resulted in thick, lustrous hair that remained dandruff free.

Neelibhringadi Oil is prepared in accordance to Sahasrayogam which is a codified form of indigenous systems of heath care in Kerala, based on an amalgamation of the best of Vedic knowledge, ancient tribal wisdom and family medicine passed down the ages.


How its Prepared?

Let me burst your bubble..This Oil is very tough to prepare in your home. Trust me. Many have tried but got nothing out of it. Neelibhringadi  oil is prepared by maintaining correct temperatures and proportions of herbal mixtures. Even a little deviation in the preparation process will decrease the potency of the oil.

This oil is prepared and sold by Kerala Ayurveda practitioners and doctors. It is best to get the one that is prepared by them.

To your knowledge, here is the list of ingredients that are used to prepare Neelibhringadi oil.

Ingredients: Indigo Juice, Bhringraj plant juice, Amla juice, Coconut Milk, Goat milk, Cow milk, Buffalo Milk, Sesame oil/Coconut oil as base oils, Licorice, Gunja Roots, Anjana extract.

All the juices, animal milks and base oils are collected and are used to make a herbal paste using water. After all the ingredients are mixed well, the mixture is heated until only the oil remains. the remained oil is Neelibhringadi Oil. The residue is then filtered to get just the oil.

Now this oil is ready to be used for your hair.

Reference: Sahasrayogam



If Coconut oil is taken as base oil for preparing Neelibhringadi oil, then it is called Neelibhringadi  keram or Neelibhringadi  Kera Thailam, or Neelibhringadi  Coconut Oil.


Benefits of Neelibhringadi oil

Neelibhringadi Thailam is a widely used and seen with the best results for multiple hair problems. As the oil contains coconut oil as the base oil it suites for everyone even for children. The presence of pure herbal extractions helps in treating diseases which affect hair and scalp. The oil moisturizes and nourishes the hair follicles, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Neelibringadi, Anjanam are the core products that make the hair glow with blackish. Dhatri chills out the entire body.

  • Neelibhringadi Thailam improves hair quality, treats dry and split hairs, premature graying, dandruff and baldness besides hair falling.
  • It strengthens the scalp, hair roots and stops hair fall completely. The oil has the potency of clearing scalp infection, fungal infection.
  • Neelibrinagadi Thailam gives a sound sleep. It soothes the brain and nervous system, makes the brain calm, reduces tension and stress, and improves sleep.
  • While using regularly, the oil cures the eye diseases due to heavy heat.


How should you use?

Neelibhringadi Thailam is only for external application. The oil can be directly applied on the scalp with a light massage. It may be applied at the night time and the next day hair washing is recommended. As it contains many cold ingredients, people who are sensitive to cold may apply the oil in the morning before hair wash.

You can also mix this oil with other carrier oils like Grapeseed oil or jojoba oil for enhanced effects.

You can apply this oil twice a week to see improved results and reduce hair fall. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo after applying this oil.


Where to buy the Best Neelibhringadi  Oil in India?

Of course, there is no better place to buy this oil except in Kerala Ayurveda hospitals. Do not miss out to buy this oil and bring it back with you if at all you visit Kerala in your life time, otherwise we still have some of these feasible ways to buy Neelibhringadi tailam.

My personal favorite is Kairali’s Neelibhringadi oil which is what I am using it right now.

Side Effects?

some people experience cold and sinusitis worsening, if applied at night. It is happening so because Neelibhringadi  oil is coolant in nature. If you wish to apply it in the night, follow the procedure below.

Take 200ml of this oil and pour it into a steel vessel. To it, add 10gms of pepper powder and heat it using mild heat for 2-3 minutes. After 3 minutes, filter it and apply this oil at night. If the problem still persists, then you might have to apply this only in the morning.

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