15 hacks you can do with VASELINE this winter for beautiful skin,hair & body

You know, Vaseline is a miracle product which can give you fabulous benefits when used correctly. Here I provide you some of the hacks with Vaseline for your body, hair and skin that will help you to stay beautiful even in winters. 🙂

For your beautiful lips


1.To avoid staining your teeth from Lip color

Eeeww..! Did you feel disgusting seeing the lip-color stains on your teeth anytime? This is almost every girl’s concern and complaint. This ruins your entire look and gives you a creepy look. Isn’t it? But yeah..!! there is always a solution for every problem. And this time this simple Vaseline hack will help you prevent  those stains on your lips from your lip-color next time . Before you put lip-color on your lips..Apply a bit of Vaseline on your teeth in the front, where your lips may touch them. A thin layer can do the work easily, don’t apply too much and end up swallowing it. And that’s it, you can now happily smile and laugh, without having the fear of showing your lip color stained teeth.


Vaseline hacks

2.For plump and fuller lips

Your lips are the most sensitive organ. It tends to dry most frequently if proper care is not taken . Including Regular exfoliating and mild scrubbing in your daily beauty regime before going to bed, will remove all the dead skin build up on your lips and keeps them well moisturized and healthy. Thus reveling its natural color .

Take a fresh toothbrush with soft bristles. Put a pea amount of Vaseline on it and lightly exfoliate your lips for 1 min, This removes all those dead skin and keeps your lips fresh and pink.

Vaseline hacks



3.Lip scrub for rosy lips

Lips scrubs are the most praised and the most effective diy that you can do by yourself. This simple scrub will exfoliate your lips and keep them well moisturized especially in winters.

All you need is a bit of 100% pure petroleum jelly or Vaseline and sugar- you can either use normal table sugar or brown sugar. Mix them well in a small bowl until it forms a scrub kinda consistency. Now, apply it on your lips and  scrub them gently in circular motions for a good 1-2 minutes, Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Apply any of your favorite lip balm and ta-da you are good to go with those rosy plump lips.


Vaseline hacks



4.As a lip-gloss on a Matte lipstick

Bored with your Matte lipstick. And do know, the matte lipsticks make your lips look even more dry in winters. But that’s not a problem, if you want to just give a try to this simple hack on how to get a glossy look with your matte lipstick.

All you need is Vaseline and your favorite matte lipstick.Apply matte lipstick as how you usually apply it. Dab a little bit of Vaseline on your lower lip and then plump it all over you lips slightly. Doesn’t it give you a glossy finish ? And congratulations you have just saved those huge bucks that you may spend on another lip gloss.

Vaseline hacks


5.For chapped lips

I guess this is the most common and well known use of a Vaseline till date and almost all are aware of it. And do you remember your mom saying you ” Apply Vaseline to your lips” by seeing your chapped lips in winters? . Good. My mom does too. Haha.

Works well when applied overnight: Clean your lips. Remove all the makeup and lip-color if any. Pat dry and apply Vaseline on your lips and gently spread it all over your lips with your finger. Apply before going to bed and leave it overnight. And done- You’ll wake up with super soft moisturized lips in the morning.


Vaseline hacks



For your eyelashes and eye-makeup


6. For growing your eyelashes overnight*

Longer eyelashes are just a dream of every singe girl. So as mine. 🙂 I have tried many eyelash growth serums and even tried some natural ways to grow them too. But none were giving me results as I wanted and I am fed up waiting since a long time, that one day may be I’ll see my longer lashes. It is then I tried this Vaseline hack for eyelashes.

Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes with either your finger tips or any old mascara brush- properly wash and clean before using. Leave it overnight, You can really observe some growth in your eyelashes. This depends on person to person, but just give it a try whether it is really working for you or not.

Vaseline hacks


7. To remove stubborn eye make-up (waterproof makeup)

Waterproof makeup is just a life savior in rainy seasons, and waterproof mascara for all those cry babies. 😉 But when it comes to removing your waterproof makeup, its just a task I say. So stubborn. While most of the makeup removers makes your skin dry and clogs your pores, Vaseline can help you right to remove all those waterproof makeup in single swipe.

Just take a little amount of Vaseline and spread on cotton pad. Place on eye or face and massage in circular motion 2-3 times and swipe off the makeup.

Vaseline hacks



8. As a eyebrow gel

Groom your eyebrows, keeps them in well shape and even want to  grow them at the same time? A single product- Vaseline can you do all those for you. Yeah.!! true. Take an old mascara brush wash and clean it properly. Take a small amount of Vaseline on your palm and then using the mascara brush take the product all over it . Groom your eyebrow with this, to keep them in well shape and to grow them back fuller and thicker.

Vaseline hacks


9. Under-eye motorization and to prevent dark circles

Neglecting proper skin care and avoiding proper moisturizer may lead to dark circles. Just take a small amount of Vaseline on a cotton ball and spread all over it. Make a thin film of that cotton ball and place under you eyes for a couple of minutes and wash off. This will provide proper moisturization to your under eye area and keep them soft and supple. This will eliminate dark circles.

Vaseline hacks


For beautiful Hands


10. To smooth and soften the rough elbow skin

Elbow skin is so rough and dark. It is because, it is often neglected from proper care. Although you may use different remedies for lightening your elbow skin, but the only one quick, easy and effective way to soften the skin over there is to apply Vaseline daily before going to bed.

Vaseline hacks



11. For shinier nails and healthier cuticles

Why spend a bomb on cuticle cream? when you have Vaseline. Yeah.!! Vaseline works so amazing for your nails and cuticles. It add extra shine and softness. Before you do a manicure by yourself next time, start with Vaseline as a cuticle cream and see the difference.

Vaseline hacks



For your beautiful feet


12. To heal after shave burns or cuts

For sensitive skin , razor bumps and cuts may be the biggest nightmare. In that case, as an immediate action, just apply a small amount on to the affected area. Vaseline will cover up the cut area and blocks away the entry of bacteria.


Vaseline hacks


13, An excellent healer of cracked feet

I don’t know about whether other DIY creams or store bought crack healer creams work or not, But this simple hack will do wonders to your feet. All you need to do is, wash your feet properly and pat dry, and now apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your feet and massage them for a good 2 min. Let your feet absorb all those goodness of the Vaseline and wear socks before going to sleep.

In the morning, you’ll wake up with a smoother feet,definitely better than that of any other foot creams or crack heal creams. Just try it, You’ll know by yourself. 🙂

Vaseline hacks


14. A quick hack to eliminate feet odor.

Feet odor is just a big turn off that may be in your workplace or your neighbor’s house, It is mainly due to the sweat, where the perspiration has no where to evaporate which then ultimately causes bacteria formation.

Carry a small Vaseline in your pock next time, Why? because Vaseline can become a life saver to your when you can go nowhere to hide from that bad feet odor. All that you need to do is, just apply amount of Vaseline or kinda touch up your feet in between your feet fingers and at the side & back of heal. This should eliminate the feet odor effectively.


Vaseline hacks



For your beautiful Hair


15. To Tame frizz and split ends

Flyaways can be so annoying that could cause a very bad hair day. To tame those flyaways and frizz at the ends of your hair, Vaseline is a life saver to you. All you have to do is, take a mascara brush, spread a very small amount of Vaseline on to the brush and then gently comb away those flyaways and same can be done to those dry split ends too. That’s it. Inst that so simple?

Vaseline hacks

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These are some of the most useful hacks with Vaseline you can try this winter.

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