Oil Pulling to Improve Your Skin

5 Reasons to Start Oil Pulling to Improve Your Skin from Inside-Out

When I learned about our ancient Ayurvedic technique oil pulling and the internal and external benefits it provides, I was so curious to share it with you all. But then, I decided to try it myself and see how it helps me in the first place. Having tried it for almost a month now, I am more than happy to share the results with you all. Mainly by clearing my gut and balancing my hormones that in turn was shown on my skin’s health.

The majority of skin problems start on the inside. An imbalance of the bacteria in your digestive system can cause a variety of problems, including acne, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis. One of your best tools when it comes to fighting problem skin can be oil pulling, because simply put, the bacteria responsible for it can’t affect you if it can’t get to you!

What is Oil pulling is all about?

Oil Pulling to Improve Your Skin

In Ayurvedic practice, oil pulling can be performed in two ways. ‘Ghandusha’ is where you keep the oil in your mouth for two to three minutes and then you spit it out.

In the other method called ‘Kaval Graha’, the oil is gently revolved around in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes till it becomes thin and whitish in color and then expelled. This is the most famous and the most followed method.

The teeth, gums and tongue are rinsed with salt water. This can be followed by brushing as you normally would. Remember, the oil is never swallowed.

The best time to perform oil pulling is in the morning before breakfast. It is to be practiced an empty stomach, one time a day.

Which oils are best to start Oil pulling?

Traditionally, in Ayurveda cold pressed sesame oil is used for oil pulling.

There are also many modern options that are ideal to use. These include sunflower oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Of these options, many prefer coconut oil for oil pulling because of its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have cold pressed sesame oil got for it, nothing can replace it. Otherwise, opt for cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

You shouldn’t use non-food grade oil for oil pulling because of their harmful effects. Use only cold pressed, edible oils.


Why you should start Oil pulling to improve your skin Inside-Out

Although there are countless numbers of reasons to start oil pulling like to improve oral health and gut health and kidney health and ..and..and… I will talk about some of the skin care benefits which can be enjoyed by incorporating this daily routine in your life.

Can clear acne

One of the most benfited area in terms of skin health after incorporating oil pulling in one’s routine is seeing how acne clears up.

Acne is highly associated with gut health issues. We can safely conclude that it’s often the cause of an imbalance of gut bacteria most of the times.

Oil pulling works by eliminating this most harmful bacteria from your mouth before they even get the chance to enter your body and cause acne breakouts.

That’s why it can be an incredible tool for combating acne naturally. It cleanses the gut and keeps it away from harmful bacteria.

Improves skin’s health and increases glow

As oil pulling involves “pulling” germs and toxins in the mouth that often leak into the bloodstream, affecting the entire body, it is believed that it can improve skin health and appearance.

Oil pulling can also treat insomnia to an extent and ensure you get a good night’s rest. Sleeping well is essential for any beauty routine and and also to bring back the glow. When you are sleeping is when your body works its hardest at shedding those old layers and regenerating with soft, fresh skin, and soothing chapped lips.

Controls harmonal imbalances

Making oil pulling a habit helps in the improvement of hormone imbalances–allowing them to function naturally. Some of the most common hormonal relief that oil pulling provides include establishing regular menstrual cycles and reducing symptoms of PMS. Facilitating a regular menstrual cycle is a way to avoid skin breakouts and eliminate toxins that keep you from having a healthy skin glow.

Jawline exercise

With regular oil pulling you will be able to strengthen the jaw to prevent soreness of the jaw, as well as the worsening of TMJ. Over time, you will feel the improvements and observe that the experience of pain eventually subsides.

Also, its a natural exercise to get rid of neck wrinkles, a turkey neck, sagging jowls and a double chin without any surgery. Get a younger and firm neck now, start oil pulling to improve your skin. 😀

Increase Blood Flow to Your Face

Oil pulling not only helps the skin from inside but also from outside because it will help in exercising the jaw muscles which in turn will also encourage a good blood circulation, which helps tighten your skin and smoothens out those smile lines and provides you with a youthful look.

Although when such a simple thing can do so much good, you’ll probably be smiling more anyway!


If you are interested to know about this practice more and the benefits it has, there are countless videos on youtube on it. Just search for Oil pulling and see how many pop up.


Start today and see the benefits for yourself. Will you? Which oil are you gonna choose to oil pull? Comment them..!!

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