15 minutes Yoga for beginners to get clear skin, shiny hair and healthy body

Unlike any other excessive, Yoga is a complete mind and body exercise that helps function and rejuvenate each muscle  and promotes blood circulation to each and every corner of your body.

Regular practice of Yoga for at least of 15 minutes makes a great difference in your lifestyle. It improves the look and feel of your body both physically and spiritually Which in turn gives a great shape and health to your body that reflects to give a clear skin and shiny hair too.

It’s never late to start your yoga workout. Start with the basic beginner yoga if you are completely new to this. Do not hold long in any position if your are uncomfortable.  Latter with regularity and practice your can improve the postures and performance.

Yoga for beginners

It is important t start your workout in the right frame of your mind, i.e., Breathing correctly. Te right way to do this is by chanting “OM“.

Sit in any comfortable cross legged position on the ground. Close your eyes. Breathing normally, push the air down to your stomach. Ideally, your chest shouldn’t move at all. Now breathe in deeply and exhale with “OM” sound. The first 3 seconds should be the vocalization the “OM” with your mouth open and then close your mouth and let then ‘mmmmmm’ sound continue for as long as your breath allows.

You should feel a deep vibration running through most of your skull. Repeat thrice. Keep your eyes closed. Remember to breathe normally in between the deep breaths before each “OM” recitation.

Chanting “OM” Calms you focusing your mind inward.

Back Asanas

  1. Utthanpradasana ( The raised Legs pose)


Yoga for beginners

From Shavasana bring your legs together and your arms to your sides, place your palms under your hips. Start raising both your legs without bending them at the knees. Stop 30 degrees from the floor and hold for 5 breaths. Similarly, stop at 60 degrees and finally at 90 degrees from the floor. Hold for 5 breaths each time in a position, slowly release stopping at both 60 degree and 90 degree mark. Remember to keep breathing.

Utthanpradasana is very effective to the entire abdomen. Its stretches out the thoracic cavity of the entire back.

Yoga for beginners


Asanas on the stomach

  1. Dhanurasna ( The bow pose)

Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners

While on the stomach, place your chin on the floor, exhale,  raise your legs and bend your knees, bring the legs closer to your and reach back crosping the right ankle with the right hand and left ankle with the left hand. Inhale. Slowly raise up pulling your ankles up and raising the thighs off the floor while simultaneously lifting your chest up the floor. Hold the breath. The weight of your body  should be resting solely on  your abdomen. Tilt your head as far as possible. Hold your posture as long as you can comfortably hold your breath. Slowly exhale. Bring your knees to the floor. Release your ankles and slowly bring your legs and arms back on to the ground.


The Dhanurasnaor the bow pose, because that is what you resemble in the final position is considered to be one of the best postures in all of yoga. It helps keep an individual in great shape. It restores flexibly to the spine. Regular practice will relieve lower back pain and release tension and stain in the upper back and neck area. The alternating stretching and releasing of the abdominal muscles increases blood flow to the area thus is great for menstrual problems and is also great fr turning the thighs and the buttocks in shape.


Standing Asanas

  1. Chakrasana ( The wheel pose- Lateral Bending)

Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners

Stand with your feet at part and your hands by the side of your things with fingers pointing to downwards. Then raise one arm to the side, perpendicular to the body, turn the palm over. Now raise the hand straight up so that it is by the side of your head, stretch slightly and now lean to the opposite side as much as possible until your body makes a smooth curve. Do not bend the knees. Do this while inhaling. Pose and come back to the normal standing position while exhaling.

Repeat for the other side.

This is a good exercise for the spine. Because of the lateral stretch to the spine, it combats the fat around the sides of the waist. your love handles. It is great for physical fitness as it a great stretch for the muscles along your sides.

2. Veerbhadrasana ( the warrior pose)

Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners

Spread your legs apart until there is a distance of about 4 feet. Turn your right foot about 90 degrees to the right. Make sure that the entire foot is on the floor at all the time. Turn your body to the right. Make sure tat the left foot remains in the same position and doesn’t  turn with the right foot. This is a common mistake. Bring both arms in front of you join them in a namaste. Raise your joined palms above your head, slowly bend your right knee until the thigh is parallel with the floor. Ideally, the knee should be either behind or directly over your ankle. And while holding the posture, attempt to lean as far back as possible. Hold. Remember to breathe. Straighten up and bring your joined palms back down and release the posture.

Repeat with the your the leg.

This is known as Veerbhadrasana, the warrior pose. It strengthens the legs as well as the arms while improving the balance and concentration.

3. Padahastasana ( Forward Bending)

Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners


From the base position, with your feet  apart again. Raise your palms straight up. Bend back slightly. As you exhale, Allow your self to bend forward starting first from your waist, then your neck and finally your neck. While bending, push your hips back slowly and touch your toes. It is OK to bend your legs if you are a beginner. Breathe in. Raise and return to the neutral position.


This asana is excellent for the legs and knee joints. It helps in loosening abdominal fat while increasing the supply of blood to the brain.


Sitting Asanans

  1. Vakrasana ( The twisting pose)

Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners Yoga for beginners

Sit erect. Your legs stretched out before your. Slowly fold your left leg at the knee and place the sole on the ground near your right knee. Place your left hand behind you, the palm on the ground at the distance of about 9 inches from your back, your fingers pointing backward. then place your right hand on the outside of your left leg. The lower the better. Turn your upper body to the left as if you are trying to seeing directly behind you. Hold the posture. Wile returning to the original position, first bring your neck back, then your right arm, then your left arm and finally stretch the leg out before you.

Repeat the process for the other side.

Vakrasana helps in increasing the elasticity of the spine, digestion and aids the central nervous system.


Neck and shoulder exercises.

  1. In Ardha Padmasana ( Shoulder Rotation)

Place your palms n your shoulder. Now rotate your shoulders, first clockwise and then anticlockwise. Try and ensure that your elbows touch slightly at apex of  every rotation.

Yoga for beginners


2. Kapalbhati ( Rapid Exhalation)

Note: Make sure that you have not eaten for at least a couple of hours before carrying this breathing position.

Yoga for beginners

To perform this exercise, sit in any conformable cross legged position . Breathe in, then with short sharp contraction of the lower abdominal muscles expel air out of the nostrils. Then totally relax the abdomen allowing your self to inhale repeating rapid succession. If you are doing this for the first time, don’t attempt it for more than 5 times. Eventually, over time you should aim for at least 10 exhalations per inhalation. Do not try more than 3 sets. Keep you rest of the body as relax as possible.

This is pure detoxification exercise.


The workout is almost complete. As Yoga functions in a cyclical form, overlapping & building on each successive exercise working on the body exhaustively will return to where we have begin – OM Chanting.

Image courtesy: Youtube ( watch Shilpa Shettty yoga video in Youtube for more)

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