ade Acne DARK SPOTS on Face Fast at Home with Honey

5 Strong Ways to Fade Acne DARK SPOTS on Face Fast at Home with Honey..!

Honey is naturally antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. It cleanses the pores effectively, fights with problem causing bacteria on skin and keeps it fresh, hydrated, nourished and glowing. It is ideal for all skin types. It slows down the aging process of your skin and is a great treatment for acne prone and oily skin. Honey is used as a quick fix to fade acne dark spots fast on face and is one of the safe and natural way to treat any skin irritation.

While using Honey it is very important to consider using only raw organic honey to avoid any synthetic colors, sugar syrup or any types of adulterations or preservatives that it might contain.

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5 Top ways to Fade Acne DARK SPOTS on Face Fast

I have listed out some of the best  easy face masks to fade acne dark spots on face using easily available ingredients at our home. So, try it out and be consistent to see any visible results.

Kasturi Turmeic + Honey

Kasturi Turmeric is used for centuries as the only beauty ingredient to keep skin glowy and healthy.

Wild Turmeric/Kasturi Manjal is considered as an Ayurvedic medicinal herb with a strong antibiotic property. It is obtained from the rhizobium of Curcuma Aromatica.

Turmeric powder may be used to brighten skin tone, but it’s main ingredient, curcumin, works to suppress excess melanin production caused by sunlight which can lead to uneven skin tone, age spots, dark spots and even pigmentation in the later stages if not taken care.

Age Old Secret Way “Kasturi Turmeric” to treat UNEVEN SKIN tone | Kasturi Manjal

To use Kasturi turmeric and honey as a mask to fade acne dark spots on face, take a tablespoon of oatmeal flour and add a teaspoon of Kasturi Turmeric into it. Add a teaspoon of raw honey into it and mix it well by adding few drops of rose water into it.

Apply this face mask on to your well cleansed face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Apply Aloe Vera gel to moisturize your face.

Sandalwood + Honey

Sandalwood, or chandan as she called it, has  antiseptic properties that are great for treating acne, and when mixed with the correct ingredients; can work wonders on acne scars

The best thing about sandalwood powder is in its ease of use and the ability to bind with other essential oils. It can be made into a paste, face mask, soap, creams, and bath gels.

Sandalwood contains natural skin lightening agents and hence is used in many fairness face packs.

To use this mask, add one tablespoon of Multani Mitti powder and a teaspoon of Sandalwood powder into a small bowl. Now add a teaspoon of raw honey into it. Add rose water and mix all the ingredients  into a fine paste. Apply this mask to your well cleansed face and wait for 15 minutes before washing off with cold water. Moisture with Aloe Vera gel.

Due to the its popularity and effectiveness, there are many fake sandalwood powders and sandalwood sticks available in the market. So only choose this method, if you have access to pure sandalwood powder.

Almonds + Honey

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, a vitamin which is essential for healthy skin and hair. Cleopatra, The Egyptian Queen who was famous for her beautiful skin and body uses almonds for her skin. Applying Almond oil or Almond milk nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Almonds are a great source of vitamins and nutrients reduces the signs of early aging in skin.

Almonds help to lighten the skin slowly by removing the dark spots and fading acne scaring and blemishes.

To use, Take a tablespoon of finely milled almonds into a bowl and add a teaspoon of raw honey into it. Mix it well and apply to your face evenly.

If you have oily skin, soak the powdered almond meal into water the night before or at least 6 hours prior to using it to your face.

Wash off with just cold water after 15 minutes and apply any moisturizer of your choice, preferably natural and safe.

Also try this mask, if you have early dark spots that are way darker and hard to get rid of – How to Use Almond face mask to Remove dark spots


Licorice + Honey

Liquorice helps regenerate elastin and collagen for skin that’s smooth to the touch and stretches easily. It also contains amino acids, which have long been known to help moisturize and rehydrate the skin.

Licorice Root interrupts the enzymes that activate melanin production, making it a natural skin whitening agent. It prevents future hyperpigmentation while improving existing dark spots on your skin.

Licorice Root is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, so it will help your skin by reducing any swelling or redness and aid the regeneration of your skin for a more balanced complexion.

To use, for a tablespoon of Multani Mitti take 2 teaspoons of Multani mitti and a teaspoon of raw honey. Mix all the ingredients to form a fine paste by adding few drops of rose water into it.

Apply the face mask to your face and neck and wait for 10 minutes. Later, wash off with cold water and pat dry. Apply moisturizer to avoid dryness.


Green Tea + Honey

Green tea is especially rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol that research has shown can improve acne and oily skin. Green tea contains Catechins which  are antioxidant and also anti-inflammatory. Here’s where it gets interesting. The catechins in green tea are very effective at reducing skin inflammation.

Due to green tea’s skin repairability, it can help your skin against long-term effects of sun exposure, including hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by deep acne.

Best ACNE Mask to Shrink Pimples Overnight

To use Green and honey to fade Acne dark spots, take a tablespoon of Green Tea powder and a teaspoon of Multani mitti in a small bowl. Now add teaspoon of Raw honey into it and mix by adding few drops of rose water into it.

Cleanse your face well and apply this face mask all over your face, evenly.

Let the mask sit for 10 minutes after which you can wash your face with cold water(do not use face wash/soap) and apply Aloe Vera gel.


So, Which way you are going to use Raw Honey to fade Acne dark spots at the comfort of your home in these lockdown days? Comment them below..!

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