Aroma essentials mint mask review

Aroma Essentials ” Mint Mask ” (W. VIT. B3) Honest Review with pictures

This is the another product that I brought from Aroma essentials after I liked their Orange vanilla Body Butter. You can read the review If you are interested

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I have been using this mask quite for a long time, probably once or twice in a week.


Let’s Start with the packaging..

Packaging of this product is done in a small white color plastic container as shown here. This one is smaller than the one in which the body butter was packed. A cute little one. 🙂 It is definitely a travel friendly one. Give a look  at this picture.

Aroma essentials mint mask review



The ingredients which are used to make this packaging are unfortunately not listed on the product. Why? * Skeptical* :/


What’s written on the product??

Nothing again. :/


Quantity & the price??

INR 350 for 35gms.

Aroma essentials mint mask review

Aroma essentials Mint Mask review

These are my views on this aroma essentials Mint Mask review

What’s my option?

This Mint mask is green in color. It has a gel (is a little shimmery too) kinda consistency  with few traces of some black beads (I have no idea what are those, If you have any guesses..let me know in the comments).The first time I applied this Mint mask, there was a light cooling sensation on my skin. That didn’t last long though.

Aroma essentials mint mask review


The gel spreads quite well on my face and doesn’t at all feels like I have put some mask on my face. A pea sized amount is want you all need. It was absorbed quickly. And the black beads stuff neither gets absorbed nor stays on my face. I can see no beads staying on my face in the morning even though I have put a quite few of them in the night before.

Aroma essentials mint mask review

And You ask where they go? All over my pillow 😀

The product smells minty, some kinda of pepperminty smell I can say.  I usually apply this in the night and wash off in the morning. My skin feels fresh and glowy soft in the morning.

Aroma essentials mint mask review


I am HAPPY for

  • Nice refreshing mint smell.
  • Skin looks glowy in the morning.
  • Travel friendly
  • Product lasts long ( for me it lasted for more than 2 months- when used twice a week) as a very little amount is sufficient for the whole face

I am NOT OK for

  • No ingredients. I cannot dare to use those products which don’t specify their ingredients which are used to make that product. It kinda taking a big risk to my skin.
  • No Usage instructions or description on the product. Again, if there is no specification of what to expect with any given product, what’s the point of using it for.? To focus on which problem. To help for which type of skin?
  • Those black beads. It would have been better if they have specified about these on the product. But then, these are of no use in my option, as they don’t stay on my face after i apply the mask and also doesn’t get absorbed into the skin
  • Availability. Only available on their Facebook page.


One last Line…

Overall a good mask. You can try it if you want but not recommended from my side mainly if you are that junkie who reads the ingredients and knows about the product first to use Like me.


Do let me know your views on this Aroma essentials Mint mask, if you have ever used it before.  And if you want me to try any other products and write a review on it here on smartgirls? Do let me know in the comments below. I’ll be happy to explore new products and help you to choose the best from them. 🙂

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  1. You could’ve asked the owners about the ingredients. They’re open about it. Prodding the makers is any day better than applying without knowledge of what’s in it.

    I wouldn’t blame them. The package is so small that even if they had printed the ingredients, most people need to have an excellent eyesight to zoom in. Since they take orders via Facebook, dropping them a message regarding the product’s ingredients beforehand is sane.

    Never the less, I tried their mint face mask (perhaps it’s renamed to something else now) a few day ago and they’ve removed the beads. So, it’s consistent chilled gel now texture wise.

    1. Hello Nidhal,

      I agree with you, but there are set of rules of packaging for cosmetic products. One of which is, you should always mention what is in your product (i.e., ingredients) for customers awareness so that they can either choose to pick or not to pick depending upon their choice or allergic to certain ingredients.
      So, this is the reason, I always talk about the ingredients first when I review a Product.
      I have revived their body butter too, wherein which the container size is almost same and they have mentioned the ingredients list on it. If they have included the ingredients on that, then why not this?

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