Pure 100% Natural Rose water i India

100% Pure Rose Water in India other than Kama Ayurveda/Forest essentials

Much like Pure Virgin Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera gels, we search for pure and authentic rose water that is free of any artificial fragrances and mineral oils. Do you know that most of the popular rose water brands sell fake fragrance filled water mixed with glycerin and mineral oil in the name of rose water? Just check the ingredients before picking up one, if you don’t believe me. But what abut the high end luxury brands like Forest essentials and Kama Ayurveda? They do produce high quality steam distilled pure rose water but with a brand’s price tag.

These may be OK to use for couple of days but for daily use in face packs, home made scrubs we need something more budget friendly rose water without comprising on the quality.

So here they are for you. Pure Rose water in India other than Kama Ayurveda/Forest essentials and are easily available and affordable.

Pure Rose water in India that are high in quality and affordable too


1. Bon organics Rose Gulkand

Pure rose water in india

Bon Organics is one of my favorite Organic Brand. I have used many product Line from their brand already and still using. Some of my favorites from Bon Organics are their handmade soaps, Aloe Vera shampoo and Rose gulgand.

Bio Organic & Natural’s Rose Water is made by a unique distillation method involving only water, rose oil, and rose petals, the detoxifying & therapeutic properties are kept intact and help in preventing acne, anti-aging, moisturizing, and balancing the skin. This is also an USDA Organic Certified rose water.

This packaging of this rose water is done in a handy spray bottle which contains 140gms.  This can be easily carried in your handbags to splash your face with this refreshing rose water at at time of your day.

This provides an instant relief after spending a whole day in hot summer. I often use it after I come in from a hot sun.  It instantly calms the skin and prevent’s tanning. It can also be used as a mild toner for sensitive skin at any season in India.

The aroma so strong. You will experience a light refreshing breeze after you spray this rose water on your face.

Cost is INR 146/- Available on their website.


2. Zofla Natural and Pure Rose water

Pure rose water in india

I have found Zofla Rose water on amazon while I was searching for a Natural face packs for my hear and there dark spots due to Period Acne. I was so happy to find 100% Natural steam-distilled Rose Water from perfume city of India, Kannauj. I then also refereed their website for more info. They make high quality steam distilled flower water which also includes Rose water. I immediately ordered one to try it.

I must say, this is one of the unique rose water that I have ever used. This misty rose water from Zofla gives a nice aromatic, though not over powering freshness to your face.

As this is quite affordable and reasonably priced for such a great quality of rose water, I don’t bother using this rose water more while applying my Aloe Vera moisturizer, face packs and even on my pillow to induce a good quality sleep.

Zofla rose water is a must try if you haven’t already. Trust me, you wont regret it.

Cost is INR 180/- for 100ml. Their products are available on Amazon.

3. Pahada Organic Rose water

Pahada Rose water is made from steam distillation of damask Roses, one of the finest variant in roses that are using in perfumery and Damask Rose is one of the highly priced essential oil in the market.

This Rose water does not contain any preservatives or alcohols in it. The brand also claims that this is a 100% pure steam distilled rose water and not any byproduct of rose oil preparation unlike other rose water in the market.

Pahada rose water is prepared from Organic Rose cultivation in the foothills of Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Certified Organic by UOCB (Uttarakhand Organic Commodity Board).

One of the best rose water prepared from Damask rose is this Pahada Organic Rose water. The name suits it so well, isn’t it? 😀

Cost is 160 for 100ml/-. Available on amazon.

4. Just herbs

Pure rose water in india

Just herbs rose water is a mild rose water. It is extremely diluted and has a minimal rose fragrance when compared with other rose water. The rose water comes in a spray bottle with a study plastic bottle.

The ingredients are Rosa centifolia (rose), steam distilled water and aqua (water). That indicates it is a diluted rose hydro sol, and so the aroma does not even stand for even a second.

If you like light and no fragrance skin care products, this is for you. There is no downside of performance by this Just herbs rose water but the aroma may be not up to the mark for some. It suits well for extra sensitive skin.

The price of Just Herbs Rose water is INR 445/- for a quantity of 100ml.


5. Lushveda Organic Kannauj Rose Water

Pure rose water in india

Lush Veda Rose water is another steam distilled water of Kannauj Roses. This is 100% pure, natural and organic rose flower water free from any preservatives. It has a beautiful and refreshing aroma that instantly awakes the dull skin and brightens up. 

It can be used in Soap-free face washes, Face packs and home made scrubs too. I use it generally in my homemade Oats and Honey cleansers for extra anti bacterial properties.

The only down side I find in this Lush Veda’s Rose water s that the packaging. This doesn’t have a spray cap, so it is sometimes difficult to use it as a flower water refresher in summers. Though it can easily be used in face packs and home made cleansers, this is sometimes not so travel friendly as the screw packaging may have chances of leakage and spillage. 

Lush Veda is priced at INR 220/- for 120ml.


6. Vya naturals rose luxury toner

Pure rose water in india

Vya Naturals comes in a attractive white and green plastic spray bottle, easy to dispense and spray on your face. The rose water from Vya Naturals are steam distilled from rose petals from the roses which are grown in the lower Himalayan range.

This brands claims that it has only Single ingredient – contains only 100% natural rose water from steam distillation process. It is against any tested methods that includes animals. It contains no artificial fragrances and mineral oil derivatives.

The aroma is a little more powerful than other rose waters I have talked about till now. Though its still not overpowering, it may be not suitable for sensitive skin.

What I like more about this Vya naturals rose water is its packaging, which is study and hard unlike all other rose waters which I have used. It can be carried in your hand bag and is travel friendly too.

Vya naturals costs you INR 275/- for 50ml.


7. Nature’s Tattva Pure Rose water

Pure rose water in india

This is another Kannauj rose water. This alcohol free Rose Water is made from Premium, high quality Desi Indian Roses from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. Kannauj has white soil, which is conducive to the growth of roses, and the roses grown there are high in oil content.

It has a spray cap for easy spritz of rose water on your face. I felt Nature’s Tattva Rose water has a little overpowering smell while spraying but fades away within seconds. Overall, a good budget friendly rose water for daily use as a toner and facial mist.

Nature’s Tattava cost you INR 210 for a quantity of 100ml.


8. Nature’s Absolutes Rose water

Pure rose water in india

This is an Odd one out from among the rose water here. Nature’s Absolutes Rose water is produced during the steam distillation of rose essential oil. The rose water extracted by this method is more concentrated and works well on skin.

It has a strong aroma than other rose water and gives an instant calming and refreshing feeling after spraying on your face.

The Nature’s Absolutes Rose water comes in a amber color tinted bottle which is also a unique thing to be noted. This will help preserve the rose water for more and also will not let the sunlight effect the properties of it.

I always prefer to go for those flower water from a brand which also produces essentials oils. I fell this is one of the fool proof way to choose the best flower water including rose water.

Nature’s Absolutes Rose water is priced at INR 300/- for 100ml.


The Top three that I would Like to re buy are the first three rose waters :D. Which one’s are your favorites and which one are you gonna try soon? Also, is there any new brand’s rose water which you are using is not listed here but is worth listing here? Then comment below, I love to try new natural and organic skin care more than anything else 🙂

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