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Recently I encountered this beautiful aromatic Body butter from “Aroma Essentials” on Facebook. Their all natural skin and body care products is what makes almost everyone like their products. I have ordered a body butter floured in orange vanilla  and a Mint mask from Aroma essentials sometime back. The body butter is almost finished, and its time for a review 😉 The first thing that when I opened this body butter was its beautiful vanilla citrusy aroma. You don’t believe me, but 90% of the times I open the product just to smell it.

But I don’t fall only for the aroma of the product, but also for the effectiveness of the product. After-all, we all buy products with that being the main reason. So read on the review and know by yourself about the effectiveness of the product.


Let’s start with the packaging…

Packaging was kinda done in a normal plastic tub which is white in color. A small cute one which is perfect to carry it in your handbag. Definitely travel friendly for working women who travel a lot as a part of their work schedule.

Aroma essentials body butter review



I was really happy to see the ingredients which where used to make this body butter..They are..

  1. Cocoa
  2. Soya Butter
  3. Kokum butter
  4. Mango butter
  5. Shea butter

Aroma essentials body butter review

What written on the product??

Suitable for type of skin:    All skin types

Functions:    Smoothens damaged skin cells, Restores moisture and nourishes the                                                                                                           skin.

Directions for use: Wash face with cleanser, Apply liberally all over Face & Massage                                                                                                                Gently, can be left overnight.

Usage Frequency:  Any time

Aroma essentials body butter review


Which Flavor?


Aroma essentials body butter review

Quantity & the price??

INR 350 for 50gms

Aroma essentials body butter review

Aroma Essentials body butter review

These are my views on this aroma essentials body butter

What’s my option?

An natural chemical free, Paraben free and preservative free body butter with a luxurious aroma, what all to expect 😀 Although the aroma doesn’t linger all day long it keeps my skin highly moisturized in winters. The consistency is thick & It feels a little greasy when you apply but gets easily absorbed as if you skin as drunk all that goodness of the body butter. Although they have mentioned that we can use on our face as well, but I don’t recommend it for oily skin beauties to use this body butter on your face, as the skin cells on the face are different from that of the body and you may fell more greasy and oily if you apply it on your face, specially in summers.

For dry skin- I feel Its an excellent moisturizer for your face in winters.

An Overall feast for your skin. You’re gonna love it for sure.

Aroma essentials body butter review


Aroma essentials body butter review

Aroma essentials body butter review

I am OK for

  • Luxurious Vanilla-orange aroma
  • All natural ingredients- Handmade. No preservatives, parabens or other nasty stuff.
  • Easily gets absorbed into the skin
  • Keeps skin well hydrated and moisturized in winters
  • An Excellent moisturizer for dry skin
  • Travel Friendly


I am NOT OK for

  • Pricey. For such a small quantity, such a big number sometimes make me think twice to buy.
  • Availability. Online available on their Facebook page, if I am not wrong. By the way, Their offline store in near to the place where I live :D. So availability is generally not a problem at least for me.


A last line..

If you want to give your skin a break from all those chemicals and parabens, just grab this. A perfect product for all those who love all natural ingredient products. It’s wroth a try.

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