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In today’s market there are numerous products available for one variant that has made us so difficult to decide the right ones for us. As they all claim almost the same promises, we fall into false promises sometimes. So to avoid this and to help you make smart choices  Here in smartgirls.in, we provide honest and genuine reviews of beauty and health products that may help you in deciding the right kind  product for you.

We also give you some home remedies to pamper your skin without costing a bomb. As natural remedies are safe and free of chemicals, it is suitable for any kind of skin and gives into better results in the long run, than those products which have loads of sulfates and colorants which does more harm than good.

We appreciate your views and suggestions towards our blog. You can also review any product or write anything that may help our fellows beauties 🙂  here on our site. And the best article chosen and reviewed will be awarded with  surprise gifts, or  shopping vouchers or credit of Rs-100.

In case of any queries mail us @ smartgirlswebsite@gmail.com


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  1. Hi… Just came across your site and absolutely loved it.. great info in there…pls tell me which toothpaste is the safest to use for kids as well as adults pls!!

    1. Hello Smartgirls!
      I’m so happy I found your website. Did the coffee infused oil! Amazing!!!
      I’m 48 and my face/body needs good treatments. Love to make my own cosmetics and your website shows me how in an awesome way. 👏Thanks so much.🙂
      Coming from Germany living now in Texas the knowledge of homemade cosmetics is pretty low!!! I saw you are based in India……..I would love to jump in a plane and come over!!!😊

      1. You are always welcome to India, I am sure you gonna love the place. 🙂
        Home made cosmetics are great to take care of our skin safely. Many are gonna come up in the blog in the future. Stay tuned 🙂

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