How to grow eyelashes super long naturally

3 Amazing Proven Natural ways to grow eyelashes super long & thick

Eyes… Beautiful eyes are a symbol of beauty to everyone. And bigger eyelashes gives you that fairy look, perfect for any occasion, Isn’t it? Although there are a variety of eyelash growth serums available in the market, they are fully loaded with chemicals that are so dangerous if it gets into your eyes. These are not only harmful but also  weakens your eyelash roots if used continuous and hence falls out so easily.

Choosing some natural ways to grow your eyelashes helps them to stay strong and healthier from the roots, thus promotes the growth faster.

Here are the 3 most popular highly rated ways for faster and thicker eyelash growth that you can start seeing the results overnight.


Natural ways to grow your eyelashes fuller and thicker

TIP: These remedies work best when applied and left overnight. That way you are really giving time to soak your eyelashes in these natural treatments for better results.


Vaseline for overnight eyelash growth

Using Vaseline for eyelash growth is now new. This has been tried and tested by many and also had seen visible results by overnight including me. Yeah..! I’m not kidding. I don’t know if it works for all but you can give it a try to check whether it shows overnight results to you or takes time. It depends from person to person, for some it may take a week to see the difference. or even a month.

All you need to do is…

You can either use your fore-fingers to apply Vaseline on to your eyelashes or its even better if you have that old mascara brush/applicator( But clean properly before use).

How To: Apply Vaseline to eyelashes for faster growth

How to grow eyelashes super long and thick naturally

  • Take a very small amount of Vaseline on to your fingers.
  • Now take a clean old mascara brush and swipe over your fingers so that the Vaseline transfers on to the brush nicely.You can skip this and go to the next step, if you don’t have an old mascara brush.
  • Now apply the Vaseline  all over you eyelashes just the way you apply mascara.
  • Now using a finger, gently massage you eyelids near the roots of your eyelashes for 10-20 seconds.
  • Wash off early in the morning after you wake up.

And that’s it, You just need only one product and that is Vaseline.


Castor oil & Olive oil for thicker eyelashes

Castor oil is used since ages for hair growth. It stimulates and nourishes the scalp for faster and thicker hair growth. So it can also be used as a eyelash/eyebrow serum. Use 100% pure organic castor seed oil, to ensure that it doesn’t hurt your eyes and to gain more effective results out of it.  As Castor oil possesses the maximum viscosity, we can dilute it with olive oil or Almond oil too to ease out the pplication on your eyelashes.

How to grow eyelashes super long and thick naturally

Olive oil is one of the most nourishing and conditioning oil to hair, skin and to your entire body. Using Extra virgin 100% pure olive oil as itself an eyelash serum is extremely beneficial to the hair strands as it strengths them from the roots. When used with Castor oil, it gives added benefits like faster eyelash growth and thickens them from the roosts.

How to: Make eyelash growth serum using Castor oil and Olive oil

How to grow eyelashes super long and thick naturally

  • Take 2 drops of Pure Castor seed oil and 4-5 drops of olive oil on a tiny plate or in a bowl.
  • Mix them well. Apply this to the  eyelashes by using either a cotton ball or an mascara brush. 
  • Gently give a 10 seconds massage to the roots of the eyelashes using only the tips of your fingers.
  • Leave it overnight and wash off early in the morning.

Apply this twice a week to see visible results.



 Aloe Vera for moisturizing and extending the self life of eyelashes

Aloe Vera gel is an all purpose gel. Due to its numerous benefits and uses, it is beneficial when taken both internally and externally.

Aloe Vera gel is used in various beauty/ cosmetic products to reap the maximum benefits out of it. It gives skin its natural color curing the sunburn or tan. It gives gorgeous shine to your mane. It has an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that helps aids digestion problem when taken internally( Consult your personal doctor for prescription and additional suggestions before you consume)

So let’s so our last remedy for eyelash growth.

How to: make and apply Aloe Vera gel for faster eyelash growth.


  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and cut away the thorny sides and now slice it in the middle of the leaf from top. This reveals the gel of the leaf on the both the sides.
  • You can either extract this gel and store it in refrigerator for later use, Or you can simply take a mascara brush and work through the gel to get the required amount.  
  • Now apply to your eyelashes and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning.  

Aloe Vera helps to moisturize the dry and brittle eyelashes that are weaken due to the usage of chemically loaded mascaras. As a result,Aloe Vera keeps your eyelashes moisturized thus extending the self life too.

You can also try with pure ale vera gels without any added colorants like these ones.. Buy from here- Click on the below image


So, at least once in a while  ditch those chemical mascaras and try for some natural mascaras as these.

These show better results when applied and left overnight. This way you are allowing  these natural serums to work on your eyelashes for a significant amount of time.

TIP: The last, Aloe Vera gel remedy for eyelash growth- This can also be applied as a natural mascara in the daytime as well. 

Lets have some more of these useful stuff that may help you to grow your eyelashes. So Who’s gonna initiate first? 😉  *Comment Below* *Comment below* 🙂 🙂

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  1. ME too… I use Vaseline every night, It also removes the excess kajal and helps in growing our eyelashes too 😀

  2. Love this blog! Mink lashes are a great alternative to the individual ones.but I really need to learn how to do these. But I love the way they look..they look very natural. I cannot wait to add these to my inventory.

    1. You can use any one of them. Castor oil mixed with almond oil also works best. Apply them to your eyelashes and eyebrows before going to sleep and wash them gently using a mild face wash the next morning.

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