5 Reasons to Start Using GLYCERIN in Your Skin Care

[All Skin Types] 5 Reasons to Start Using GLYCERIN in Your Skin Care From Today..!

Glycerin, also known as glycerol or glycerine is a simple polyol compound that is extracted from triglycerides found in different plant and animal sources, which when treated with alcohol give glycerin as a byproduct. It is a viscous, humectant, colorless, odorless and sweet liquid.

If you are using it for your face, I recommend for going a vegetable glycerin that is derived from coconut oil, palm oil or its even derived from soy (might clog pores for few). This plant derived glycerin also makes an excellent choice to vegans.

Vegetable glycerin is an organic compound that is water soluble (Why not make a DIY Toner out of this? 😉 ), sweet tasting and completely safe and non-toxic for both skin and hair.

After reading these reasons to start using Glycerin in your skin care, I am sure you will definitely buy one. If so, Invest in a good and authentic vegetable glycerin that is plant derived and has no added sh*t like fragrances, diethylene glycol etc in it.


5 Reasons Why you should Start Using GLYCERIN in Your Skin Care

These are some of the reasons which makes you to buy glycerin (if you do not have already) right away and include using it in your daily skin care routines. You will also find that, no matter what your skin type is, Glycerin will be your best bet to trust on for all your skin problems. So, why wait further, Let’s get right into these 5 reasons on why you should start using Glycerin in your skin care routine right from today..!


1. World’s Best Moisturizer

The reason why glycerin is hyped a lot is only because of its moisturizing benefits it has on skin. Glycerin is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.

Whether mentioned explicitly or not, This colorless thick liquid which pumps moisture into your skin is found in almost all moisturizers and lotions  available in the market. Glycerin is a very effective moisturizer on skin. It absorbs water from air reducing dry and dull patches on your skin. It adds hydration and health to your skin.

If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin on your face, glycerin may be your new must-have product. When applied topically to the face mixed with Pure Rose water, glycerin works to increase moisture on the skin and lock it in to curb the dryness


2. Non-Comedogenic and Controls Sebum Production on Face

By just knowing that an Oil has numerous benefits for skin, we cant wait to slather that on or face. Isn’t it? But least did you know that there are some natural oils that clogs your pores and even causes breakouts? Those are Comedogenic oils and each oil has a comedogenic rating to it. 1 being the least and 5 being the highest which have high causes of causes breakouts to many.

See if the Oil that you are using to your face has which Comedogenic Rating? “Comedogenic of different Plant Oils

But hey, Do you know that Glycerin is non-comedogenic and thus is an excellent humectant for Oily skin beauties?

A humectant is a substance that attracts water from its surroundings, including moisture from the air. Glycerin is a powerful humectant that can help keep the skin hydrated and radiant.

Glycerin balances and control sebum production on oily skin and makes it look less oily with regular use. It is non-greasy, and hence, it can keep your skin toned and hydrated without triggering excessive sebum production.

3.  As safe as using it for babies

Glycerin is safe and non-toxic so it can be used for children and even for babies which makes it a perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin. Glycerin is extremely gentle on the skin. As it is a plant-based substance and being an all-natural product, glycerin is exceptionally gentle even on sensitive skin and helps soothe skin woes such as inflammation and redness.

Ironically,most of the sensitive skin products today in the market have lot of non-sensitive ingredients in it. Ditch those and try glycerin for a change. You will not regret it.

4. Fine Lines and Wrinkle Corrector

Glycerin’s humectant and moisturizing properties make it great for aging skin and for preventing premature wrinkles. Including Glycerin at least twice daily in your skin corrects early fine lines and wrinkles on your face thus delaying premature aging.

A study shows that glycerin rejuvenates the skin by promoting skin cell maturation. Your skin sheds numerous cells and produces younger cells to replace them. The top layer of your skin contains the mature cells that produce lipids that form the protective barrier on your skin. Glycerin helps the young cells mature and move up to the surface before they are eventually shed

5. Best Skin Softer & Smoothening Humectant 

Neglecting your skin care surely shows on your skin at some point. Right? Your skin shows many signs of it. Loosing its moisture, Tiny cracks, dry patchy skin and early aging.

To get it back to its normal state, you don’t need any expensive products and fancy skin care routines every morning and night. Just one product, and that is Glycerin. Glycerin has a skin-smoothening effect because it fills up the fine lines and microscopic cracks on the skin. After the skin ealing process is done, it helps to  transform your skin to smooth and silky.

Glycerin is a humectant and so it draws moisture from the environment to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.


If these reasons are not enough to entice you to get you to start using glycerin in your skin care routines from today, then I am not sure what will? 😀

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