How to Choose a Mild Soap for Face and Body

Benefits of “Castile Soap” that will Make You Ditch Face washes, Body washes & More..!

Today, people are not the same as twenty years back. Whether its in technology or in health and skin care. Consumers started reading the ingredients on the labels before putting them into their cart baskets. There are so many cleansers already available in the market, yet we still strive to get the best for our skin needs. Not all cleansers that you choose are completely natural even though the product itself says so. People are looking for more safer options to cleanse their face and body. Castile soap (bar/Liquid) is one such thing which might have already amazed you, and here are some of the benefits of castile soap that will make you ditch face washes, body washes, hand washes and many more.


Benefits of Castile Soap 

From many of the benefits of castile soap, there are few which are highly appreciated. If these don’t convince you to try this at least once, then hat else will?

A Non Toxic and Skin friendly Soap

If you have sensitive skin and highly allergic to artificial fragrances that are present in the store bought soaps, face washes o body washes., then this Castile Soap is what your skin is waiting for. Often the full ingredients in the commercial store bought soaps have toxic  chemicals that are even hard to pronounce.

Fewer ingredients in a bar or Liquid soap means there are lesser chances of skin reactions, especially for the people who suffer from high skin sensitivity.

Castile Soap is a non-toxic, chemical free and vegan source alternative for your skin. As it is made of natural vegetable and plant based oils like Olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and castor oil, this is the most gentle cleanser that you will ever use.

The ingredients of any Castile soap are any natural plant oil like Olive oil, Coconut oil, hemp seed oil, water, essential oils (if you opt for scented one), water and potassium hydroxide (a lye which helps in saponification of fats and none remains after the soap is formed)


Versatile Use

Castile Soap is extremely versatile and can be used for any purpose in personal body care and home care too. Castile soap can be used as a daily face wash with few drops of skin beneficial essential oils like lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil for acne prone skin and frankincense essential oil for mature skin.  It can also be used as a body wash and as a gentle hair cleanser too.

I am recently trying a Liquid Castile soap from a new brand in India. I am using it in various ways like washing my face, body, hands and hair with different recipes. I will be covering the detailed Castile Soap Uses and Recipes in a different post. Also, the review of the Castile soap that I am trying will be out soon. Any guesses of the brand? 😉


As Safe as even babies can Use

Castile Soap is very gentle and can be used on babies too. Use unscented Organic and natural castile soap and also talk to your baby’s doctor before making any changes in their skin care routine, if there are any special skin issue to be addressed.

The castile soap leaves the baby’s skin and soft without the harm of chemicals and toxins.


Has Antibacterial Properties

Castile soap possesses antibacterial properties. The soap contains natural antibacterial properties that will help kill the bacteria that causes acne and other skin conditions.

It is perfect to use on skin that suffer from eczema and also people who suffer from psoriasis. This will help give your skin a chance to clean up and in a week or two and your skin will start looking better.

This is the reason Castile soaps are used as a natural non toxic alternative to washing hands. Unlike other hand washes and soaps, Castile soap doesn’t dry out your hands and so can be used any number of times in a day to wash your hands without the fear of dying your hands out.


Cleanses Effectively without drying out

Castile Soaps are gentle cleansers. They are known to restore moisture without already stripping the natural oils from the skin’s surface. This soap can help to naturally soften and soothe skin. It also won’t clog pores which can lead to additional skin issues.

Castile soap is your best choice for helping to clean and clam your skin. This is because it is made from natural plant and vegetable oils like Olive oils, hemp seed oil, coconut oil and castor oil. There are known to nourish the skin deep within and cleanse to remove dirt effectively.

Castile soap is even gentle than any handmade soap too. I used many handmade soaps before from different Organic brands, but once I started using Unscented Liquid castile soap, I never looked back. My skin feels soft and smooth even in winters.

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Environmentally Friendly

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, antibacterial soap, and all-purpose cleaner are all risky products to use inside and outside the home. These chemicals are not only bad for the environment, they are also bad for the people in the home, since most of them are toxic or can cause illnesses or sicknesses.

Whenever you chose a bar or a Liquid form Castile soap, you are saving the environment by not flushing the harmful toxins from the commercial soaps into the drains.


Castile soap is also affordable for everyone to buy, so it can easily be substituted for all the other products you normally use in your home.

One bottle of Castile soap can replace your face wash, body wash, hair cleanser and hand wash. Although there are many, there are some of the basic skin and hair care uses of a Castile soap.

So, buying one bottle of Castile Soap will save heaps loads of money that you spend on these 4 products. Isn’t that cool..! 🙂

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