how to wash your face without soap

7 Alternatives to Wash your face without Soap or Face Washes

Today, in this modernized society, we are so used to these foaming cleansers that gives us a squeaky clean feeling. But what happens after 2 hours? Oh.! Your skin is oily/dry back?

Those sulfates and detergents actually strip your natural skin’s moisture to give you such a squeaky clean feeling. It is not really necessary to wash your wash  twice or thrice every day with these facial cleansers.

“Do you know? Benzoyl peroxide is one such ingredient that is found in many acne clearing products which reduces the acne but if you stop using it your acne is back again. That means, once you start use these chemicals on your face, you should forever use it”

The act of washing your face more than once daily will also age you more quickly. The Carcinogenic Chemicals that are found in commercial cleansers actually will penetrate into your skin and causes more harm than good that you ever thought of.

Contrary to many commercial skin products, organic and natural home made products really help in clearing the acne from the root and gradual using may also help to eliminate it completely. Unlike those chemical creams, if you stop using these natural products after it clears away your acne, you are not affected by it again. That’s the power of nature.

Alternatives to Wash your face without Soap

Oil cleansing

Oil cleansing is one such method I have learned to incorporate in my daily skin care routine. Coupled with other things, like using natural skin products, eating healthy diet and exercise; using high quality oils for my face and doing oil cleansing method has helped me to clear my acne to 90%.

“Oil cleansing is basically using a mixture of oil to cleanse your face instead of using commercial foaming cleansers”

To start off, just take two to three pumps of oil mixture in your palms and spread it all over your face and massage in circular motions. Take latest few minutes to work the oil on your skin and give your face a nice massage in mean time.

After you finish your massage, take a fresh clean micro fiber cloth and run it over hot water. Wring it out and drape it over your face. Allow that steam to help loosen that oil off your face.

Facial massage is very beneficial to your skin, it helps to stimulate the blood flow to your face and so really good for the skin. It delays the anti aging and keeps your face very clear and healthy

For a more in depth on How to Oil cleansing and how to choose the right oils for your skin follow the below link.

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Cleansing grains

Ever since I ditched using normal facial cleansers and soaps that contains surfocants, my skin felt better and also released that my skin is not oily any more.

The more and more you clean your face and wash your face with some fancy cleansers, the more and more your are stripping away the natural oils from your skin, which in turn your skin produces more and more oil to balance moisture on your face

Its just a fad to believe that you need foaming cleansers or soaps to wash your face. Nah..! Not at all..!

The easily available grains on your home like green gram, Oats meal flour, Rice flour and Besan (Chick pea flour) will not only cleanse your skin thoroughly but improve your skin’s tone too.

Some of the cleansing grains you can use to wash you face with are:

  • Rice flour
  • Almond powder
  • Organic green Tea leaves
  • Lemon peel powder
  • Orange Peel powder
  • Green gram Flour
  • Chick Pea Flour


I have actually made my own secret Soap free cleanser with some amazing indigents that benefit skin in the long run. As I wanted to sell that i initially thought of not sharing the recipe with you. But why wait for the good to happen, So here is my recipe.. hope you will like to do it for yourself.

Alternatives to Wash your face without Soap

Know My: Secret Soap free Cleanser Recipe that I have been using for more than a year to get clear skin


For centuries people have been using Honey as a medical treatment to treat many skin problems, dandruff, burns and fungal infections. Honey contains proteins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes that can kill the bacteria which contributes to the inflated pores. Some of the benefits which honey gives to the skin are,

  • Honey creates an acidic environment where in which the bacteria cannot grow and thus less breakouts.
  • Honey contains many anti bacterial and anti microbial properties from a compound called Propolis that bees use to seal their hive.
  • A high concentration of sugar, which puts pressure on bacterial cells, making them less likely to multiply.

While using Honey it is very important to consider using only raw organic honey to avoid any synthetic colors or preservatives that may contain.

Take a tablespoon of Organic honey in a small cup and dilute it enough with either Rose water or normal water. Apply the mixture to your face and massage for 5 minutes and wash off with warm water.

I am actually doing a small experiment on Washing my face with just honey. i will update the results soon. 🙂 so keep waiting.

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Apple cider vinegar

The goodness in apple cider vinegar toner actually heals your skin from within. Raw apple cider vinegar is a by product of fermentation of apples. Apple is an amazing skin food.  whether applying it externally on your face or taking it internally have profound benefits on your skin.

> Make a mixture of equal parts of Apple cider vinegar and water and wash your face with it daily in the morning and in the evening after you return home.

This apple cider vinegar toner, unlike other toners which dry your skin out like hell, it actually cleanses your skin clear from dirt and any kind of makeup residue left on your face. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which is best for acne prone skin.

alternatives to wash your face without soap

Follow this toner recipe to know more about benefits of using apple cider vinegar and to include the ACV toner in your natural skin care routine.

How to do itHow to make Apple cider vinegar toner in 2 minutes

It balances skin’s natural pH and reduces acne, age spots and scaring with continued use.


Hydrosols are nothing but “flower” or “herbal” waters. These are prepared my distilling flowers like lavender and rose to leaves like Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem.

These aromatic Waters have profound benefits to skin. These are genially used in face masks or as a Toner. You can make your own Hydrosols using this simple procedure.

Rose Hydrosol at homeHow to make rose hydrosol in an easy way at home

Washing your face with hydrsol water is so easy. Take few Tablespoons of Hydrosols water in a cup and dip a wash cloth in it. Warm you face with steam and drape this cloth that is dipped in the hydrosol water on your face and place it over your face for 5 minutes and wipe it off to clean it the face completely.

Alternatives t wash your face without soap



Just “water” cleansing

Give a break to skin. That’s the theme of this routine, to wash your face just with water.

The more you was your face in your day with the surfocants, the more your skin becomes dehydrated and in turn produces more and more oil. Thus more and more acne again. Such a vicious cycle.

Your skin produces natural oil that is highly necessary and beneficial to your skin. It produces oil for a reason. More and more you wash your face with soaps or cleansers, it produces more and more oil to balance. That in turn clogs your pores with harmful bacteria, and causes acne. This is why you skin care routine never gonna yield fruitful results.

Alternatives to wash your face without soap

I have actually explained the Just -water cleansing routine that I followed for more than a month to clear my acne and balance oil production on my skin. See how I actually realized that my skin is not oily any more.

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Ever wondered how crazy it is to have a skin magnet that can just pull all the sh*t out of your face and give a clear skin you ever wanted? Well, Cosmetic Clays are know to have natural cleansing properties and some special Clays like french green clay just does more than that

French green clay or the sea clay is a green colored clay as the name says, contains dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This unique combination of different minerals detoxifies your skin to remove the impurities and cleanses the pores from within and tightens them

One of the amazing benefit of this green clay is high absorbency that has an ability to draw out the impurities twice its mass. The negative charge in this green clay attracts the impurities from our face that are mostly positively charged.

Alternatives to wash your face without soap


Ingredients for French Green Clay face cleansing mask to tighten pores

Mix the ingredients to form a paste and apply to your face and massage gently. Wash your face with cold water to seal the pores and reveal clear and fresh face.

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This is the best ever Post I have written till date, because I like to discuss this kind of topics and can never get bored.

If you are really excited as me , to be chemical free and indulge in a natural skin care routine, then try these alternatives to wash your face without soap and see happy will your skin be.

What more you would like to see on SmartGirls, I would like to clear your problems and help them to cure them with simple home made remedies. Are your ready? Then comment now?  🙂 I am waiting …common ..common.. 😀

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