30 seconds to DIY Makeup remover with just 2 patanjali products

I am just a huge fan of patanjali products. Anything patanjali, I ‘ll instantly grab it. Whether it is necessary at the moment or not, I’ll just pick them up. :p Especially beauty products, these are so effective and affordable that everyone will fall in love with them. I have experimented  a new DIY makeup remover with just only 2 patanjali products. Can you believe that?> only two. And yeah you need just 30 seconds to do it. It’s that simple.

Any guesses of What can be these 2 Patanjali products be??  These are the most popular and well know products of patanjali that almost every one knows and are using them too.

And its time to reveal…….. 😉

Patanjali Coconut oil

DIY patanjali makeup remover

Coconut oil gives some of the amazing benefits to hair and skin. It has various beauty uses some of which are

-It is a natural moisturizer. Avoids flaky and dry skin in winters.

-Its antibacterial properties prevents the skin from bacterial infections and acne.

-It delays the signs of aging likes wrinkles on skin.

Patanjali Aloe vera gel

DIY patanjali makeup remover

Some of the Aloe Vera uses for skin

-It can lighten acne scars and dark spots

-Aloe Vera can reduce sun burn and blemishes.


How to: DIY Makeup remover with just 2 Patanjali products

Preparation time: 30 seconds or less ( if you have all the ingredients ready with you)

You Need:

A small bowl for mixing the ingredients
Patanjali coconut oil
Patanjali Aloe Vera gel
Small box for storage

How To:

Step 1: Take 3 spoon full of Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and put it into a clean bowl

Step 2: Take 2 Spoon full of Patanjali Coconut oil put it into the same bowl in which you have already put the Aloe Vera gel.

Step 3: Mix them well. That’s it, your are done.  Your own Makeup remover with all natural ingredients.

DIY patanjali Makeup remover

DIY patanjali Makeup remover

I use this daily to remove my makeup and infact you can use this as a night serum too, if you are suffering with dryness and flaky skin.


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